The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank has been experimenting with autoflowering seeds in their laboratories since the swift-flowering genetics first emerged and have developed some serious skill in producing truly exceptional auto varieties.

It is almost like an obsession to these breeders to create the most perfect auto strains they can, with a focus on high quality taste and massive yields. A million miles from most mainstream suppliers, The 7 Dwarfs has an extremely compact collection of premium quality seeds. True to their name, there are just seven specimens to choose from - each a high-power, all-action autoflowering strain that guarantees unstoppable results. Considered a choice of the cannabis connoisseur, this seed bank prioritizes quality and performance above everything else.

With seven strains there's one for every day of the week, so whether it's a Titan on Tuesday or some Cyclops on Saturday, you're in for a treat with these uniquely exceptional autoflowering strains, available in all their mythical marijuana glory here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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One of the more recent introductions to the commercial cannabis market, The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank demonstrates how size really isn’t everything. While most major seed banks worldwide produce epic catalogs of seeds from far and wide, these breeders take an entirely different approach.

Owned and operated by a compact collective of marijuana enthusiasts, The 7 Dwarfs remains true to their name, producing a tiny but mighty collection of a mere seven strains - each 100% exclusive to this stellar seed bank alone.

Brand Evolution

Great Things Come in Small Packages

It's fair to say the adage that great things come in small packages is one most cannabis cultivators must agree with on some basic level, given the nature of the wondrous weedy results they bring to life from such small seeds.

The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank certainly seems to agree, basing their entire bold brand around Classical Greek era mythology and imagery, drawing exquisitely appropriate parallels between their brand name (inspired by those diminutive denizens of lore) and the names they've given to their strains - each a representation of the grandeur, power and grandness of the storied Greek mythos.

From seeds as small as dwarfs to mighty marijuana plants with names like Hercules, Goliath and Colossus, this seed bank makes it abundantly clear the powerful, unstoppable nature of their exclusive cannabis strains.

The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank - Massive Mix

Bred for Greatness

Comprising only the highest quality genetics, each of the strains available at The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank has been engineered for nothing short of legendary results and epic enjoyment.

These skilled seed breeders display a keen eye for detail and maximizing the potential of their pot. It's common knowledge among the cultivation community that, if not bred with the utmost care, autoflowering strains can suffer a dip in quality when compared with non-auto varieties - whether it's the potency, the yield or even the flavor, creating a fast-flowering autoflowering strain which holds on to every ounce of the desirable traits from her parent strains is a feat of masterful marijuana manipulation.

Thankfully, The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank prove more than worthy of being named champions of cannabis seeds, providing in each of their seven strains a specimen of true ganja greatness - comprehensively easy to grow across the board, with minimal flowering times and no specialist skills required to reap spectacular rewards of utterly incredible buds come harvest time.

The 7 Dwarfs Selection

All seeds produced at The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank are guaranteed 100% female and autoflowering. This enables commercial and casual cultivators alike to produce epic results from seed to harvest in a matter of weeks.

With 7 Dwarfs, it’s a case of all-choice, no-compromise. Shy of an unlikely name change, you can expect this innovative seed bank to continue sticking exclusively to their seven core strains (for the foreseeable future at least).

Essential Strains

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect strain and looking to make maximum use of limited available space, you can't go wrong with the compact lineup at The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank.

This entirely autoflowering selection of premium cannabis seeds makes for an epic supply of strains of iconic status, bringing the finest traits ganja has to offer and laying them at the feet of even the most inexperienced cultivator. Whether you're a novice or a pro planning your next commercial crop, when you need a truly standout strain, these are worth every ounce of your attention.


Stable, simple to grow and supremely enjoyable, 7 Dwarfs' Trojan was engineered by first combining the genetics of NYC Diesel and Lowryder 2. The resulting hybrid was then once again crossbred with the original Lowryder, resulting in a pungent and powerful specimen that has to be experienced first-hand.

Get it right with your Trojan plants and you’ll be rewarded with one of the most intensively tropical fragrance and flavor profiles, bursting with buckets of juicy grapefruit and plenty of fuel in the background. Excellent yields can be produced within a nine-week flowering time, courtesy of a compact plant that produces one enormous cola. A true multi-sensory experience, which asks for little to no TLC in return whatsoever.


Now several generations down the line, 7 Dwarfs' Hercules is another supremely stable and reliable strain that produces borderline ridiculous quantities of resin. This is hands-down one of the best you’ll come across for producing cannabis concentrates and similar products, or for simply enjoying where a super intense high is the only thing you’re craving.

Flowering times again come in at around nine weeks, after which you can expect upwards of 50g of premium quality pot from each tiny plant. The soaring high Hercules delivers with a single toke is the stuff of legends, though use it to produce quality concentrate and you’ll see (and feel) what this stuff is all about.


Another seriously epic strain with Lowryder lineage, though in this case combined with the all-time classic that is Power Plant. Goliath is as gorgeous to smoke as she is easy to grow, bringing all the quintessential fragrance and flavor of Power Plant to the table.

Despite being one of the shortest strains among the 7 Dwarfs collection, Goliath is known for delivering generous yields after as little as eight weeks of flowering.

This auto-feminized specimen is the strain to turn to when looking to enjoy a powerful yet sociable buzz, guaranteed to stimulate conversation and the odd fit of giggles here and there. Like most of her counterparts, Goliath releases one hell of a fragrance as the plants reach maturity, so be sure to take necessary precautions if attempting to keep things under wraps.


Next up comes Colossus, which true to her name is an absolute leviathan of an automatic strain. The way this beauty produces resin is borderline ridiculous, resulting in a sweet and sticky main cola that’s practically irresistible.

When the buds begin doing their thing a little further down the line, Colossus plants begin emitting the most mouthwatering tropical pineapple fragrance imaginable. All of which translates to a fruity and exotic flavor profile, with a sugary aftertaste that has you coming back for more. These auto feminized Colossus plants can be extremely potent specimens when treated to the ideal growing conditions.


In terms of bag appeal, Titan could well be the frontrunner of the seven specimens available. Engineered by combining the genetics of Automatic Blueberry and Automatic Hindu Kush, Titan plants produce the most beautiful blue-tinged buds and a berry-sweet fragrance that’s the stuff of dreams. This is the kind of strain that makes your mouth water long before you get your hands on her, after which the whole experience just gets better and better.

Along with delivering the ultimate multi-sensory experience, Titan is also one of the heaviest yielders in the seed bank’s current collection. Flowering times tend to average around nine weeks, after which a decent amount of TLC will be rewarded with a ton of THC.


Cyclops has the potential to be the single most potent and powerful strain these guys have produced to date. Engineered by combining the genetics of Lowryder and the all-time classic that is AK-47, Cyclops never fails to impress with generous production, fantastic fragrance and a Biblical high.

When the flowering stage kicks in, Cyclops plants produce the most extraordinary coating of crystals and a fierce fragrance you can pick up on from a mile away. Expect relatively stout plants with extremely bushy foliage, which occasionally need a good trim to ensure good air circulation and light penetration. Rest assured, however, that all such efforts will be rewarded in kind!


Last but not least, Gigantes rounds things off with another , which brings the very best of her White Widow ancestry to the forefront. Far from uplifting or energizing, Gigantes is known for delivering the kind of body-busting high that’ll have you glued to the couch for hours on end. If you’ve anything of importance to tackle, avoid this face-melting strain at all costs.

Just eight weeks is often enough to produce copious amounts of powerful bud from seed to harvest, during which a fabulously funk fragrance can be expected when the flowers start doing their thing.