If you’re hunting high CBD strains then it doesn’t come more prestigious than Super CBDx Seeds.

A seed bank dedicated first and foremost to drawing the absolute maximum levels of the coveted cannabinoid from their marijuana, Super CBDx Seeds are renowned for its ability to outperform the CBD output of other hemp plants by up to 200%.

Top of the high CBD, low THC seed production industry, every bean from Super CBDx Seeds is backed by years of lab testing and an intimate understanding of cannabis, which strains and conditions are conducive to maximum CBD production, and how to produce the best CBD strains around.

Their breeding experiments even extend to include legendary hybrids like White Widow, Super Sliver Haze and Jack Herer, all bred with their own supercharged CBD genetics.

Super CBDx Seeds


Super CBDx Seeds’ origins are one to rally behind with every cheer in your lungs. Though the company only began breeding in early 2010, the story begins many years earlier when founder PJ was diagnosed with cancer.

The news hit like a freight train and, after a turbulent few weeks of facing his own mortality and reflecting on his past and place in this life, PJ slipped on the gloves and took a stand to fight for his life.

It wasn’t long before he discovered CBD (Cannabidiol) and the miraculous wonders marijuana heavy in the cannabinoid had to offer.


Brand Evolution

Committing to Cultivation 

For PJ, a CBD-based treatment for his cancer would have been ideal had it not been for the landscape of the time. 

Back then, any cannabis strain with useful levels of CBD came packed with the psychoactive THC, too. PJ was a recovering addict and so, despite wholeheartedly endorsing the potential of CBD, he elected surgery as a treatment path. 

Thankfully, the surgery was a success, although the invasiveness weighed on PJ’s mind, and the possibilities of the pot with maximum CBD levels and minimum THC content occupied his every thought. 

And so the goal was formed - to produce marijuana with the highest possible CBD and lowest THC ever recorded. 

Enough lives had been lost needlessly when such a simple and elegant solution was on the horizon and in PJ’s sights. 


Super CBDx Seeds gets growing

By early 2010, the cultivation story behind Super CBDx Seeds kicks fully into gear. PJ has read everything he can get his hands on to learn the secrets of growing ganja, the genetic makeup of the cannabis plant, and all about the CBD:THC ratios.

With genetics in hand acquired from Northern California and Spain, PJ set about breeding the first ever Super CBDx Seeds crop.

Come August 2011, Super CBDx Seeds’ discovered their first plant which testing laboratories confirmed to have next to no THC and some crazy CBD levels.


The CBD Holy Grail

Subsequent tests of Super CBDx Seeds’ miracle strain verified that the plant produces up to 50% more CBD than any other medical marijuana, with almost no psychoactivity present.

Meanwhile, in 2012, PJ shared the monumental discovery with DJ Short in Pasadena, California (a pioneer in the weed breeding industry since the late ‘70s). After much discussion and studying the irrefutable test results, Super CBDx Seeds’ eponymous strain was dubbed the CBD Holy Grail by Short.

It’s a bold title, but one backed up time and again by years of testing and consistently crushing the competition when it comes to CBD.

Super CBDx

Addressing the Global CBD Crisis

PJ and Super CBDx Seeds knew that we faced a well-concealed crisis in the global problems facing active and regular CBD use.

They knew all too well that medical marijuana is not about getting high, but rather about improving the quality of your health and life. Just as they recognized that a lack of scientific study to prove the plant’s potential would forever put the brakes on any real cultural development.

Through their firm belief in the power of CBD and desire to deliver CBD-rich cannabis to the market in need, Super CBDx Seeds set out to change the status quo.

To this seed bank, it’s become their driving mission to improve public knowledge of the curative cannabinoid and address issues of availability and affordability with every step they take.

Black Kush x Super CBDx strain

They believe that everyone deserves access to these kinds of high CBD low THC genetics and to know exactly how these miracle marijuana strains can be properly used as medicine. 

To Super CBDx Seeds, CBD is a gift from nature that belongs to us all, not merely the wealthy or well-informed. Theirs is a goal not of producing premium medical marijuana seeds, but to eliminate senseless suffering and heal the world.


Super CBDx Seeds in Numbers

  • 2010 - started breeding
  • 2011 - the Super CBDx strain was born
  • 200% - potential improvement in CBD comparing Super CBDx to other CBD hemp plants
  • 50% - the minimum percentage more CBD in Super CBDx than any other CBD photoperiod plant
  • 17% - average minimum CBD levels in Super CBDx
  • 25:1 - CBD to THC ratio



Essential Strains 

While Super CBDx Seeds’ stock contains a range of feminized seeds, it’s worth noting that each of their strains are a form of Super CBDx, their very own mythical medical strain, whether that’s on its own or crossed with any number of iconic varieties and veritable legends.

Seriously, take any of your favorite strains and there’s probably a crossbreed here with the medical marvel of Super CBDx.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some to look out for.


Super CBDx 

The cornerstone and beating heart of Super CBDx Seeds, the first high CBD low THC seed available on the market and beyond dispute one of the finest CBD strains around. This remarkable plant averages ratios of roughly 25:1 in favour of Cannabidiol (CBD), and is the most dependable source of the cannabinoid.

What’s more, those sky-high CBD levels are achieved in far less time than with strains which are trying to develop THC, too, which means a much shorter time until harvest!


Black Kush x Super CBDx

A Sativa-dominant hybrid strain for those who are happy with a dose of THC. Breeding Super CBDx with Black Kush has increased the yield beautifully, however, also lengthened the flowering time. 

Even so, her flowering time ranges from 50 to 65 days, and with super high CBD alongside the psychoactive THC and tasty terpene profiles delivering a citrusy pine-like taste and scent, she’s well worth the wait.


New York City Diesel x Super CBDx

Fans of the original 60% Sativa NYC Diesel strain come many and varied. The merging of this sumptuous Sativa with Super CBDx has resulted in a dense batch of pungent weed with the enticing aromas of lime, grapefruit and pine.

Anyone looking for that optimal cerebral high with the added kick of some astounding CBD levels, this one’s for you.