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"Lady Sativa" seed bank

Lady Sativa Genetics is a collection of talented European breeders growing the highest-quality cannabis seeds to satisfy the connoisseur’s discerning demand for elite ganja strains. 

Their years of expertise have led to a number of creations which exemplify a fascinating exploration of British breeding at its finest, blending classics like Exodus Cheese with champions of American and Dutch genetics to create some seriously dank and tasty specimens - like the award-winning Knightsbridge OG.

SeedSupreme Seed Bank delight in bringing you the au-naturel beans from this multiple award-winning seed bank, who only ever produce the dankest of the dank and supremely flavorful varieties.

Lady Sativa Genetics

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Though based in Amsterdam, Lady Sativa Genetics began their journey in the United Kingdom. 

British founder Jah Hoover had become quite the renowned breeder through many years breeding his all-time favorite and elite strains while documenting the results for the online cannabis community to enjoy and learn from.

It wasn’t long before the demand for his pioneering pot seeds grew to the point that Jah decided it was time to establish a collective of elite European growers whose passion for cannabis cultivation matched his own.

And so, with the goal of breeding the best beans the European market had ever known, Lady Sativa Genetics was born.

Brand Evolution

Deep Roots 

The roots of Lady Sativa Genetics run deep in the cultivation community, despite the seed bank themselves having less than a decade together in business. 

Founder Jah Hoover and his team have, in fact, been working with some of the most major breeders in the ganja growing game since as early as 2009, working tirelessly to increase their understanding of marijuana and perfect their own strains for worldwide release.

Keeping the connoisseur firmly in mind has been integral to Lady Sativa Genetics since before the seed bank even had a name. These discerning breeders know quality top-shelf beans when they see them, and are interested in nothing less.

Lady Sativa Genetics - Knightsbridge OG

A Strong Start 

Given the time that Lady Sativa Genetics took behind the scenes to make sure their unique hybrid strains reached the pinnacle of pot perfection, it comes as no surprise that this European seed bank hit the ground running, creating instant waves the moment their first strains reached the market.

The year was 2013. The location - at the 26th annual Netherlands High Times Cannabis Cup. At this prestigious event, Lady Sativa Genetics revealed their first offering in the form of the now legendary Knightsbridge OG, and took home the 3rd place award for Best Indica. 

Proving anything but a one-trick pony, the British breeders moved on to the first Barcelona Breeders Cup the subsequent year, scoring 2014’s 1st place award for their astonishing Exodus Fuel concentrate and 3rd place for their infamous London City Diesel, aka LCD. 

Lady Sativa Awards

In total to date, Lady Sativa Genetics has brought home over 18 awards across the years.

Their accolades include everything from Best Indica awards to laurels for their concentrates, overall cup wins, Best Sativa awards and highest THC content.

From the esteemed High Times awards to trophies from Spannabis, Homegrown Cup, IC 420 and the Elite Cup, there aren’t many competitions these British breeders are yet to prove themselves at.

You can find a full list of their honors by visiting the Lady Sativa Genetics website.

Lady Sativa Genetics - Orange Diesel V3 Haze

As Nature Intended

At the heart of the Lady Sativa Genetics breeding operation beats a core and organic ethos that Mother Nature knows best. 

Throughout their years of study and observation, these Brits have come to the resolute realization that nature should be left untouched, unaltered by man’s manipulations and allowed to perform as only nature can.

The Lady Sativa Genetics team recognize the rightful and essential place of male marijuana plants in the breeding process and embrace them as a necessity to produce the very best results packed with the most desirable parent traits.

This is why you’ll only ever find regular seeds among their stock, no feminized varieties

Lady Sativa Genetics’ focus on premium regular seeds makes them a perfect choice for breeders as well as cultivators, though this does mean any novice growers should be certain they know how to spot any male plants so they can quickly remove them before pollination (if a solid harvest of smokable buds is your intent, at least!). 

Essential Strains 

Every seed in the Lady Sativa Genetics selection has been thoroughly tested to guarantee perfect strains and blends of desirable phenotypes.

Comprising entirely regular and organic cannabis seeds, these are ideal beans for breeders hoping to create their own marijuana masterpieces and new-age hybrid strains. 

It’s tough to go wrong with any of these premium cannabis seeds, but we’ll explore some of their finest to help get you started. 

Knightsbridge OG

She’s the strain which really put Lady Sativa Genetics on the map, winning 3rd place for Best Indica in 2013 and delighting connoisseurs ever since. 

Knightsbridge OG comes straight from the heart of London, bringing together the best traits of parent strains Orange Diesel and the infamous San Fernando Valley OG Kush.

Famed for her unmistakably pungent aroma which lingers for days (and is definitely not suitable for stealth grows - unless you have some serious odor controls in place!), Knightsbridge OG is a medium-sized plant known to produce absurdly resinous buds. 

Despite the long-lasting knockout high, it’s very much for the truly unique flavor of these buds that fans continue to flock for a handful of these beans. 

Orange Diesel V3 Haze 

Orange Diesel V3 Haze is often regarded as the perfect strain for a wake and bake and a means to kick-start every day with a smile and bundles of energy. 

She comes to us from the crossing of a Hypro clone of Amnesia Haze and the delicious Orange Diesel V3, and stands as a truly unique citrusy hybrid of award-winning stature.

Orange Diesel V3 Haze displays many similar tendencies during cultivation as her Amnesia mother, so expect her to stretch out and develop plentiful buds come flowering time (which ranges from 65 to 75 days typically).

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