Here you will find what everyone else is currently buying in the Cannabis Seed market, we cover such a wide range you can guarantee to find something to suit your taste.

The full list covers the main groups of Autoflowering, feminized, CBD and even regular seeds so there is something for everyone.

A lot of these strains have been purchased time and time again by our loyal customer base so we are super confident in the seedbanks we offer.

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Best Selling Marijuana Seeds

What are the best selling Cannabis seeds?

Here at the SeedSupreme we offer a whole range of different strains from top-selling high-quality Seedbanks, as such by showing you which strains people are buying you can naturally narrow your search down to those that other people have researched, prefer and are buying. Given the range of Cannabis seeds and Seedbanks, we sell you can be reassured that anything on this list is tried and tested by collectors and legal breeders the world over.

What Seedbank should I buy my Cannabis Seeds from?

All the Seedbanks we use have their own specialisation, have a browse and see if any take your fancy. You could go for a European specialist offering Euro hybrids, an Autoflowering specialist, a genetics wizard or enter the wonderful world of CBD and medicinal seeds.

Top 10 Cannabis Strains

Hidden away in this list are our top 10 best selling strains, feel free to use the filters to find a pick list to suit your needs.