Seedism Seeds is a seed bank from the ganja beating heart of the Netherlands on a quest for the newest and most exciting strains.

They’re a collective of talent with roots in the Cannabis College of Amsterdam, who have worked with some of the most famed breeders in the modern-day cannabis community, and whose genetic library comprises some of the rarest and most sought after strains throughout the years, including some truly unique and potent hybrids.

They believe the secret to cultivating special and successful ganja is love and scientific knowledge. Well, these weed seeds are certainly the result of passion, and after studying thousands of test grows across a wide variety of cultivars over the decades, you can be sure they’ve got the science down, too. 

SeedSupreme Seed Bank stocks the full selection of Seedism's 100% organic regular and feminized weed seeds.

Seedism Seeds - Kush Valley Lemon Sorbet
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Dutch Seedism Seeds found its earliest days back in 2004 within the walls of the Cannabis College in Amsterdam.

There, ganja genetic professionals and 5-year-long friends Amsterdammer, Genefinder OG and Filmstar Gardener decided it was time for something new.

Each member of the trio had gained an enormous amount of experience volunteering at the college, not to mention building a wealth of knowledge working for seed banks such as The Flying Dutchman, The Greenhouse, Homegrown Fantaseeds and the legendary Sensi Seeds.

Did one galvanizing voice sound the cry for them to unite? Was there defining moment of decision? All we know is the trio banded together and, combining their skills and the experience and insight of their many breeder friends in the cultivation community, at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007, Seedism Seeds was born.

Brand Evolution

Committed to Community

When the cannabis community was so integral to the formation of Seedism Seeds, it’s no wonder that it remained a cornerstone of the emerging seed bank’s guiding philosophies. They saw the clear potential of the connections they had each made and sought to deepen their relationship with that community at every turn.

As time and technology leapt onwards, Seedism Seeds’ network only grew.

To this day, the incredibly diverse group includes exceptional breeders working from all over the world, each contributing their carefully created and beloved strains to the market.

These are the kind of hybrids which might never see the full light of the wider marijuana market if not for the network connection Seedism Seeds stands for and has helped create and strengthen.

Seedism Seeds - Champagne Kush

Selective Breeding 

Seedism Seeds have never been a seed bank to beat around the bush.

Inferior genetics have no home in their gene pools, only the finest heirloom genetics and painstakingly selected phenotypes from the most exceptional hybrid strains the market has seen ever make the cut for this seed bank.

The Seedism Seeds team has been diligently collecting the best of the best cannabis seeds for more than 20 years, hunting them down from every corner of the globe for the enjoyment of every toker, medicinal user, cultivator or collector.

Observation and Innovation 

Seedism Seeds astutely state that observation is the fuel to innovation.

Their dedication to maintaining and experimenting with ganja genetics from the widest possible pool of classic and new strains is second to none.

This is a seed bank who exist in a constant state of flux, always tinkering with tastes, potency, yields and flowering times with the goal of creating the next unforgettable hybrid strain. 

Seedism Seeds have a keen eye for detail, always seeking to isolate the subtlest expressions in flavor and scent, or chasing the ingredients which deliver a truly exceptional high. 

This is a seed bank ever on the cusp of discovery and always on the trail of what makes any given cannabis strain special and unique.

It’s a simple mission for the Seedism Seeds team. One of creating a compelling new experience for the serious tokers of the world, offering a brand new palette of flavor and a whole new level of high. 

Seedism Seeds - Tangie's Gold


In the true style of a collective who place such a value on the cannabis community, Seedism Seeds have created the world’s first weed seed subscription service.

The idea is to gather together a cultivation community who love collecting and growing unique ganja seeds. Members of this innovative club receive at least 6 new weed seeds of their choice every 3 months and have access to more than 45 exclusive seeds.

But perhaps the best feature of the Seedism Seedclub is that members of this community get to be a part of the creative process for the seed bank themselves by helping to select which parent genetics are used in the creation of the next brand new strain. 

Essential Strains

When buying cannabis seeds from Seedism Seeds, there are a few things you should know.

First, every seed these guys ship out has been produced in organic gardens. No chemical fertilizers made their way anywhere near these beauties. You should also know these are 100% feminized seed varieties, and that Seedism tests each wed seed thoroughly to ensure they’re all of the highest quality and carrying optimal THC and CBD levels.

Here’s a few of their stock worth your attention.

Tangie’s Gold 

A zesty hybrid strain coming to us from a cross between Orange Kush and Exodus genetics. If you dig deeper down the lineage line, you’ll find Californian Orange and Pot of Gold genes in the mix there, too.

Tangie’s Gold is the result of Seedism’s efforts to achieve the highest and most moreish and desirable terpene profile they possibly could. For lovers of bud with a citrusy zest, look no further. 

Kush Valley Lemon Sorbet

This wonderful hybrid combines an elite clone of the original Lemon Skunk (one of the most sought after genetics there is) with Seedism’s own Pot of Gold to bring you staggering yields of exceptional buds. 

Her dense nugs will work you into a trace with their enticing aroma long before she’s even finished flowering, and the high does not disappoint! Kush Valley Lemon Sorbet is more than a unique strain, she offers terrific potential for breeders wanting to introduce traits associated with the Lemon Skunk and Kush strains.