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If you’re a grower looking for top-selling cannabis seeds, you’ve landed on the right platform. We bring you high-quality marijuana strains for a rewarding cultivation experience.

There are numerous cultivars available, and our mission is to make your selection hassle-free. We guide you through wide-ranging options to ensure you only end up with top-shelf strains that resonate with your unique needs.

Best-selling weed seeds to buy

The best-selling weed seeds may mean different things to those in the cannabis community. Some consider them the most potent, and others the fastest growing. Whether you’re after resilient feminized seeds or speedy autoflowers, SeedSupreme is your go-to supplier in the USA. We’ve put together the finest of all these qualities to present you with nothing short of remarkable strains.


These popular cultivars have found fame among marijuana enthusiasts thanks to their rich flavors, impressive growing characteristics, and unique effects. Check out the following five best marijuana seed strains available at SeedSupreme and start growing the crop of your dreams. Find out what makes each cultivar stand out and choose like a pro.

  • Bruce Banner feminized is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 27% THC, producing euphoric, relaxing, happy, and uplifting effects. It flowers in 10–12 weeks.
  • GG autoflower is a well-balanced hybrid with 24% THC and a flowering time of 8–10 weeks. It doesn't rely on light schedules and guarantees a faster harvest. The buds produce calming and euphoric sensation.
  • Wedding Cake feminized is a mostly indica hybrid boasting a whopping 25% THC. It delivers a profoundly relaxing psychoactive buzz. Expect your plants to bloom for about 8–10 weeks.
  • White Widow feminized leans more toward indica dominance and contains 25% THC, filling you with calming, uplifting, and relaxing sensations. This beginner-friendly cultivar takes 8–10 weeks to flower.
  • Grandaddy Purple feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid with 22% THC and induces euphoric, relaxing, joyful, and sleepy effects. Flowering takes 10–12 weeks.


Growing our best-selling marijuana seeds


There’s a good reason growers keep coming back for more of our best weed seeds for sale. Many of these strains boast remarkable resistance to common pathogens and issues like mold and mildew. Growing these top-quality yet cheap weed seeds is relatively easy, as they thrive in different indoor and outdoor environments.


The former gives you complete control of the environmental conditions and allows year-round cultivation. If you can’t finance all the equipment needed for this option, outdoor cultivation is a suitable choice.


Find an ideal spot with adequate sunlight and water supply for a healthy yield. Avoid harsh weather and opt for warmer temperatures. Choose a suitable growing medium like nutrient-rich soil, hydroponics, or another soilless technique, and begin your cultivation journey confidently.


Prices and promotions


We provide a safe starting point with our selection of discount weed seeds, which afford you more for less. Our reasonable prices are competitive without eroding quality to help you derive the best value for your crop. All cultivars come with a 99% germination success rate and a guarantee that replaces unpopped marijuana seeds.


Access rotating limited-time deals on our discount page, including the Buy One Get One free (BOGO) offer. All our top-selling cannabis seeds pass through this promotion occasionally, where we double your ordered seeds without charging extra. Keep a lookout for your favorite strain in case it lands here. Then, take advantage of our fast, discreet shipping to get your cannabis seeds within a few days.


How to buy the best marijuana seeds


Searching for the best marijuana seeds is a breeze in the modern cannabis world. Thanks to their popularity, these top cultivars have seen an influx in demand as more people seek to try their exceptional qualities. Purchase your weed seeds online or from your local marijuana shop in states where it’s legal.


SeedSupreme is a web-based seed bank that allows you to buy top-shelf seeds online. Enjoy discreet shipping and delivery anywhere in the USA. Whether you’re after autoflower, feminized, or regular cultivars, you’ll find the best weed seeds for sale at our online store.

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