Created by a trio of expert breeders from across the world, experienced veterans with almost two decades of industry experience, Big Head Seeds is known for their creativity and commitment to quality. Combining premium genetics from all over the world, these breeders have amassed an exceptional collection of unique and interesting strains for casual and commercial growers alike.

Their dank and delicious range of feminized and autoflowering Indicas, Sativas and hybrid strains bring the best of the industry's well-loved strains with an unmistakable Big Head twist - precisely why SeedSupreme Seed Bank are pleased to bring you these remarkable beans!

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UK-based Big Head Seeds came about purely by chance, when a trio of marijuana enthusiasts met at a festival in 2002. Subsequently embarking on a mission to create a new type of seed bank for marijuana enthusiasts worldwide, Big Head Seeds was officially born.

In the 20 years that followed, the company collected and experimented with many thousands of beloved strains from around the world. The result of which is a diverse, dynamic and ever-evolving collection of premium strains - many of which are exclusive to Big Head Seeds.

Now as always, this seed bank continues to acknowledge their humble and completely random origins (or synchronicity, anyone?), demonstrating total commitment to the introduction of new and innovative strains for discerning markets worldwide.

"Burning Man 2002 was really the beginning of Big Head Seeds. A bit of luck will only get you so far and so to make things happen I needed two people to meet… and when it did, it was like the beginning of a bad joke!!

"There was an Englishman, a Dutchman and an American in the middle of the desert…only it wasn’t a comical moment, it was a glorious epiphany and I swear I heard angels sing…although we were all fairly smashed on some pretty hairy stuff at the time ha ha ha! It was one of those moments in life when all your efforts, hopes and dreams, didn’t turn to ashes but all came together…Boom! It was The BIG HEAD Hadron Collider smashing the three of us into one, resulting in an explosion of a billion seeds!" - (Big Head Seeds)

Essential Strains

Big Head Seeds has become a firm favorite among those on the lookout for something completely new. Though their collection (of course) features an extensive range of legendary household names, you’ll also find a whole bunch of newbies and exclusives to check out.

By a wide margin, the following represent some of the most interesting (and best-selling) strains to have come out of Big Head Seeds' labs to date:

Big Stilton Auto

Known in a previous incarnation as Big Cheese, Big Stilton Auto takes fragrance and funk to an entirely new level. The whiff this stuff emits when the flowers reach maturity is simply extraordinary, during which THC content develops to a generous 15% or so.

Entire grow cycles can be as short as 10 weeks, after which you’re guaranteed exceptionally generous yields of consistent quality. Big Stilton Auto plants need little to no TLC whatsoever, producing plentiful pot that delivers the quintessentially giggly and hyperactive high. The fragrance may be a real crowd-splitter, but this stuff is the ultimate crowd-pleaser when put to the test.

Banana Punch

Engineered by combining the genetics of Banana OG and Purple Punch, Banana Punch is a deceptive mistress to say the least. Primarily due to the fact that her fragrance and flavor profile is actually dominated by pineapple and tropical fruits, rather than bananas.

There’s a creamy banana-like undertone to the whole thing, but she's way fresher and fruitier than her name lets on. In any case, Banana Punch produces the most beautifully abundant buds with thick and relentless coatings of sticky trichomes. All of which guarantees one serious punch, yet the whole thing comes on slowly yet unrelentingly.

Big Head Seeds - cannabis bud

Platinum Cookies

Platinum Cookies was brought to life by combining the genetics of OG Kush and Durban Poison. With this kind of legendary lineage, you’d expect nothing more than a modern day superstar in the making.

Along with her perfectly balanced 50/50 Indica/Sativa split, Platinum Cookies is also characterized by her fabulously frosty appearance. Not to mention, her capacity to deliver a sky-high THC content of more than 26%. A couple of heavy tokes is enough to propel your mood and satisfaction level clear into the stratosphere, quickly accompanied by a relaxing body buzz that reaches the very tips of the extremities.

Skywalka Cookies

An artful amalgamation of Skywalka Ghost Kush and legendary Girl Scout Cookies, Skywalka Cookies leans decidedly towards the Indica end of the spectrum. Spicy, earthy and bursting with herbal flavors, Skywalka Cookies is known for taking her cerebral effects well and truly into psychedelic territory.

Mature Skywalka Cookies plants are an absolute work of art, with super-short flowering times of just eight weeks and decent yields with moderate effort required on the part of the grower. Perfect for blasting everyday woes and worries into kingdom come, Skywalka Cookies is a potent and powerful specimen where a little goes a long way.


A veritable feast for the eyes, Do-Si-Dos plants produce the most incredible tapestry of colours upon reaching maturity. Characterized by a floral fragrance with plenty of dank earth, Do-Si-Dos delivers the kind of near-narcotic body stone that’s not to be underestimated.

The ride begins with an energizing and uplifting cerebral high, though quickly gives way to a state of relentless relaxation and enjoyable laziness. Keep snacks within close reach, as a few tokes of Do-Si-Dos and the kitchen could seem an eternity away.

Dogstar Dawg

Not forgetting Dogstar Dawg, which brings the best of her Chemdawg lineage to the forefront. Uplifting, energizing and with an unmistakable fragrance, Dogstar Dawg is also exceptionally easy to grow as an added bonus.

Perfect for combating depression, stress and anxiety, Dogstar Dawg has good vibes and great times written all over it. She's also a notable appetite booster, with a THC content that rarely dips below the 20% mark. If you’ve any outdoor activities planned that could benefit from a bag of energizing bud, this is definitely the stuff to go for.