Cannabis tourism has grown from a relatively niche market to one of the world’s most important and fastest-growing industries. Which to a certain extent is surprising, given the way in which tens of millions of potheads now have legal cannabis in one form or another right there on their doorsteps.Nevertheless, the thought of being able to dive into a new culture, new surroundings and an entirely new cannabis community in some kind of far-off land has fairly obvious appeal.

The thing is though, far too many newcomers to cannabis tourism have a habit of taking things for granted. And in doing so, they either compromise the quality of their experience, or come home comprehensively disappointed. It all depends on where you’re going and what your intentions are, but there is nonetheless one huge word of warning to heed before even considering making a booking:

Do your homework ahead of time!

The simple fact of the matter is that the rules and regulations in terms of cannabis use from one country to the next really could not be more different or confusing. It’s not as if things are made easy from one North American state to the next – it’s on an entirely different level when comparing different countries.Even in instances where the country in question might be world famous as a cannabis haven, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be as easy and accessible as you think.

For example, England is far from the first country that comes to mind when thinking of liberal cannabis destinations. Nevertheless, there are certain organisations in the UK – the London Cannabis Club being one of them – which organise and host a wide variety of events and meetups. These range from fine cannabis dining experiences to outdoor smoke-outs of all shapes and sizes. And given the fact that these guys are at the forefront of the campaign for cannabis legalization in the UK, they’re more than worth checking out.

So there you have an example of a country where prohibition is still the thing, yet cannabis tourism can be outstanding. At the other side of the spectrum, you have countries like Spain. Or more specifically, cities like Barcelona which are coming to be known as the next Amsterdam for a new generation of cannabis fans. Not only is the use of cannabis in Barcelona prolific, but there are somewhere in the region of 350 active and legal cannabis clubs across the city.A pretty sweet prospect – unless you fall into the trap of thinking you can simply touch down in the city and walk into the party. In reality, almost every single one of these clubs operates on a strict members-only basis, meaning you’ll need to do the necessary legwork and groundwork before you go.

Last but not least, when you do manage to get your hands on cannabis in the destination you decide on, keeping an eye on etiquette and consumption laws is crucial. In some places, smoking cannabis anywhere and everywhere rarely results in so much as a raised eyebrow. In others, you might be able to get as baked as you like in certain places, but get high (or appear high) in front of kids or families and you could end up in a world of trouble. And of course, you can’t expect authorities to turn a blind eye if you aren’t carrying the required ID card, licence, permit or prescription required to legally use cannabis in the destination of your choosing.

There’s never been a better time to dive headfirst into 21st century cannabis tourism. But at the same time, jumping in at the deep end without knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into is a dumb move at the best of times.

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