Medical cannabis seeds for Epilepsy

The brain's regular functioning involves millions of electrical impulses passing through the nerve cells and instructing the body on what to do. Epilepsy causes fluctuation of this electrical activity to burst across the brain leading to people suffering seizures, physical convulsions, muscle spasms and loss of consciousness. Epilepsy usually has an early onset, affecting children, and in some cases patients can experience hundreds of seizures a day which can have a terrible impact on a child's development. Treating severe epilepsy can involve surgery or taking a cocktail of medications with potential negative side-effects and no regular treatment results in a complete stopping of seizures. Luckily there is lots of evidence that patients who use CBD-rich marijuana show a drastic reduction in seizures and tremendous improvement in quality of life. This is unsurprising given the well known anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive and analgesic properties of cannabis and high-CBD cannabis especially. Some of the newest medical strains have been bred to contain very low levels of THC with high levels of CBD, making them potentially appropriate for use with children. If you're looking for help with your seizures why not buy some Medical Marijuana seeds today and being growing your own organic garden today.

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