One of the most iconic names on the commercial cannabis scene in the Netherlands, De Sjamaan has been a noted market leader for almost three decades. Famed for their extensive catalog of feel-good products for all occasions, De Sjamaan is also a renowned seed producer with a dynamic catalog of strains to suit all recreational and therapeutic requirements.

Since 2004, they have been offering a full range of new lines, now including feminized and autoflowering varieties. Add to your collection of marijuana seeds with strains from the original Dutch Shaman and buy magical genetics from SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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When legendary Amsterdam breeder Ingemar decided to step out from the shadows in 1994, he took his genetics and started up his own seed bank, De Sjamaan.

Achieving fame for breeding some of the original White Widow genetics, his strains went on to a number of Cannabis Cups since the mid 90's, setting a precedent for quality above all else.

Brand Evolution

A Seed Producer of Renowned Pedigree

Bringing almost three decades of experience to the table, De Sjamaan has been setting the highest possible standards for the commercial cannabis industry since 1994. Over the years, De Sjamaan has diversified their product line-up to include an extensive range of ‘feel-good’ products across a wide variety of categories.

From pills to pop up to prestigious pot strains of the highest quality, these guys are all about freedom of choice and enjoying every experience. Famed for pairing quality and consistency with comprehensive affordability, De Sjamaan’s seeds have found their way into the collections of casual cultivators and commercial growers all over the world.

De Sjamaan (The Shaman) was founded in 1994 and has since grown to become one of the largest companies in the smartshop & headshop industry within the EU. We have been serving tens of thousands of satisfied customers since we launched online in 1998. We offer a wide range of effective psychoactive products for very competitive prices and pride ourselves on our fast worldwide shipping.” - (De Sjamaan)

De Sjamaan - Purple Widow

A Committed Legal Campaigner

As with all proactive and responsible seed producers, De Sjamaan is at all times actively involved in any number of cannabis legalization efforts and pro-cannabis campaigns at home and abroad.  Relentlessly committed to the development and diversification of quality cannabis products, De Sjamaan is a firm believer in freedom of choice and expression.

In accordance with Dutch law, De Sjamaan places heavy restrictions on the quantities of weed seeds that can be shipped at the same time. However, beans from this seed bank have become a permanent fixture at many of the best cannabis seed banks operating worldwide, where greater quantities can be ordered where required in complete compliance with local law.

“We strongly believe in the right to alter one’s own consciousness and we will keep striving to provide ways to do so. De Sjamaan is actively involved in various legalization efforts. The policy of De Sjamaan focuses on high ethical standards, a carefully selected product assortment, extensive information and is of course in complete compliance with the law.” - (De Sjamaan)

Essential Strains

De Sjamaan is continuously expanding their product catalog with new and innovative strains of the highest quality. At the time of writing, the best-selling strains up for grabs from the folks at De Sjamaan included the following:

Lady Purple

Potent, flavorful and exceptionally easy to grow, Lady Purple is forgiving enough for even first-time home growers to achieve great things with. Her genetic background includes Afghani/Hindu Kush and US Purple Kush, resulting in beautiful specimen as the plants approach maturity and begin producing those eye-catching purple hues.

Flowering times come in at around nine weeks, resulting in generous yields of pine fresh weed with a high THC content and a decent dose of CBD. With her predominantly Indica genetics, Lady Purple delivers a strong physical stone that’s relaxing without being incapacitating, coupled by an enjoyable cerebral uplift for the duration.

Lemon Bud

Created by combining the genetics of two of the most iconic strains of all time - Skunk and Northern Lights - Lemon Bud is a truly exceptional hybrid. One of the easiest strains to grow indoors or out with no real experience required, this 80% Indica strain flowers in just seven weeks and guarantees generous harvests without fail.

As the name indicates, the fragrance and flavor profiles are dominated by tons of sweet and tangy citrus, with an almost minty fresh note on the exhale.  Expect a beautifully relaxing physical stone accompanied by a sense of clear headedness and complete contentment, which is powerful yet controllable enough for those with a low THC tolerance.

White Skunk

No prizes for guessing the parents of this noteworthy strain… Skunk and White Widow. Likewise, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the properties and qualities this epic hybrid brings to the table. Bringing together the best of her parent strains in an easy-grow specimen it’s almost impossible to go wrong with, White Skunk is a 75% Indica hybrid with a flowering time of around eight weeks.

Potency tends to be pretty much off the scale with this stuff, resulting in an almost narcotic physical stone with a surprising sense of mental clarity and alertness. White Skunk is also highly rated among creative types for sparking inspiration and creative thinking, while her strong and spicy flavor hits the right note with connoisseurs across the board.

Widow Ryder

This exceptionally popular strain from De Sjamaan combines the speed and convenience of an autoflowering strain with the heavy production and elevated THC content of a traditional photoperiod strain. She’s also known for producing the most immaculate covering of shiny resin crystals, which look like a blanket of pure white snow covering her flowers.

Widow Ryder was created by combining the genetics of White Widow and Lowryder, resulting in another primarily Indica-heavy hybrid that’s good for a relaxing and enjoyable physical stone. The fragrance is dominated by sweet citrus, which translates to a fruity and enjoyable yet slightly spicy flavor when composted. Widow Ryder plants never reach more than around 150cm in height, making them great for relatively confined grow spaces.

Fast Skunk

Last but not least, Fast Skunk delivers everything she promises and so much more besides. Perhaps the quickest and easiest strain to grow from the entire collection, Fast Skunk is absolutely fantastic for outdoor cultivation due to her resilience and resistance to changeable weather conditions.

Fast Skunk plants can reach as high as three meters in the right conditions, producing epic quantities of cannabis with a high THC content and a decent amount of CBD as an added bonus. Sweet, fruity and fabulously fragrant, Fast Skunk delivers a more balanced high that’s as inspiring and invigorating as it is physically relaxing. The perfect strain for anyone looking to invest next to no effort but take home so much in return.

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