1. Johnny Cash High In a Bush Eating Cake

    Johnny Cash High In a Bush Eating Cake
    Johnny Cash was well known for his weed smoking, and he got incredibly high one day and decided to eat a cake, with his hands, in a bush...  ...
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  2. Flowers N' Buds

    Flowers N' Buds
    How’s it going Dudes (and dudettes), today’s post is about flowering you’re sticky icky. Flowering is an important stage of cannabis cultivation, you are finally growing the part of...
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  3. BUGS!!!

    BUGS! PESTS! INSECTS! Creepy, crawly, nasty little freaks that try to make themselves at home in your garden. They devour, multiply, and colonize your plants, ruining your buds and causing your lovely...
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  4. How to Grow Hydroponic-Quality Bud, in Soil

    How to Grow Hydroponic-Quality Bud, in Soil
    Are you growing your cannabis in potted soil, Indoors? Do you wish you could get the results that some growers achieve by utilizing hydroponic growth methods? Or by growing outdoors? We all have...
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  5. Grow Containers

    Grow Containers
    One of the most important aspects of your grow is what you choose to grow your ladies in. Since we are doing an organic potted grow, I’m going to go over some pot choices and give you my opinion on...
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  6. Driving High

    Driving High
    The times, they are a-changin’ for sure. The passing last year of Colorado’s Amendment 64 was a landmark moment in American law and a cause for celebration for pot smokers the world over,...
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