Philosopher Seeds take cannabis craftsmanship to unparalleled levels, delivering artisanal love and care to their award-winning weed seeds.

This team of breeders are on a mission to engage the marijuana masses and breathe new life into the community, keeping it fresh and invigorated with their exceptional hybrid strains. If you’re in the market for premium pedigree pot seeds renowned for excellence, you’re in the right place with Philosopher Seeds.

SeedSupreme Seed Bank brings you their greatest selection of feminized and autoflowering marijuana strains, hybrids with links to industry legends like Alchimia and Reggae Seeds perfect for recreational and medicinal tokers alike

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Exquisite results have always been on the menu for Spanish breeders Philosopher Seeds.

The seed bank makes its home in northern Spain, in Vilamalla Girona near the French border, and made their marijuana market debut back in 2008, in partnership with industry legends Alchimia.

The team behind Philosopher Seeds has experience in breeding, crossing and stabilizing their favorite genetics dating back to the mid 90s, and united as so many Mary Jane cultivation enthusiasts do, with the goal of sharing the finest specimens of their breeding work and to pool their experience in support of the quest to set a new standard in marijuana quality.

Brand Evolution

The Philosopher’s Ethos 

Philosopher Seeds approach everything, as their name suggests, in a deeply considered way. The voice of every breeder in their collective is heard and carries meaning when considering their next breeding projects.

This is a team united by a layered philosophy.

Their goal is to share the finest selection of high-quality feminized seeds imaginable, producing popular strains and reviving special genetics once considered lost.

But beyond resurrecting forgotten classics and meeting the quota for perennially popular varieties, Philosopher Seeds embody an ethos of continual evolution, likely based on the tale of the mythical Philosopher’s Stone (a legendary alchemical process said to turn any metal into gold, or even grant eternal life).

Most scholars agree this fantastical alchemy is likely a metaphor for the never-ending search for the impossible and how we better ourselves in the educated pursuit of perfection, and that’s certainly a creed Philosopher Seeds live by.

Philosopher Seeds - Jack el Frutero

Research and Development 

Philosopher Seeds’ quest could not be completed without the dedication of their research and development team.

This studious element of the cannabis cultivation process has been highly prized by this team of talented breeders since their early days in the 90s, and is a facet they devote great daily attention to in their efforts to preserve, breed and share their most desirable genetics.

In their continual pursuit to enhance beloved classic strains and create new hybrids the likes of which the marijuana masses have never seen, Philosopher Seeds exemplifies experimentation and the practice of honoring the pot pioneers who made their work possible.

The offerings from this seed bank never taste stale, their team is too busy working on the next best version for that, and fans worldwide rejoice for the results that dedication delivers.

Community Collaboration 

Never a seed bank to feel they have to go it alone, Philosopher Seeds regularly collaborate on exciting breeding projects with cultivators who share their philosophy on marijuana.

This level of community connection and input has been invaluable in perfecting the Philosopher lines and creating some of their most popular strains to date.

Since their early days, this team of breeders have drawn on a group of trusted friends and growers to regularly test their crops with new grow systems and substrates, finding best practices to provide customers with the most critical cultivation information and ensure strain stability and adaptive capacity.

Through close friend Jimi, an esteemed breeder for Reggae Seeds, a partnership was formed which brought Philosopher Seeds’ GoLo line into existence, combining hidden gems from both genetic libraries into a new and exquisitely fruity range of medicinal marvels and recreational delights.

Not to mention the countless unnamed breeders and reliable pros who help preserve their earliest seeds. Philosopher Seeds certainly embodies the creed that we are stronger and better together.

Philosopher Seeds - Heaven's Fruit

Artisanal Lines 

Philosopher Seeds market themselves as purveyors of artisanal cannabis seeds, and live up to that promise by doing all their work by hand. 

Extreme care and dedication goes into every seed they produce, always supervised by masterful experts and produced with their own genetics to guarantee high-quality

Philosopher seeds are then divided into one of 5 lines. 

The Classic Line contains the team’s most cherished hybrids as developed from the premium strains which made the seed bank famous. From Tropimango to Early Maroc, K13 Haze and Amnesika, these are all the result of cultivation linked to Alchimia (in one way or another). 

The GoLo Line has blown fans of fruity weed away since 2013. Designed to be the sweetest, fruitest flavors ever, these exotic strains also benefit from super high CBD levels and diverse THC:CBD ratios. These seeds represent some of the best genetics in either Philosopher Seeds’ or Reggae Seeds’ libraries. 

The Auto Line came about through a teamup with the legendary Dr Magnesio to bring you the very best in potent and high CBD autoflowering strains.

The recent Regular Line has been spearheaded by Jamiacan Blueberry BX, a backcross of one of the most famous and beloved Sativas ever to hit the underground scene. Or, for something truly special, there’s the Limited Edition run to whet your whistle over.

Essential Strains 

Truly, anywhere you look in the Philosopher Seeds menu, you’re sure to find a bunch of premium quality cannabis seeds which jump out at you. 

Be honest with your level of hands-on experience, figure out your own personal preferences, and then dive into one of the finest selections of pedigree pot seeds you’ll ever likely lay your hands on. 

We’ll take a look at some of their standout strains a bit closer now. 

Jack el Frutero 

Also known as Fruity Jack, Jack el Frutero is a multiple award-winning hybrid strain coming to us from the generous genetics of Respect #13 and Jack the Ripper #1.

A Sativa-dominant beauty with high THC and CBD levels, Jack el Frutero is one of the GoLo Line developed with Reggae Seeds and fulfils the fruity promise of the line with some seriously mothwatering citrus and Hazy notes. She’s known to thrive well in SOG cultivation environments, as well as being fast to flower and easy to trim, however, growers will need a lot of nutrients to bring out her full potential. 

Heaven’s Fruit 

A remarkably exceptional hybrid with a storied lineage including Philosopher Seeds’ own Tropimango and a selection of New York City Diesel from none other than legendary Soma’s Sacred Seeds.

Heaven’s Fruit lives up to her name by delivering an unforgettably sweet and fruity Diesel flavor alongside a relaxing euphoria that will make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine. Growers can expect a stable plant ideal for SOG setups. She develops a short stature and some super stinky and resinous dense buds, is a dream throughout cultivation and consumption, and robust enough for even novice growers to see great results.