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Lowlife Seeds has been exclusively breeding autoflowering cannabis strains since the arrival of the legendary Joint Doctor’s infamous Lowryder strain sparked the auto revolution.

By isolating the Ruderalis genes and the autoflowering traits these pass on to genetic crosses, this team of breeders have expanded to produce a line of fast flowering auto hybrids based on the genetic springboard of the industry’s most perennially popular strains.

They have built a solid reputation for their ability to create amazing Lowryder hybrids which focus on delivering bigger, heavier-hitting and generous yielding strains than the auto competition. SeedSupreme Seed Bank offers the best in their selection of auto feminized and regular beans.

Lowlife Seeds - Cherry Drop

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Lowlife Seeds was born in the wake of the world renowned Lowryder autoflowering strain and the subsequent auto revolution this pioneering swift-flowerer set in motion within the industry. 

Rumour has it these British breeders were united through connections with the market-leading Seedsman

From their base of operations in the United Kingdom, this seed bank has spent their time wisely in the years since the autoflowering boom, focusing since their early days on producing the best Lowryder hybrids possible - full of flavor, abundantly generous, potent as hell and, of course, super swift to flower.


Brand Evolution

Lowryder Hybrids 

The goal behind Lowlife Seeds has always been a simple and guiding principle for these breeders. They envision a world where there is a viable and potent autoflowering strain suitable for every requirement and environment.

They believe the remarkable Lowryder strain is the key to that goal, and have spent the years since their inception focusing their efforts on how best to hybridize this autoflowering gem with the cannabis community’s most favored specimens (and have achieved a steadfast reputation for their breeding efforts towards this end). 

Lowlife Seeds seek to own their niche through simple enough means - produce the best results the autoflowering market has ever seen, with stronger potency, heftier yields and faster times. 

Lowlife Seeds - Auto Blueberry

Autoflowering Perfectionists 

To the British breeders behind Lowlife Seeds, the only path to global acclaim was one of the highest quality standards.

They have never been satisfied with average results and strive with each and every batch of beans to ensure the autoflowering genes their products contain have been bred to perfection.

As you can imagine, rigorous and non-stop testing and retesting goes on behind the scenes so that this seed bank can make sure every seed represents their ideal of flawless autoflowering specimens.

Lowlife Seeds - Auto White Russian

Quality for Speed - An Unnecessary Sacrifice

It has been a common misconception ever since the spark which ignited the autoflowering revolution that by focusing on the Ruderalis genetics and the auto traits they bring to the mix, breeders would inevitably create inferior strains. Strains lacking in the full potential of their most desirable traits.

The Lowlife Seeds breeders have never been suckered in by this belief, holding instead to the firm creed that, with enough care, attention and study, it was entirely possible to create versions of the market’s most popular marijuana strains with autoflowering properties

To these breeders, sacrificing the plant’s integrity or traits is simply not a necessary exchange for fast-flowering abilities. Lowlife Seeds are driven by this belief to always strive for excellent yields, maximum potency and sublime flavor and aroma profiles in their hybrid strains.


Lowlife Seeds


Essential Strains

A great way to get started with Lowlife Seeds is to think of a popular strain you would love to cultivate with little hassle and terrific results - then find the Lowlife auto version! 

These beans are all designed for super swift flowering while maintaining the most desirable aspects of potency, flavor and yield for your toking pleasure. 

We’ll take a closer peek at some of their standout offerings now.


Auto AK-47 

Coming from the famously beloved genetic lineage of AK-47 and Lowryder, this fast-flowering version of one of the cannabis community's most renowned and time-honored strains is one any grower hunting quality auto strains should take note of. 

Adding the Ruderalis genetics of the original Lowryder to AK-47, the talented team behind Lowlife Seeds have succeeded in creating an auto known for her generous yields, sweet smell and intoxicatingly buzzy high.

This auto takes all the best AK traits and delivers them swifter than ever. These beans produce branchy plants capable of reaching up to 2 feet tall, so growers should be sure to know the tricks of trimming and maintaining their cannabis first (though Auto AK-47 makes this task very easy).


Auto Blueberry 

A sensory delight coming from the crossing of the original Lowryder strain with industry legend DJ Short’s Blueberry.

Auto Blueberry is one for the lovers of fruity flavored weed who are looking for an easy going cultivation experience. Growers should be aware that this particular hybrid strain can be pretty dependent on nutrients if you want to bring out maximum taste, aroma and potency, and novices need to be wary not to allow the plants to dry out. 

Provided you can handle these minor cultivation tips, Auto Blueberry is known to produce super resinous and bulky buds, frosted with crystals and packed with delectable berry aromas and flavors. Lowlife Seeds suggest starting her in 5 liter pots, feeding lightly and never letting the plants dry out so you can reap maximum rewards.


Auto Hindu Kush

The highly acclaimed Hindu Kush has been a fan favorite of old-school Indica fans for decades now, consistently delivering a long-lasting and blissfully mellow high. 

The Lowlife Seeds autoflowering version brings tokers all the peace and relaxation of this legendary strain, alongside her characteristic earthy flavor and aromas, in dramatically less time than the non-auto variety. 

Auto Hindu Kush is an ideal candidate for stealth grows or cultivations where room is sparse. The plants tend to remain under 1 foot tall and develop dense, tightly packed buds frosted with a generous coating of resin.

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