Proudly flying the flag for premium seed production and quality cultivation of cannabis in the United Kingdom since 2008, Dready Seeds came out of nowhere to take the global market by storm. Today, Dready Seeds offers a compact yet exceptionally high-quality collection of rare and exclusive seeds for the discerning grower.

Feminized Dready Seeds lines are available to buy from SeedSupreme Seed Bank and as soon as founder Bobby Dread releases some more from his back-catalog, they will be too!

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Bobby Dread, the lead breeder behind Dready Seeds began growing and studying marijuana some 14 years ago.

Off the back of his studies, he went from collecting and preserving seeds to breeding new strains and decided he wanted to preserve his ganja genetics in case of disaster. The philosophy at Dready Seeds is very much quality over quantity so they keep the range small, producing just 5 quality hybrid lines at a time. Each strain is designed to show off the best characteristics of the main types of cannabis - Sativa, Indica, autoflowering and hybridized strains.

Brand Evolution

Bobby Dread: Breeder and Technical Genius

Dready Seeds was established as a creative and daring project by Bobby Dread - the mastermind behind the brand with more than three decades of experience working with cannabis genetics. What makes the difference with Dready Seeds is how everything the company does is based on passion and a genuine obsession with quality marijuana.

A million miles from mainstream seed producers, Dready Seeds set their sights on the development and perfection of a select catalog of strains for the discerning grower. Hence, today’s Dready Seeds product catalog is compact to say the least, but is the dictionary definition of an ‘all-killer, no-filler’ collection.

Bobby Dread, the main seed breeder and technical genius behind the Dready Seeds strains has been studying cannabis genetics for over three decades. His passion and love of cannabis is bred into every seed, each carefully crafted over many years to reach the pinnacle of yield, unique terpenes profiles or flavors, THC content and genetic superiority.

Dready Seeds came into existence when Dready Bob went from preserving to breeding different cannabis strains. Now an internationally recognized name for the strength of our breeds, Dready Seeds remains true to our goal of providing the finest cannabis strains available worldwide.” - (Dready Seeds)

Dready Seeds cannabis

Back with a Vengeance

After disappearing from the market entirely for quite some time, Dready Seeds is officially back with a bang. We’re waiting to see what’s next for these guys, but they’ve promised the addition of several new strains to their current collection going forwards.

If the quality and popularity of the existing Dready Seeds collection is anything to go by, we’ll be looking at another instalment of all-time classics in the making. It’s also entirely likely we’ll be seeing more high CBD strains from Dready Seeds, with the team having indicated their growing focus on therapeutic pot products for medical marijuana audiences.

Dready Seeds had taken some time out to perfect a few strains and new projects. We are now back and have changed the seeds available to you slightly. We are moving forward with the times and the flavors but will still be preserving the great strains we use. We have a few more strains in development and will be releasing them very soon. All the strains are feminized still but we will be offering a regular range very soon too.” - (Dready Seeds)

Essential Strains

Taking something from the current Dready Seeds collection is the case of all choice and absolutely no compromise. With just a handful of strains to choose from, you’re guaranteed the same epic quality and performance, whichever way you go.

“We run our very own breeding facilities to deliver the world with the genetics issued from our R&D program. Focusing on medicinal strains and unique terpene profiles to help with the relief of pain, anxiety and other medical issues...

“New strains to be added to the menu are coming up very soon. Plus the much asked for regular range. Keep in touch with everything we are up to by visiting and checking out the latest releases, news and a blog for interesting topics, reviews and upcoming events we will be attending.” - (Dready Seeds)

In terms of fragrance, flavor and face-melting potency, each of the following is a simply fantastic specimen you have to experience to believe:

Tangie Berry

A Sativa-dominant hybrid with broad recreational and therapeutic applications, Tangie Berry is famed for emitting the most mouthwatering citrus fragrance throughout the entire cultivation cycle. Extremely popular for the production of cannabis extracts and concentrates, Tangie Berry is also packed with more than enough THC to quickly get to work on body and mind with a beautifully balanced high.

The physical effects of Tangie Berry are ideal for tackling everyday aches and pains, while the gentle cerebral uplift quickly obliterates depression, anxiety and stress. And if all this wasn’t enough, Tangie Berry couldn’t be easier to grow indoors or out.

Northern Cheese

Funky and flavorful enough to challenge even the most discerning connoisseurs, Northern Cheese is an undeniably complex crowd-splitter with a truly eye-watering fragrance. A predominantly Sativa strain that nonetheless retains some of the characteristics of her Indica heritage, Northern Cheese is easy to grow and keep under wraps with comparatively short and stout plants.

The high is social, uplifting and energizing in careful doses, though is easy to take one step too far and fall into complete delirium for the duration. Just be sure to invest in a decent filtration system if you plan on growing the stuff indoors - the stink really is something else.

Mango Jack

Right on the opposite end of the scale, Mango Jack is the ultimate crowd-pleaser on the nose and the palate. As the name suggests, the aroma is dominated by huge hits of juicy mangoes and citrus fruits, with just the right amount of sharpness and hints of peppery spice in the background.

The high gets to work instantaneously with a soaring and lasting cerebral uplift, making Mango Jack the perfect daytime smoke for injecting energy into all types of social occasions. Though it has to be said that one toke too many and you’ll be well on your way to the kind of inebriation and incapacitation that will make it difficult to get anything done at all.

Blue Bubbleberry

This is the kind of strain you cannot help but be enamored with by way of her name alone. Blue Bubbleberry is a beautifully balanced 50/50 hybrid, which brings all the beneficial properties of Indica and Sativa strains into the mix, with the added bonus of a unique sour lemony blueberry flavor.

Blue Bubbleberry plants are easy to grow and keep under control indoors or out, usually guaranteeing generous yields after a relatively short flowering period. Another hugely popular strain in medical cannabis circles, Blue Bubbleberry is outstanding for alleviating stress and anxiety, bringing on the kind of relaxation and contentment that often descends into longer and uninterrupted sleep.

Dready Berry

Last up, Dready Berry was created by combining the genetics of a 25-year-old Blueberry strain with an original White Widow - both of which were being held at a secret location in Buckinghamshire in the UK.

This exceptional hybrid combines the fragrance of Blueberry with the intense flavor profile of White Widow, meticulously balancing the cerebral and physical effects of the two strains accordingly. Grown outdoors, Dready Berry plants routinely reach heights in excess of three meters and produce the most ludicrous quantities of cannabis for every square meter of grow space.