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One of the darkest Indica strains the commercial cannabis market has ever seen, Black Domina is an unbeatable specimen for the true cannabis connoisseur...

S**t Just Got Dark…


Bud Basics

One of the darkest Indica strains the commercial cannabis market has ever seen, Black Domina is an unbeatable specimen for the true cannabis connoisseur.


With her almost pure Indica genetics (around 95%), this herb delivers a powerful and lasting body stone, enhanced with a surprising sense of clear headedness. This fast version of Black Domina delivers all the power, punch and prestige of the original, only with a significantly quicker cultivation cycle.


Black Domina Fast Version was created by combining the genetics of four equally iconic and important strains - Afghani, Northern Lights, Ortega and Hash Plant. The result of which is a legendary resin producer, with THC levels varying from 15% to 20%, no discernable quantities of CBD (generally speaking), and a challenging fragrance and flavor profile best reserved for true aficionados.


As you’ve probably figured out by now, this stuff gets her name from an extraordinary appearance – a combination of dark greens and blacks, which is simply beyond comparison.


As a (near enough) pure Indica strain, you can count on this cannabis to knock you off your feet in minutes and set you up for hour after hour of blissful relaxation.


Quite the opposite of a social smoke, Black Domina is a kind of strain you turn to when pure self-indulgence is the order of the day. She’s also a fantastically effective and versatile therapeutic cannabis strain – a potent painkiller and the ultimate sleep-enhancer.


And if all this wasn’t enough, there’s nothing particularly complex about the cultivation process, either. Treated to amicable growing conditions and the occasional dose of nutrients, Black Domina Fast Version delivers consistently generous yields after just six weeks of flowering.



Flavor and Fragrance of Black Domina Fast Version

Indulgence is the name of the game with Black Domina Fast, which impresses immediately with a spicy and exotic fragrance. The most prolific terpenes are myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene, coming together to produce a complex fragrance that combines black pepper, sour berries and waves of exotic hashish.


There’s an almost incense-like quality to this herb, aptly setting your up for a sensory magic carpet ride of sorts.


Bitter, sharp and challenging on the palate, Black Domina may be a little too severe for uninitiated smokers to handle. This stuff’s fairly sharp on the inhale and won’t hesitate to induce coughing if you take things even a fraction too far.


Those who can cope are rewarded with a beautifully exotic and lingering hash-like aftertaste, punctuated with notes of dried fruits and dried flowers. If you’re a fan of classic Afghani weed or something of a black-hash connoisseur, you’ll be well and truly in your element with this stuff.




No real surprises here, as Black Domina Fast Version delivers exactly what you’d expect from a 95% Indica strain. There’s little to nothing cerebral about the experience as a whole, which gets to work from the neck down in record time after just a couple of tokes.


In fact, this herb is so fast-acting that it’s advisable to ensure you’ve a suitable piece of furniture in the vicinity. Particularly if you land a 20% THC batch, you’ll be making a beeline for the first comfortable surface and gluing yourself to it for the duration.


Over the course of several hours, Black Domina tranquillizes the body in its entirety, eventually easing you in a fantastic night’s sleep. What’s interesting is the way in which you retain an unusually clear head throughout the entire experience. All of which means you’re able to take in your surroundings, appreciate your chosen form of entertainment and remain (semi) switched on in a cerebral sense.


This isn’t your typical social strain, though could be just the thing for relaxing with friends with a few good movies. For the most part, however, this is one to enjoy when you’ve no one to entertain but yourself.


Individuals with a low THC tolerance or a history of paranoia/panic attacks are advised to tread with extreme caution, as Black Domina has a habit of hitting like a freight train. If you’re not sure you can handle several hours of hopeless couch-lock, set your sights on something else.



Medical Uses of Black Domina Fast Version

The therapeutic applications of Black Domina sit almost exclusively on the physical side. This herb’s perfectly capable of giving you a mood-boost and alleviating everyday stress, but the real beauty of these buds lies in their physically numbing and incapacitating properties.


By a considerable margin, this is one of the most effective organic painkillers you’re ever likely to experience. By numbing the body in its entirety from head to toe, Black Domina Fast quickly gets to work on all types of aches and pains. Joint stiffness and mild to moderate cases of arthritis are no match for this stuff, which is also a popular choice for aiding muscle recovery and repair after a workout.


Insomnia and similar sleep disorders can also be effectively remedied with the measured intake of Indica-heavy strains like this. All without the worry of the usual drowsiness and lethargy the next day, which is the norm with most conventional sleep meds.


Perhaps the only downside to this herb is an association with anxiety and paranoia, particularly in those with an underdeveloped THC tolerance. As the body stone tends to be completely incapacitating and lingers for hours on end, it can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. 



Growing Black Domina Fast Version Seeds

Rather than going with an auto variant, the producers of Black Domina Fast Version went with a photoperiod option. The idea being that rather than switching to the flowering stage early and potentially compromising yield size, they set about creating a photoperiod strain that simply gets the job done faster.


This resulting hybrid produces plants of no more than around three feet in height, which in the right weather conditions can flower in as little as six weeks.


THC levels vary from 15% to more than 20%, with yields often reaching as much as 25oz cannabis for every mature plant. Growing Black Domina Fast Version isn’t a particularly difficult experience, but crops will benefit hugely from consistent warm and sunny conditions – similar to the mid-Mediterranean.


She’s also a relatively durable and robust specimen, which demonstrates excellent resistance to mold, bud rot and pest infestation. Shy of the occasional trim to keep the foliage under control, there’s really not a great deal more to it. Plus, the fact that she’s a fast version means there’s less time for things to go wrong, which is always a bonus!




It’s impossible not to be enamored with Black Domina Fast Version in an instant. For one thing, this ultra-dark specimen is one of the most beautiful cannabis plants you will ever lay eyes on.


She also has a deeply dark and mysterious fragrance and flavor profile, making for an even more captivating experience.


When the craving for a spell of pure self-indulgence kicks in, strains like this are unbeatable. Relaxing, sedating, soothing and tranquillizing - all without the cloudy and foggy mind you might expect. A perfect recipe for a lazy afternoon, evening or weekend doing nothing at all, except stuffing yourself senseless when the munchies kick in… which they will!

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Fast Version
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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