A popular marijuana myth is that stoners will never accomplish anything. The truth is that there are many celebrities that smoke weed. From politicians to innovators, writers, actors, and famous musicians have openly admitted to smoking weed and helped change the way the world views pot

If history taught us anything, it would be that music and drugs (particularly pot) go hand in hand. Some of the most famous musicians who smoke weed commend cannabis for its creativity and mind-expanding effects and accredits the herb for being their muse. These artists are also at the forefront of marijuana legalization. 

Many celebrities that smoke weed claim that the herb helps to open up creativity channels and relieve the anxiety associated with artistic expression and creation. Artists often get caught up in their thoughts, which leads to second-guessing themselves. Consuming marijuana relaxes the mind and allows things to flow as they should. 

Ultimately, few things top the tranquility of listening to your favorite tunes while smoking weed and reflecting on life, and the best way to do this is with your own pot. For the best creativity-inducing sativa seeds, log on to Seed Supreme now!

Here's a shortlist of celebrities that smoke weed and create great music.


Cannabis, weed, and creativity - The science behind the connection

Many celebrities smoking weed and users worldwide claim that marijuana has an inspiration-inducing effect. Taking these user reports into consideration, it would seem that the connection between cannabis and creativity is culturally agreed upon

From artist testimonials to "puff and paint" art classes, the anecdotal evidence overwhelmingly suggests that creativity and weed are indeed kindred spirits. Still, the question comes to mind: "Is the link between marijuana and inspiration authentic?" To find the answer, we look at the science.


Weed and blood flow

Scientific research proved that your brain's frontal lobe is associated with creativity. Results from experiments done in 1992 (supported by findings in 2002) show that marijuana consumption promotes cerebral blood flow (CBF) to this area, making it more active

This increased CBF encourages output in two ways. First, it triggers the area of your brain associated with creativity. Secondly, your frontal lobe acts as the HQ for divergent creative thinking.


Divergent thinking

For musicians who smoke weed, divergent thinking is their ultimate weapon. It's a frequently used scientific measure for creativity and a thinking process that explores various solution possibilities. It usually occurs in a non-linear, free-flowing, and spontaneous manner. 

Exercises used to produce outside-the-box ideas such as free-writing, creative thinking, and brainstorming are examples of divergent thinking. In essence, whenever you open your mind in multiple directions to find potential solutions for a problem, you use this thought process.

According to a 2014 study, dosage makes a significant difference when it comes to pot and creativity. In low amounts (0.085 grains of THC), weed improved two divergent thinking aspects: flexibility (variation in answers) and fluency (number of responses.) In doses exceeding (0.34 grains of THC), the outcome was the opposite.

A 2012 study divided candidates into two categories: low and high creativity groups. Both groupings got tested sober and again under the influence of weed. While the higher creativity participants showed little improvement, the lower inspirational cluster got boosted to a level compared to that of the other party.

What this means is that if a person isn't already creatively inclined, smoking pot may get their creative juices flowing.


5 of the most famous musicians who smoke weed


Contrary to popular belief, musicians who smoke weed aren't isolated to a specific genre of music

From country and western to hip-hop, rock, and pop, you'll find that celebrities and weed go hand in hand.

Here's our list of the five most iconic weed celebrities in the music industry.


1 - Willie Nelson

Long before Snoop and Rihanna, there was Willie Nelson. This 88-year-old country icon and legendary stoner appreciated his first joint in 1954. He's been jailed for marijuana, made into a punchline for weed, and honored by having a cultivar, the Willie Nelson strain, named after him.

Despite smoking pot for 67 years, Willie doesn't consider himself a connoisseur. When asked about his favorite strain, he generally replies with: "I claim them all. Pot's like sex; all is good, but some are great.

Apart from being an iconic musician, Nelson still finds himself among the celebrities that smoke weed every day. As a major liberal activist, he's been a pillar in the cannabis community and even owns his own marijuana company called Willie's Reserve.


2 - Jimi Hendrix

A list of iconic musicians who smoke weed without Jimi Hendrix on it would be an injustice. As a master guitarist, Jimi was synonymous with a variety of drugs during the '60s and '70s. His classic '67 song popularized the Purple Haze strain. He also made a major impact on cannabis culture. In honor of his memory, a sativa hybrid was named after this guitar hero.

Hendrix's place amongst the weed celebrities will forever be secure as we remember this legendary artist for his ability to make his guitar speak and for leading the counterculture movement.


3 - Bob Marley

Of all the musicians who smoke weed, Bob Marley probably had the closest connection to the herb. Apart from being one of the most influential reggae artists ever to live, he was also one of the most prominent advocates for marijuana. It's difficult to find a photo of the king himself without him smoking a joint or with at least some weed paraphernalia in it.

In contrast to other weed celebrities, for Marley, smoking pot was a lifestyle. As a Rastafarian, he considered marijuana to be a religious sacrament and a healing herb. He supported cannabis legalization because he saw it as an "aid to medication." One of the best cultivars to smoke in honor of the Buffalo Soldier is the Afghan Hawaiin x Laos x Jamaican strain.


4 - Madonna

Madonna is probably one of the most famous female celebrities who smoke weed. The Queen of Pop has shared her love for marijuana many times. 

She's pioneered several movements and finds herself amongst the celebrities who support the legalization of weed. She openly admitted to smoking pot in several interviews, claiming that she consumes the herb often and that it enhances her creativity.

Being one of the weed celebrities, she once received a penis-shaped bong as a birthday present. Madonna is also well-known for embracing countercultures. Girl Scout Cookies, a strain almost as iconic as the Queen herself, is an excellent cultivar to consume while listening to the Material Girl.


5 - Snoop Dogg

As one of the most famous musicians who smoke weed, some people would say that Snoop Dogg loves his pot more than his music. Known to be a cannabis advocate, he's never shied away from speaking out about marijuana in public, going as far as putting his name to various products such as his own brand of the herb called Leafs by Snoop.

This legendary hip-hop artist invested in various weed-flavored media, including a book made from rolling papers, a TV show, and a website. Being one of the celebrities who support the legalization of weed, Snoop has become infamous for smoking a joint in just about every music video he's filmed

With Granddaddy Purple, a superb indica cultivar, rumored to be his favorite strain, it's no wonder that most of his poetry has to do with the effects of marijuana.


Celebrities and weed — Because creativity matters

Despite its various other benefits, most musicians who smoke weed claim that the herb helps get their creative juices flowing. These artists aren't afraid to publicly share their love for the herb, and they openly support the cannabis movement

When it comes to celebrities for the legalization of weed, only a few have the same impact as legendary musicians. With their pot use being public knowledge, society as a whole can finally clear away a lot of the stigma surrounding marijuana, hopefully resulting in global cannabis decriminalization.

While weed celebrities typically consume ganja every day, it doesn't necessarily mean their fans do the same. However, if you do enjoy pot, why not consider growing your own (if it's legal where you live, of course). Seed Supreme has an astonishing variety of cannabis seeds available. Log on to our website and order your favorite strain seeds today.

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