Sufferers of Bipolar Disorder experience psychological extremes, characterised by periods of depression alternating with periods of highly elevated mood or mania. Stages of depression are known to involve feelings of isolation, sadness or survivors guilt, unfortunately often leading to self-harm or suicidal thoughts. Manic episodes leave a persons mind acting on overdrive and can lead to making rash decisions about their lives or being highly impulsive socially, financially and sexually. Traditional pharmaceutical treatments involve a taking range of drugs which must be managed carefully, with certain medications only used to treat various stages of the illness. When someone is too manic to remember to stop taking their anti-depressants, or too depressed to care about taking their mood stabilisers, these drug cocktails can become dangerous and side-effects can be hard to manage.

Luckily, Cannabis Sativa can have the effect of both uplifting the mood and lifting depression and Cannabis Indica, calming the body and slowing the brain. When used appropriately, the correct strains at the correct times, many Bipolar Disorder patients are able to wean themselves off of their prescription meds and instead use Medical Marijuana to lead full and happy lives. If you want to try growing your own medication then start by browsing through the strains below and pick up some medical marijuana seeds from SeedSupreme Seed Bank today.

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