SickMeds Seeds are breeders with over a decade of experience cultivating cannabis and a passion for lost ganja gems, the storied legendary genetics of classic cannabis strains all but forgotten to the passing of time.

Beyond a deep-rooted respect for those iconic strains and a drive to revive the rarest of the rare, SickMed Seeds take pride in developing the world’s most premium quality medicinal marijuana seeds, and even have a selection of feminized super strains until now only available as clones. 

SeedSupreme Seed Bank are truly excited by these richly diverse custom hybrids and their therapeutic potential as the medicine to end your suffering.

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Based in San Isidro, Tenerife, little is known of the precise origins of SickMed Seeds beyond the name Michael and a lengthy and successful history spanning over a decade.

Whether born a solo effort or joint venture (get it?), the Spaniards behind SickMed Seeds felt a guiding passion to discover and share with the cannabis community the world’s rarest genetics.

The kind of weed seeds that are no longer available, those with a reputation of being super desirable clone-only strains, medicinal marvels of mythic potentials, and every commercial or recreational grower’s fondest dream come true.

Brand Evolution

Personal Experiences 

SickMed Seeds’ desire and compelling quest to track down the rarest genetics and resurrect the old lines that modern marijuana owes so much to was born of a tale all too familiar to too many a breeder or toker.

The pain of missing out on a truly spectacular strain is one that eats at you, whether you were desperate to cultivate it yourself or simply revel in the delights. It’s a pain the SickMed Seeds team felt acutely and set out to play their part in mitigating the chances of happening again. 

Mission Statement 

SickMed Seeds couldn’t stand that some strains which they (and the cannabis community as a whole) considered veritable building blocks to the most desirable super strains of today’s weed offerings simply ceased to exist anymore.

Seeds from the Super Sativa Seed Club, a dominant cultivation force in the mid-1980s, ranked chiefly among those SickMed Seeds considered a tragic loss.

And so their goal of genetic preservation and the continued interbreeding of all strains in both regular and feminized varieties took form.

But while their need to preserve genes, release strains in their purest forms, and revive the legendary lines lost to time for the next generation of ganja lovers might have become a consuming obsession, (one bearing significant fruit for their efforts), it was never their sole goal. 

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Medicinal Marijuana Mindset 

Whether a focus on medicinal marijuana was always present or merely materialized as the SickMed Seeds team set about their work and research is anyone’s guess. 

What’s clear is that, as these talented breeders dug deeper into understanding the cannabis plant, the therapeutic potential was one they could not ignore.

Their own research and genetic diversity helped them create premium, potent and flavorful weed through the ability to identify optimal parent strains, desirable and compatible genetic profiles, but through their joint efforts with cannabis labs and medical research facilities, SickMed Seeds honed the skills needed to create custom hybrids designed to treat specific ailments.

Their breeding knowledge and abilities enable them to match cannabinoid profiles artfully so that whatever SickMed Seeds set out to create comes with a refined and focused purpose. 

And to the medicinal marijuana community, where the best possible product is the only possible product, SickMed Seeds have successfully made waves with their innovative and consistently high-quality output. 

Looking to the Future 

There is no slowing down for SickMed Seeds, who, in positioning themselves as industry leaders, aim to embrace the future and any new techniques when it comes to cannabis technology and development. 

When they’re not consumed with cultivating, the team is regularly assessing the effectiveness of plant tissue cultures or researching the sustainability of genetic attributes in their quest to preserve and recreate the classics to whom we owe so much. 

It’s all about doing justice to the legends they so respect and seek to honor with a revival, and that’s a cause worth applause.

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Essential Strains

Whether you’re looking for the legendary progenitor of your all-time favorite strain, a once clone-only specimen or a classic in a shiny new feminized variety, SickMed Seeds have you covered.

But just in case you weren’t sure where to begin with such an impressive collection to choose from, we thought we’d dig into a few here to lend a hand. 

William’s Wonder 

A resurrection from the original Super Sativa Seed Club stock back in the ‘80s, William’s Wonder, also known as Willy’s Wonder, comes to us from mysterious origins shrouded in secrets, however, rumour has it she owes lineage to lines cultivated in the Afghani Mountains for centuries. 

Famed for generous yields of stupidly resinous and dense nugs, an experienced grower can reap over 500 grams per metre squared for their efforts with this legend. 

Psycho Crack 

When the United Kingdom’s highly sought after Psychosis strain met with Snoop Dogg’s favored Green Crack, the slightly Sativa-dominant Psycho Crack was born. 

It’s all about that THC content with this high, which leans more towards Psychosis when it comes to both taste and effect. Green Crack comes through in a vague sweet fruit flavor, however, it’s tough to overpower the Psychosis influence, and you’re definitely in for a heavier high than your standard Sativa. 

An ideal strain for SCROG grows, these plants respond well to topping and training, and will stink to the high heavens.


SickMed Seeds’ special Sativa hybrid, Chupacabra comes from The Wreck and Strawberry Fire genetics, and is known for delivering an extremely generous yield of highly resinous buds. 

Fans of old-school hash or Kush flavors rave about the pleasantly potent psychedelic high, which delivers a focused and clean stoned simply perfect for chilling in the late afternoon, for balancing one’s perspective and attitude and for squashing stress. Beyond that, she’s a favored strain for those muscular aches, too.