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If you know Seed Supreme, you’ll know we’re all about total value for money. We’re firm believers that cannabis seeds of world-class quality should be universally affordable – not only for those with the deepest pockets.

Which is why we’re delighted to say that we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Mass Roots to launch a limited-time-only special offer, good for 10% of any and all products here at Seed Supreme. Simply enter the discount code below during the checkout process and 10% will be knocked off the total price of your basket. Even if picking up our already discounted items and specials, you’ll still benefit from this incredible discount!

The Social Platform for Marijuana

If you haven’t already got yourself involved over at Mass Roots, it’s high time you did just that…no pun intended. Cannabis fans the world over had for years dreamed of this new social platform, free from the kind of judgement and stigma that makes most popular platforms less-than ideal. A new social platform based on a shared love for both cannabis and cannabis culture in general, where you knew from the moment you signed up you were joining thousands of like-minded individuals, just like you.

In Mass Roots, that’s exactly what you’re looking at!

Established exclusively for the cannabis community, Mass Roots is the perfect place to reach out to marijuana fans and followers on a global basis. Make friends, share experiences and generally immerse yourself in the experience, with no less than 900,000 cannabis users from all over the world. Whatever your preferences, you’ll find yourself in good company right here!

And just to sweeten the deal for Mass Roots users even more, why not take advantage of this awesome 10% discount to be used an any Seed Supreme products? The offer is on the cards for a limited time only, so act fast to avoid disappointment!

The World’s Finest Cannabis Seed Collection

Here at Seed Supreme, we focus on cannabis seed quality, rather than simply stocking every strain going for the sake of it. We hand-select each and every product that makes it to our collection for comprehensive quality and value for money. Which means that if you don’t see it here, it’s probably not worth bothering with!

You’ll find extensive information about each of the products we supply by clicking on the relevant seed strain. From detailed info to bud properties and so on, anything and everything you need to know is just a click away. Or if you’d prefer, you can reach out to the Seed Supreme team at any time with your questions.

Enjoy this outstanding 10% discount offer while it last – it won’t be around forever!


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