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They may not be the most established players in the pot growing game, but Tropical Seeds Company have positioned themselves perfectly as purveyors with a wealth of expertise. 

A seed bank committed to organic outdoor approaches driven by Mother Nature herself and taught from lessons of the legendary landrace strains which began it all, the Tropical team and their customers reap plentiful rewards from their respect of the origins of ganja.

The offerings of these highly acclaimed cannabis breeders come from genetics in every corner of the globe, rich in quality, honoring of heritage and on the cutting edge of new, exotic and exciting - all cultivated in a subtropical climate that enables them to grow outdoor weed strains all year round!

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Canary Islands-based Tropical Seeds Company was founded back in 2008 by Maxi HdB with the simple goal of creating a legacy where large volumes of landrace strains could be grown, studied and bred.

Maxi’s pursuit came as the culmination of 6 years of study in the Gran Canarias and work in areas ranging from Nepal to the Congo trying to defeat some of the more undesirable traits from their genetic stockpile. 

Brand Evolution

Preservation, Passion and Purpose

Though the goal may have started for Maxi and Tropical Seeds Company focused strongly on preserving and maintaining the diversity of cannabis in an age where landrace genetics are becoming endangered, it is the belief at their core which sets this seed bank apart and helped shape their future.

The cornerstone of TSC is and always has been a belief that any action performed with special care and love will always yield the best results.

This belief, and a powerful passion for nice big exotic Sativa strains, helped direct Tropical Seeds, flowing and growing with their goal of preserving landrace genes, to realize their dreams along with a number of unique strains ready for market.

By 2011, their first catalog was created, and stores began stocking TSC seeds. 

Tropical Seeds Company - Afrokush

Mission Statement 

The Tropical Seeds philosophy stands so bold that it’s worth sharing as is:

“With a firm, disciplined and constant philosophy we maintain our principles to continue studying, preserving and sharing the best landraces strains of the world and for the creation of newhybrids that can give new cultivation experiences that enrich this sector saturated with the few fast flowering strains available.

"Supporting the natural biodiversity of cannabis and continuing to do work in an artisanal but professional and rigorous way is fundamental for us, as it is the only way to ensure the origin and lineage of our strains, as well as the quality of our seeds. This is our way of giving back to nature.”

It’s an ethos Maxi and the Tropical team tout as their motivation for every day, alongside their devotion to their customers.

Enjoying the fruits of nature long into the future, preserving the origins of all our favorite strains and paving the way for studies to come and bud breakthroughs as yet only dreamed of - is there a finer reason to get up and go to work?

A Uniquely Natural Approach 

Tropical Seeds’ name really could not be more appropriate.

This seed bank does all their cultivation in the glorious outdoors, taking full advantage of the subtropical local climate of dry weather conditions and sunshine in spades.

The entirety of their installations sit at 28ºN latitude to reap the rewards of an average year long temperature of 22ºC, but they also tinker with indoor growing areas, too, so they can offer the fullest service to their customers (and we appreciate it, since not all of us are fortunate enough to live in such sunny splendor).

Tropical Seeds Company - Smooth Smoke

Beyond the obvious benefits of such a setup, Tropical Seeds’ location allows for maximum output as they are able to harvest several times each year, thereby helping their suppliers reload far more often than average.

Nowhere else could an average of 3 yearly harvests be the norm.

Pot Pioneering

Maxi and the Tropical team have understood for many years that, while preservation of the landrace legacy is their core objective, innovation and experimentation would always be key to success.

That’s why they’ve quested constantly for the best aromas, flavors and effects in every step.

Tropical Seeds Company’s pioneering philosophy runs in tandem with their preservation instincts - they want to create new strains with more strength, vigor and beauty than the competition, so they take it back to basics.

By starting with the pure landrace strains beloved and revered by natives, the Tropical team have learned the roots of the industry, and by dispensing with the undesirable traits, they’ve sharpened their source.

Tropical Seeds Company timeline

Now, armed with the insight that cultivators are becoming complacent and the famous strains are closing in on overbred, outplayed and drifting further from unique, they can carve a new path, approaching breeding from a time-honored yet fresh perspective.

In fact, they’re so determined to deliver the new and exciting as frequently as possible that they regularly discontinue older strains to maintain laser focus on their new projects. And given the public praise for their latest strains, it’s fair to say they’ve made a bold and brilliant move. 

The Devil in the Details 

If it’s not clear by now, every move ever made by the Tropical Seeds team is the result of endless devotion and years of study.

They know the value of their products and take every step to ensure premium quality, even bringing their initial varieties to market with low photoperiods to help balance quantity and quality.

And despite favoring Sativa strains, the Tropical shelves remain stocked with diverse offerings to satisfy the demands of every customer.

No stone can be left unturned on this tropical pot paradise.

Tropical Seeds Company in Numbers

  • 2008 - first presented to the public
  • 28 - degrees northern latitude, the base of their operations
  • 2013 - a pivotal rebranding
  • 30+ - countries sold to
  • 220,000+ - visits to their website
  • 18,000 - last big milestone hit of Facebook followers

Essential Strains

In truth, you could take your pick blindly out of a hat filled with Tropical Seeds’ cannabis seeds and be guaranteed a clean and potent high, a wide range of exotic fruity flavors and a hint of natural marijuana magic you never expected.

There are a number of strains in the Tropical Seeds Company vault which have gained renown throughout the world since the company’s inception, but here we’ll outline a few worth some extra attention.

Smooth Smoke 

Would you guess that Smooth Smoke is famed as being an unforgettably pleasant, smooth and potent smoke? A hybrid born through breeding Nepal Highland and Pakistan Chitral Kush and loved by those in need of medical marijuana for her Indica levels of pain relief. 

Smooth Smoke is known to be generous come harvest time, develop dense, resin-coated purple nugs and deliver a sweet candy taste with hints of fruit, vanilla and hash. 


A balanced hybrid strain with an epic name. Afrokush comes from two of Tropical’s finest Swazi mothers and Pakistan Chitral Kush. Certain phenotypes of this strain can develop red or purple-hued buds, and she’s a strain loved for her spicy floral notes and tang of hash. An ideal smoke for the daytime, getting work done and stimulating creativity.

King Congo 

A pure Sativa born through breeding Congo Pointe Noire and Ciskei Highland F1 genetics. Known for her citrusy flavor and energizing cerebral highKing Congo is a generous yielding, fast flowering beauty you can’t go wrong with. 

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