Just to clarify an important point straightaway, we’re not talking about the kinds of droughts that mean you’re banned from using your hosepipe. Instead, we’re talking about those times when for any or no specific reason, you haven’t a shred of cannabis to your name and don’t seem to be able to get hold of any, either.

Being a committed cannabis user means occasionally having to face the prospect of running short at the worst possible time. The worst possible time being those comparatively rare instances where nobody seems to have any to sell you. Your own stocks have been exhausted and so have everybody else’s. All of which is made even worse by the fact that you might not have any clue as to when this horrific drought might come to an end.

They usually don’t last particularly long, but can still feel like an eternity. So if you find yourself staring a severe cannabis shortage in the face, what can you do to cope in the meantime?

Don't Panic

Well, first of all it’s important not to fall into a blind state of panic. The reason being that you’ll find it entirely impossible to remain logical and rational if you do so. Which in turn means you’ll only end up making things worse for yourself. Along with acknowledging the fact that it isn’t going to last forever, keep reminding yourself that there’s cannabis out there somewhere. It’s simply a case of finding it, if you can be bothered making the effort.

Get Social

These are exactly the kinds of times when it can pay to get a little more social than you otherwise might. For one thing, there’s no shame in tapping into the supplies of friends and acquaintances when times are tight. Just as there’s no shame in making the effort to make as many new friends as possible, even if your primary motive is to get your hands on what they’ve got. In any case, the more cannabis companions you have, the more likely it is one of them will have exactly the kind of contact you need right now.

Call in Favours

Try to think of any and every favour you may be owed by those in your social circle. As in the times where you helped others out when stocks were low, catered cannabis parties single-handedly and so on. But rather than demanding repayment of debts, as it were, simply level with them and ask if they’d be willing to help you out for the time being. The worse they can say is no.

Stay Entertained

Focus on keeping yourself as busy as possible at all times, avoiding boredom at all costs. Rest assured that whatever cravings you experience, they’ll feel a thousand times worse if you have nothing to do other than sit around and dwell on them. Make the effort to keep yourself busy and entertained, in order to make the dry spell pass that little bit quicker.

Learn Your Lesson

While it’s not as if you can go back in time, try to use the experience to plan a little more proactively for your next shortage. For example, keeping just a small stockpile of cannabis edibles or maybe a block of cannabutter in the freezer for emergencies comes highly recommended. That is, just as long as you have the willpower to ensure they stay to one side until needed.

Avoid Temptation

Last but not least, regardless of how extreme your cravings or boredom may get along the way, don’t even think about going down the synthetic route. If you haven’t already researched the terrifying dangers of synthetic cannabis, you might want to do so before making what could be the biggest mistake of your life! Trust us when we say that even a lifetime with no cannabis at all is preferable to putting your life on the line for a single bag of the chemical crap.

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