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Victory Seeds

With a name like Victory Seeds, it stands to reason these guys would be a seed bank with one goal-focused square in their sights. Victory is winning and, in a weedy world of cannabis competition, only the very finest seeds and strains can claim the title of victor.

Formed through the belief that success is more than time and money, but rather a blend of passion, patience, love, and care, Victory Seeds tie it all together with the secret ingredient money can’t buy - years of experience producing the best weed seeds available.

Specialists in award-winning genetics, feminized and auto-feminized strains of the best strength, power, quality, and yields on the market, Victory brings years of experience developing the most renowned strains worldwide, focused on high THC and CBD, medicinal values, appearance, aroma, taste, and potency.

50 completely unique and original feminized and auto-feminized strains await you.

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Like an enticing enigma, little is known of the exact origins of Netherlands-based seed bank, Victory Seeds.

What is known is that these Dutch specialists came together with a very specific target aimed straight at customer satisfaction. Their ethos has always extended beyond delivering a little packet of seeds to your door and calling it quits. No, to Victory Seeds, every consumer becomes part of a holistic experience formed around a core of quality cannabis


Brand Evolution

Assembling the team behind Victory Seeds demanded a key alignment in every member of the belief that growing the finest quality ganja is only possible through passion.

To these guys, the guiding principle that it is the cultivator’s love of cannabis which creates premium pot has formed the cornerstone of their company since day dot.

To achieve victory, this team knew it would take more than merely high-quality genetics - it would take harnessing the passion in each of their hearts alongside those genes for the dream results in Victory Seeds’ sights.

Victory Seeds - Auto Seemango

Feminized Fanboys

Though first and foremost Victory Seeds has always been a focus on the most reliable, potent, and successful strains on the marijuana marketplace, they have established themselves over the years as specialists in both feminized and feminized auto-flowering strains.

As you might expect from their core philosophy, not just any feminized seed strain will do for Victory Seeds - only the highest quality original genetics make the cut for this team.


Selective Breeding 

When only the world’s foremost famous strains are on your hit list, it stands to reason there is a multitude of factors to consider. That’s why the talent behind Victory focuses on traits ranging from the aesthetic and sensory sights, smells, and tastes of ganja all the way through to therapeutic properties, potency, reliability, cultivation ease, plant structure, and the THC to CBD ratio.

Only strains of optimum potency, birthed through organic nutrients and insecticides, enter into their exclusive catalog. 

Regardless of the successes of any award-winning strain Victory Seeds consider, each strain is submitted to vigorous quality checks and endless innovation to improve. Through this method, their fully stabilized original genetics line consists of a premium combination of potency, quality, and yield with the aim of consistently delighting customers.

This is certainly the place for anyone looking for an evolution to their favorite strain; whether it’s elevated THC or CBD or a tweak in taste, aroma, or growth, Victory’s shelves are award-winners with a fresh face. 


Victory Seeds in Numbers

  • 24 feminized seed varieties
  • 26 autoflower feminized varieties
  • 50 original strains
  • 100% devoted to producing premium weed seeds



Essential Strains

With Victory Seeds’ mission being so focused on quality, it should be no surprise that any strain in their catalog is capable of demonstrating viable maturity, hefty harvests, robust stability, and a potent punch.

You probably guessed that any seed company tinkering with the THC-to-CBD ratios likely has some CBD-loaded strains for medicinal marijuana hunters on the shelves worth a look, too - and you’d be right.

But where exactly to begin? 

Well, you could start by exploring some of your own personal favorite strains to see the wild and wonderful varieties peddled by Victory, or you could take a peek at some of their most popular range as listed below. 


Blow Dream 

Available in feminized and autoflowering feminized varieties, Blow Dream is a Sativa-dominant strain capable of THC hitting 24% and seriously generous yields whether you go for the auto or not. She’s got a medium-rated dose of CBD, grows fast, is great for commercial needs, and is among California’s top ten in-demand strains. A real treat for lovers of lemony flavors and Haze seeds


Auto Caramelino 

This marijuana masterpiece is renowned for being super sweet to taste and a producer of some outrageously sticky buds. Being an auto means she’s ready swifter than most strains and perfect for growth without ample room to spare. Definitely, one to cultivate indoors where possible as she grows a sizable central bud which can make mold a problem in humid and cold climates.

Totally worth the effort! 

Victory Seeds - Caramelino


One of the easiest growers and most popular, too. This cross between Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani genetics never gets too tall and consistently puts out bundles of bud glistening with crystals and loaded with THC. A real ‘one hit wonder’ able to put the inexperienced toker on their ass, and an ideal pot partner for newbie growers.


Biggest Bud 

An Indica-dominant hybrid cross between the legendary Northern Lights #1 and infamous Skunk #1, Biggest Bud is famous in her own right for staggeringly stacked yields come harvest time. This strain comes loaded with some remarkable resinous layering, as expected from a descendant of Skunk, and packs a potent punch her parents would certainly be proud of.

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