You begin to float away, even though you’re seated comfortably on the couch. The stresses of the world fade away, revealing pure bliss, all while wrapping your body in a warm, snug blanket.

Chances are you’ve just toked on one of the many quality indica-dominant strains available today. However, some cultivars break the mold, offering something special.

To speed up your search, we’ve created a list of the ten best indica strains for 2021. We’ve also added links for every cannabis seed so that you can start growing at home right away. Keep reading to discover our ten favorite indica cultivars.


What does indica mean? 

Before we get stuck into these popular indica strains, it’s worth understanding what the term means. It originated in India and described the relaxing effects felt from ingesting hashish and all its moreish derivatives.

The term now refers to the physical characteristics of these cannabis strains. The plants are short and broad-leaved, making them easily identifiable. It also means something else for today’s tokers: it conjures up the calming feelings felt in our minds and bodies of a deeply mellow high.

When it comes to picking the top indica strains, you should concentrate on the THC and CBD percentages to get an idea of their potency. Cannabis dominated by CBD mainly provides the user with medicinal benefits without the high sensation.

On the other hand, THC-dominated varieties tear open the fold, allowing our minds to drift off to nirvana. These indica weed strains also help patients dealing with severe pain, insomnia, and depression.


List of our top ten indica strains

This indica strains list contains the ten best cultivars to escape the unusual pressures of 2021. Each variety brings something unique to the table. From sweet sensual smells to tantalizing tastes, you’re sure to find an option perfect for you.


Ten Best Indica Strains


Northern Lights

There are a handful of cannabis seeds that carry the legendary label. Northern Lights is one of these iconic cultivars, bestowing relaxing effects perfect for recreational and medicinal smokers alike.

Growers of every skill level will enjoy planting Northern lights feminized seeds, thanks to its hardy nature. It produces beautiful buds that give off sweet smells and possess a minty taste, making it a pleasure for the senses.

The mellowing effects make it one of the best indica strains available today, enhancing your mood while removing the pressures of everyday life. It’s a brilliant tool for helping those seeking relief from pain and a peaceful night’s sleep.


Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is one of the best indica-dominant hybrid strains on the shelf. It contains up to 20% THC, containing a subtle high that slowly takes hold of your body. Thanks to its minor sativa genetics, you feel uplifted before it continues to lay you down gently.

This indica strain’s effects benefit many medicinal users, allowing them to combat pain anywhere in the body. It’s also proving useful in the treatment of psychological conditions.

Growing Blue Cheese feminized seeds is deceptively simple, allowing cultivators of any skill level to enjoy its bounty. True to its name, it gives off a strong cheesy aroma, with a hint of berry at the end. These fruity notes meander into your pallet, finishing off with a dash of pepper.



Weighing in with a THC content of up to 23%, Zkittlez offers a kaleidoscope of tropical colors worthy of its name. It has won numerous awards, maintaining its title as one of the most potent indica strains available. Its most recent triumph was in 2016 when it placed first at the Emerald Cup.

Zkittlez feminized seeds produce nuggets that sport a dazzling shade of purple and green hues. The red hairs and white trichomes break up these colors, creating a truly delicious-looking candy.

Its relaxing qualities make it perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day. Zkittlez can even loosen the lips, making it a fantastic social lubricant when gathering with your friends.


Ten Best Indica Strains


Grandaddy Purple

It’s not hard to spot a stash of Grandaddy Purple. It shows off a mirage of maroon colors, indicative of its grape-like qualities. First hitting the scene in 2003, this indica weed strain took over San Francisco and then the globe.

Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds require an experienced hand if you hope to reap its full rewards. At the same time, its high THC content requires newcomers to hand this cultivar with caution.

It overwhelms your senses with positivity as it creeps into your body, locking you into your seat for what seems like an eternity. You’ll still have complete mental clarity, allowing those with depression and anxiety some much-needed respite.


White Rhino

Brandishing strong horn-shaped buds coated in white trichomes, White Rhino pays homage to the incredible creature that shares its name. This high yield indica strain produces buds with up to 26% THC, capable of knocking down the most seasoned veteran.

 are incredibly robust, allowing cultivators of every level to grow them at home. It emits a pleasant honey-like aroma, backed by lemon and mint. As you invite the smooth smoke into your lungs, your pallet should pick up both sweet and spicy flavors.

It’s best for nighttime smokers as its hard-hitting body stone makes any type of physical activity impossible.


Tahoe Kush

You’ll find that the Taho Kush strain works brilliantly as an after-dinner choice. Its 22% THC levels help unlock the relaxation you crave at the end of a long working day. You should experience the best of both worlds, starting with euphoria and ending off in a heavy body stone.

Taho Kush feminized seeds produce a bud that’s overrun with sweet and spicy citrus scents. These flavors continue their journey into your mouth, finishing off with a subtle sandalwood aftertaste.


Purple Urkle

Commonly referred to as “The Urkle,” this indica weed strain provides an intense body calm. As you break open the dense purple buds, your nose should signal signs of grape and berries.

Cultivators easily manage to get up to 26% THC levels from their Purple Urkle feminized seeds. It offers a spectacular yield, even in a simple environment, making it brilliant for beginners.

The high first presents itself in your head, flooding down to your toes before you know it. Its profound mental buzz eases out, loosening your muscles and weighing down your eyelids

This cannabis strain can also assist those looking for anti-inflammatory properties or relief from muscle spasms.


Ten Best Indica Strains



The G13 marijuana strain dates back to the 60s, with rumors that it first began as a tool for government agencies. In fact, the theory would explain its weaponized sounding name. What we know for sure is that G13 feminized seeds end up creating weed with THC levels hitting the 24% mark.

It deserves a spot amongst the best indica strains as it evokes euphoria upon entering your lungs. Many also claim to experience a rush of motivation and creativity. Eventually, the indica mellow takes hold of your body and washes away any signs of stress.

The strain pairs exceptionally well with books and music, so keep it for your evenings. G13 can also offer medical assistance, helping those with PTSD, bipolar disorder, and depression.


Critical Blue

If you’re a fan of fruity flavors, look no further than Critical Blue. This strain’s blend of terpenes delivers sweet berry scents followed by an earthy aroma that complements its profile.

While it’s resistant to pests, it’s best to have some experience before sowing Critical Blue feminized seeds. This cultivar packs a punch thanks to its 21% THC levels, creating a high that transports your mind and body into bliss.

It starts by uplifting your mood, bringing on cerebral clarity as soon as it hits your lips. These sensations then subside, creating a warm and welcoming mellow. Medicinal users will appreciate its pain management qualities, perfect for aches and insomnia.


Hindu Kush

It’s not unusual to find THC levels in Hindu Kush reaching up to 32%, making it one of the strongest indica strains around. It’s also credited as the first variety of cannabis used to make hash.

Hindu Kush feminized seeds produce dense nuggets coated in eye catching silver trichomes. It gives off sweet yet spicy fragrances similar to that of comforting incense. On inhalation, you’ll taste a herbal bouquet, transforming into an earthy yet fresh aftertaste.

As for this indica strain’s effects, you should experience a sedated yet uplifted feeling that leaves you content. Its relaxing qualities make it perfect for nighttime tokers, as it sends you off to dreamland.


Lay your head on an indica pillow

No matter how stressful life gets, you can rely on our list of the best indica strains to rid you of tension. Each one of these cultivars offers something unique, from their fragrant aromas to their euphoric effects.

There’s never been a better time to start raising one of these iconic strains. So what are you waiting for? Purchase seeds from Seed Supreme and enter a world of pure relaxation and bliss.

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