1. Combining Cannabis With the Great Outdoors…Sensibly

    Combining Cannabis With the Great Outdoors…Sensibly
    Get it right and combining cannabis with outdoor adventure can be nothing short of epic. Unsurprisingly, this is the time of year when stoners in huge numbers find themselves doing exactly that. ...
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  2. Summing Up The Potted Grow

    Summing Up The Potted Grow
    Congratulations Kush Farmer! You’ve grown your leafy ladies from seed to flower and now you’re ready for harvest. It’s an accomplishment that you should be proud of; one that’s...
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  3. Pre Harvest Prep

    Pre Harvest Prep
    So, grass-grower, you’ve taken your luscious ladies through the vegetative stage and most of bloom, as matter of fact you’re starting to think that your ladies are almost ready to harvest,...
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  4. Flowers N' Buds

    Flowers N' Buds
    How’s it going Dudes (and dudettes), today’s post is about flowering you’re sticky icky. Flowering is an important stage of cannabis cultivation, you are finally growing the part of...
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  5. Good Ganja Gardening Practices

    Good Ganja Gardening Practices
    Growing good quality bud takes more than just covering the essential needs of your cannabis. While feeding, watering, providing ample light and good environmental control is important to the overall...
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  6. Cannabis Seeds-- Pick Yo' Mix!!!

    Cannabis Seeds-- Pick Yo' Mix!!!
    So, why Pick n’ mix? As a buyer, you want the best deal right? Not only do you want the best deal; you also want the product that you buy to suit your needs as much as possible. If this is the...
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  7. BUGS!!!

    BUGS! PESTS! INSECTS! Creepy, crawly, nasty little freaks that try to make themselves at home in your garden. They devour, multiply, and colonize your plants, ruining your buds and causing your lovely...
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  8. Feeding Your Plants

    Feeding Your Plants
    How grows it tokers? This week I’m going to cover how to feed your luscious ladies with organic liquid fertilizers. No matter how you grow your herb; whether it is grown in potted soil, potted...
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  9. How to Grow Hydroponic-Quality Bud, in Soil

    How to Grow Hydroponic-Quality Bud, in Soil
    Are you growing your cannabis in potted soil, Indoors? Do you wish you could get the results that some growers achieve by utilizing hydroponic growth methods? Or by growing outdoors? We all have...
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  10. Which Soil Mixes Work Best?

    Which Soil Mixes Work Best?
    Well let’s jump right into this one. First off, never, and I repeat NEVER use the 99¢ bag of soil sold in dollar stores or in the saver section of department stores when growing cannabis. I call...
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  11. Grow Containers

    Grow Containers
    One of the most important aspects of your grow is what you choose to grow your ladies in. Since we are doing an organic potted grow, I’m going to go over some pot choices and give you my opinion on...
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  12. Cannabis Changing the World

    Cannabis Changing the World
    My Fellow Growers;I believe we now live in a time of great transition, one where the above statement is barely in need of justification. Cannabis IS changing the world, and its changing it in...
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