Kera Seeds was built on the foundations of many years of hands-on experience and knowledge within the Dutch cannabis industry, and has grown from these deep roots into being one of Europe’s most established and acclaimed pot seed producers

This seed bank is on a mission to deliver the most premium quality flavors and highs at the lowest possible price, all while keeping their loyal customers at the heart of their efforts.

Award-winning strains are abundant in the Kera Seeds catalog, which brings the best of classic Amsterdam flavors to play alongside North America and the West Coast’s finest specimens. SeedSupreme Seed Bank is proud to present the best of their feminized and autoflowering beans for those cultivators craving something truly special.

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Dutch Kera Seeds was founded by a pair of skilled and innovative breeders backed up by many years of extensive experience serving the cannabis industry - chiefly a number of years working for High Life and Soft Secrets magazines.

Armed with their hands-on expertise, these Dutch wonder breeders entered the seed production game with one goal firmly in their sights - to bring the best flavors and yields together in the kind of superior quality that meets the discerning needs of connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Supporting this drive was the paramount importance of prioritizing their customers and making sure their beans are always as affordable as viably possible, and so Kera Seeds was born.

Brand Evolution

The Customer’s Champions 

While the main goal for the Kera Seeds team is certainly the production of truly exceptional cannabis specimens, every step they take on their journey is guided by what is right for the customer.

It’s through this devotion that these Dutch marijuana maestros have shaped their website with a collection of crucial strain information and specific growth tips. 

Of course, where they stand out from other seed producers (who love to tell you all about their strains, naturally) is in their overarching growth tips - a dedicated chunk of their website committed to educating cultivators on choosing a culture medium (earth, coconut or hydro), how to grow in each medium, ways to improve harvests, the differences between Indicas and Sativas, and even how to breed your own weed.

It is also, of course, with the customer firmly in mind that Kera Seeds enter every breeding project, striving to produce beans capable of thriving in even the worst climate conditions, high-performers even in a typical British summer.

Kera Seeds - Kera California Nuggets strain

Superior Genetic Quality

When it comes to their breeding projects, Kera Seeds have always been keen to make certain that only strains of the highest quality and with the most desirable traits ever make it into their experiments. 

These Dutch breeders select and breed with the best of the best feminized and autoflowering marijuana strains, each produced by the very finest European breeders the community has to offer.

What’s more, in order to preserve the genetic integrity of their strains and guarantee tremendous output, Kera Seeds opt for entirely organic pot seed production and subject their seeds to the strictest of quality control regimes.

Only when a strain has undergone rigorous testing of traits, flavor, effect and medicinal value do they even consider releasing to the cannabis cultivation community, and even then the Kera Seeds beans are hand-selected to ensure pristine specimens with no deficiencies or cracks - it’s certainly enough to feel confidence in the maximum viability of these premium weed seeds, or so their fans say!

3 Distinct Lines 

Kera Seeds organize their extensive seed catalog by the standard feminized, autoflowering or CBD classifications, however, their strains are largely divided up into 3 distinct lines to help make life easier when choosing your crop.

First up is the ‘Kera Classic’ line. Here is where you can find all of the quintessential classic flavors of the Amsterdam coffeeshops and Dutch strains synonymous with old-school ganja.

Those cultivators with their hearts set on the standout and extraordinary tastes coming from North American breeders and the strongest of the infamous West Coast strains will find the ‘Kera California’ line very much to their liking.

Cannabis seeds in this line feature the exquisite crossing of those remarkable modern marijuana marvels with the time-honored masterpieces of classic Dutch engineering to combine the ultimate in taste and yields in a powerfully potent union. 

And finally, the ‘Kera Medical’ line contains, as you’d expect, a range of strains aimed at those seeking a little CBD therapy, the perfect stop for those medical needs.

Kera Seeds - Kera Medical Skunk

Essential Strains 

When it comes to the Kera Seeds selection, you can be assured that you’re in good and caring hands.

With such an impressive selection of top-shelf quality genetics and award-winning strains, all feminized (and some autoflowering) for your convenience, it’s a delight to get lost in the Kera seed library, but we’ll highlight some standout specimens to help get you started. 

California Nuggets 

The 65% Sativa-dominant beauty that is California Nuggets comes to us through the refreshingly wonderful blending of two industry legends - White Widow and Sour Diesel

White Widow is renowned not only as an iconic Dutch strain, but also as a remarkably simple specimen to cultivate, and those traits have been inherited in spades with California Nuggets, making her an ideal strain for the novice grower hoping for a guaranteed great yield.

She’s a favorite among tokers and growers alike and famed for her seriously uplifting influence and instant relaxation properties. This unique blend of characteristics is what marijuana is all about to some of us - an active and energetic tranquillity perfect for creative types and getting sh*t done.

Medical Skunk 

Kera Seeds’ Medical Skunk takes one of the cannabis community’s highest regarded quintessential strains and jacks up the cannabinoids for those craving some CBD therapy.

Skunk is perhaps the most classic of all the classic strains in the world, with such desirable traits to have been involved in countless concoctions over the years by breeders hoping to create the next game-changing strain.

She’s 65% Indica-dominant, comes from Colombian, Mexican and Afghan parents and is super resilient to mold, disease and pests, making this Medical Skunk perfectly suitable for first-time cultivators. Expect 7 to 8 weeks for the flowering period, then it’s harvest time and you’ll be rewarded with some huge yields of dense buds packed with the synonymous Skunk scents and flavor, alongside a perfectly balanced high great for treating stress and anxiety. 

Cherry Grapefruit 

Cherry Grapefruit comes through a cornucopia of genetic greatness, blending the famed and beloved traits of parent strains White Widow, Chemdawg, OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

This exceptional hybrid strain combines all the best qualities of her parents and has taken Canada and the United States by storm. Thanks to her White Widow lineage, Cherry Grapefruit is a crazy easy strain to grow and able to thrive in less ideal climates, too. 

As you would expect with such a storied genetic lineage, Cherry Grapefruit combines the tantalizing and varied flavors of her parent strains into a delightful mix that’s a true taste sensation for the ages.

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