Engineered in the heart of Amsterdam by the famed folks at Barney’s Coffeeshop, Cookies Kush combines the genetics of two all-time classics - OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. The result of which is exactly as you would expect it to be…a beautifully fragrant and complex cannabis strain, with a perfectly balanced high and a generous THC content in the region of 18%. If you come across a batch of Cookies Kush (or happen across a bunch of high-quality seeds), it’s a strain you definitely need to add to your collection. If it’s good enough to win a gold medal at the High Times Cannabis Cup, it’s probably good enough for anyone!

General Characteristics

THC concentrations vary significantly from one batch of Cookies Kush to the next - typically between 13% and 18%, but sometimes more. However, the real party piece of this stellar strain is its CBD content, which typically falls in the region of 3%. This completely changes both its effects and its capacity to satisfy a wide variety of personal preferences. Not to mention, results in a beautifully balanced high.

The fragrance of fresh Cookies Kush is dominated by a powerful wave of exotic kush notes, with a sweet-and-sour undertone of juicy green apple. The connotation is furthered by the attractive olive-green buds with almost spearmint-like patches here and there, punctuated with plenty of bright orange hairs. Prior to harvesting, the buds produce a generous coating of crystal-clear trichomes, giving an indication of the potency of the final result.

Cookies Kush Effects

For some, Cookies Kush brings on a high that’s as balanced as it gets. For others, the whole thing can be a little confusing. This is because Cookies Kush has a tendency to bring on two completely different and perhaps conflicting sensations at the same time. Both of which build and subside simultaneously, as opposed to one after the other.

A couple of heavy hits of Cookies Kush is enough to feel a sense of head to toe lethargy, which rather than incapacitating is just deeply relaxing. Nevertheless, just as soon as you become acclimatised to the sensation, your head begins to feel light, floaty and spacey. It’s a strange but enjoyable sensation that combines energy and motivation with a feeling of complete and utter laziness. You’ll be able to function adequately if you want to, but you probably won’t.

Also, it’s worth noting that Cookies Kush is notorious for bringing on quite chronic cases of redeye. So don’t be too surprised if your eyes begin fogging up pretty quickly.

Cookies Kush Medical Applications

As such a diverse and complex strain, Cookies Kush has wide-reaching medical applications. The physically relaxing properties of Cookies Kush make it great for dealing with aches, pains and muscle spasms. In addition, the sleepiness it brings on as its effects begin to wear off can be just the thing for tackling insomnia and general sleep issues. Then you have the initial energising and mood boosting effects of the high, making light work of depression, stress and mood-related issues.

Once again, however, Cookies Kush is notorious for bringing on bouts of cottonmouth, dry eyes and red eye in the extreme. It could also steer you headfirst into an insatiable bout of the munchies.

Growing Cookies Kush

Home growers with a decent amount of experience will find Cookies Kush a relatively simple strain to deal with. Perfect for smaller spaces, it’s rare for a Cookies Kush plant to reach more than around 80 centimetres in height. You’ll need to provide consistently warm temperatures to achieve a decent harvest, but even then, Cookies Kush can be a little on the finicky side.

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