When your body is injured in some way the first part of your immune response is to protect the wounded area and try to kill any infection. This healing process begins with inflammation: dilation of the the blood vessels, protective layers of fluids and injections of bacteria killing blood cells. Acute inflammation starts rapidly and although it is part of the body's attempt to heal it can cause pain and immobility. If left untreated inflammation can also lead to more inflammation, creating a cycle which can end in problems such as arthritis and some cancers. Pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs can have severe negative effects on the digestive tract even leading to ulcers: luckily our favourite herb cannabis is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the analgesic effect and ability to aid to sleep, all of which helps with fast healing. If you need some alternative medicine then why not buy Medical Marijuana seeds from SeedSupreme Seedbank and start growing your own.

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