Plantformers mark an impressive presence on the marijuana market with decades of experience centered around reviving legendary landrace strains and improving modern ganja genetics.

Famed for their exceptional and award-winning cannabis strains, this Netherlands-based seed bank gained incredible experience working with the famous Amsterdam Hash Queen, Mila, and built on that expertise to bring you some of the finest weed seeds on the market.

Just a taste of their take on classics like Skunk and Kush will show why Platformers are such a popular choice among enthusiasts worldwide.

SeedSupreme Seed Bank bring you the full range of these award-winning Amsterdam genetics from Plantformers - whose aim is to "reach beyond high".

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It’s unclear exactly when Platformers initially formed as a seed bank, after all, as any cultivator can attest to, much growth takes place before anything starts to show, but they surfaced on the scene at 2014’s Cannabis Cup awards. 

Debuting with two instantly popular varieties, Mekanika Haze and Mr X Kush, Platformers immediately showed the world what they were capable of.

This talented team of breeders has more than 2 decades of experience in the industry, including time spent learning from Mila, the renowned Amsterdam Hash Queen, and united through a desire to “reach beyond high” as they explored their vast seed collections.

Brand Evolution

Old-School Landrace Classics 

Much of the Platformers gene pool consisted from the early days of some exceptional specimens of original landrace strains, and it is perhaps through this building block that the seed bank found their direction in the industry. 

A desire to explore the combined team’s innumerable strains united these breeders, but it was these old-school landrace seeds which likely guided them to focus on the roots of cannabis with their breeding projects. 

By seeking a deeper understanding of the marijuana plant they so loved, the Platformers team were able to learn the most effective selecting methods for choosing the parent plants that would feed their new and exciting hybrid strains, and help them to rejuvenate the legendary landrace legacies.

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Truly, Platformers have been advocates of cultivating both knowledge and experience in their quest to explore and resurrect landraces once considered lost by the marijuana masses.

Quest for Perfection 

Platformers have an intriguing and insightful view on perfection. 

To this meticulous team of masterful breeders, perfection is absolutely achievable, however, it is also never-ending. They are driven by a desire to reach the impossible and then reach a little further still. 

Platformers believe firmly that perfection is the point where we create something better, and it certainly shows in the high-quality cannabis seeds which result from their dedication and breeding efforts.

It’s clear when looking at any offering from this seed bank that the value they place on craftsmanship is truly insurmountable.

Sustainable Farming

Another key goal behind every Platformers venture is the utilization and promotion of sustainable farming methods.

This seed bank has no interest in affronting Mother Nature with anything less than an organic and natural approach designed to work in harmony with the ecosystem - after all, there can be no better way to cultivate cannabis than as nature intended.

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Essential Strains 

Whether you’re in the market for a classic award-winning strain with a twist you didn’t expect or exactly as you remembered, Platformers have weed seeds for you. Or if an exciting and exceptional new hybrid strain takes your fancy, they’ve got that too! 

From novice cultivators looking to find their footing in the grower’s game to pros after the best bang for their buck on the next harvest, it’s tough to go wrong with any of these marijuana masterpieces.

Here’s a few of their standout strains to whet your whistle over.

Mekanika Haze

She’s one of the ganja gems that Platformers hit the scene with in 2014, and boasts an impressively high THC content. Mekanika Haze, as can be expected from the Haze part of her name, carries a strong Sativa influence. 

Coming to us from Brazilian landrace genetics with a lineage which can be traced to origins in the Amazonian rainforest, Mekanika Haze is a pure landrace with close relations to the highly desired Mango Rossa genetics.

Though she’s not the easiest to cultivate, growers with a little experience should have no troubles, and come harvest time can expect a bountiful yield of resinous nugs which deliver a compellingly creative cerebral high and the creamy tang of oranges and mango that you’d be mad to miss out on.

Pineapple OG

With parent strains like Pineapple Haze and OG Kush, it should be no surprise that Pineapple OG is a few things highly notable from the start - full of mouthwatering pineapple flavor and crammed with crystals and high THC. 

Pineapple OG has been a fan-favorite since she hit the scene for her exceptional terpene profile and the unequalled, upbeat and cerebral high she brings. Renowned for leaving the mind buzzed and the body tingling, this is one potent hybrid strain for the ages. 

Mr X Lychee

For an Indica-dominant experience bursting with beautiful lychee aroma and flavor, Mr X Lychee is the strain for you. She’s super easy to cultivate, flowers within 9 to 10 weeks and delivers some hefty harvests whether grown indoors or out. The seeds are regular, though, so novice growers should brush up on how to spot crop-destroying male plants. 

Mr X Lychee is famed for being stupidly dank and a terrific daytime smoke, and comes from an intriguingly mysterious genetic lineage involving Platinum OG and an unknown parental partner.