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  1. Pot Profiles: Armageddon

    Pot Profiles: Armageddon
    With a name like this, you wouldn’t expect anything less than a powerhouse piece of cannabis engineering. Luckily, Armageddon is a strain that doesn’t disappoint. Initially cooked up in the...
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  2. Pot Profiles: Chocolate Fondue

    Pot Profiles: Chocolate Fondue
    If you’re the kind that turns to cannabis to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is definitely a strain to check out.   Sweet, satisfying and the very definition of decadent, Chocolate Fondue is...
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  3. Pot Profiles: Serious Happiness

    Pot Profiles: Serious Happiness
    There are some cannabis strains with names so appealing you just can’t help yourself. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to bring a little Serious Happiness into their life? Luckily, this...
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  4. Pot Profiles: Chocolate Thai

    Pot Profiles: Chocolate Thai
    If you know anything about quality cannabis, you’ll have come across Chocolate Thai at least once or twice. A true veteran on the scene, Chocolate Thai has been around for more than six decades and...
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  5. Pot Profiles: Skunk Dawg

    Pot Profiles: Skunk Dawg
    With its predominantly sativa genetics, Skunk Dawg is the ideal strain for everyday go-getters. With a name like this, you’d also be right to expect a particularly pungent and fabulously funky...
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  6. Pot Profiles: Dutch Treat

    Pot Profiles: Dutch Treat
    The good folks over in the Netherlands have handed the global cannabis community more than a few treats over the years. In contradiction to its name, however, Dutch Treat - sometimes referred to as...
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  7. Pot Profiles: Mango

    Pot Profiles: Mango
    If you haven’t experimented with Mango on countless occasions, you cannot consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur. Far from a newcomer to the scene, Mango is a truly legendary and iconic strain...
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  8. Pot Profiles: Silver Bubble

    Pot Profiles: Silver Bubble
    If you’re on the market for a strain that’s intense, trippy and manageable at the same time, you won’t go wrong with Silver Bubble. A modern-day legend in the making, Silver Bubble combines the...
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  9. Pot Profiles: Private Reserve

    Pot Profiles: Private Reserve
    Often referred to as PR (or in some cases OG #18), Private Reserve is a delightfully mysterious hybrid. Beautifully balanced and versatile in the extreme, the exact origins of Private Reserve remain...
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  10. Pot Profiles: OGKB

    Pot Profiles: OGKB
    OGKB (more formally known as OG Kush Breath) is a hard-hitting indica-heavy hybrid with more than its fair share of selling points. Lending its linage to several award winning strains, OG Kush Breath...
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  11. Pot Profiles: Hardcore OG

    Pot Profiles: Hardcore OG
    A strain’s name tells you a lot about the confidence of the breeders behind it. You wouldn’t call your latest strain Hardcore OG if it wasn’t something seriously special. And it is - this...
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  12. Pot Profiles: Super Jack

    Pot Profiles: Super Jack
    Engineered by combining the genetics of Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze, Super Jack takes the properties of its parents to an even higher level. Born in Amsterdam and now available worldwide, Super...
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  13. 7 Session Strains That Won’t Get You Wasted…Probably

    7 Session Strains That Won’t Get You Wasted…Probably
    There are occasions when the ceremony of smoking cannabis is more important than getting high as a kite. Rather than bombarding your body with THC and ending incapable of speech, you’d prefer to...
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  14. Pot Profiles: White Cookies

    Pot Profiles: White Cookies
    Combining two all-time classics doesn’t always guarantee remarkable results.In the case of White Cookies, it absolutely did. This modern day masterpiece was engineered by combining White Widow with...
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  15. Pot Profiles: Cherry Diesel

    Pot Profiles: Cherry Diesel
    What you get when you combine the genetics of Turbo Diesel and Cherry? The answer - an epic 50/50 hybrid with an explosive cherry flavour and a seriously energising high. Cherry Diesel is considered...
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  16. Pot Profiles: Cookies Kush

    Pot Profiles: Cookies Kush
    Engineered in the heart of Amsterdam by the famed folks at Barney’s Coffeeshop, Cookies Kush combines the genetics of two all-time classics - OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. The result of which is...
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  17. Pot Profiles: Zkittlez

    Pot Profiles: Zkittlez
    Typically referred to simply as Skittles, Zkittlez is a fabulously fruity indica-heavy hybrid. Originating from Northern California and enjoyed by cannabis connoisseurs worldwide, Zkittlez was created...
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  18. Pot Profiles: Chronic

    Pot Profiles: Chronic
    The term ‘chronic’ is thrown around in reference to cannabis in general these days, but there is also a specific strain that goes by the name of Chronic.Combining the genetics of AK-47, Northern...
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  19. Pot Profiles: Shishkaberry

    Pot Profiles: Shishkaberry
    If you plan on trying your luck with Shishkaberry, you need to plan your day pretty carefully. This is the kind of indica-heavy hybrid that has a habit of taking even the most seasoned stoners by...
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  20. Pot Profiles: White Walker OG

    Pot Profiles: White Walker OG
    A winner at the 2013 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, White Walker OG didn’t take long to become an international superstar on the scene. An absolute must for any fan of quality Kush, White Walker...
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