White Widow Feminized Seeds

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White Widow Feminized Seeds

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Beautiful, potent and pungent, White Widow Feminized is well-loved across the cannabis community for her invaluable medicinal effects and hard-hitting recreational buzz...

Pungent, Potent, Glistening Pale Nugs


Bud Basics

One of the most stunningly gorgeous ganja specimens on the market, White Widow Feminized is a tall and majestic beauty glistening with crystalline trichomes that sing of her potency even before she’s dried and cured. And once you toke, you’ll see for yourself just how knockout this 25% THC strain can be.


An Indica-heavy cross between two favored landrace strains, White Widow hails from a South African Indica and a Brazilian Sativa, and is pungent with dank and earthy spice notes right from the grow room.


Ideal for a post-work or evening session, this herb has everything you need to unwind from a long hard day, providing an unmissable cerebral buzz and an intensely relaxing body-stone.


The calming, mood-boosting effects of this marijuana make her highly coveted as a medical strain for the relief of stress and anxiety, as well making her a potent painkiller. This one-two double whammy of recreational effects and medicinal benefits might well even be the reason she’s won so many awards - claiming the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, and second place in the 2008 Copa Cannabica Del Plata alongside many others.


For growers, these feminized seeds are a dream to rear. Though White Widow Feminized exhibits the gorgeous bushy structure of an Indica, she’s also an easy to manage lady of tall Sativa size, with prolific yields, and a tendency to thrive wherever she’s grown, warm or cool, indoors or out.



Flavor and Fragrance of White Widow Feminized

Instantly familiar to the veterans of the cannabis community, White Widow Fem has a strong and recognizable scent of sweet, fruity notes that are dank and musty with earthy aromas and undertones of spice.


Pungent as hell, when combusted this cannabis can fill a room in minutes, her fragrance developing in complexity to deliver flavors of sweet pine, spice and sandalwood to the tongue.




Well-loved by tokers seeking relaxation, White Widow is Indica-heavy and ideal for helping the mind and body to unwind. Perfect to finish off a long hard day of work. Within a few tokes, this nighttime strain impresses with her fast-acting ability to induce a body bliss that borders on nirvana, washing stress from the mind and muscles to release tension.


The beginning surge of euphoria this cannabis induces escalates, soaring ever higher as time goes on to inspire the mind and uplift the mood, filling you with a burst of energy and creativity. Once you’re thoroughly happy, this Sativa side gives way to an Indica kick that softens and relaxes the body to prevent hyperactivity, keeping you mobile but calm.


The creative buzz White Widow Feminized ignites in the mind can be enjoyed by artists of all varieties, from musicians to writers, and is ideal for forging ahead with your next masterpiece and finishing projects previously left untouched.


As this herb opens up the mind and the conversation, she’s also a choice strain for social occasions and sharing with friends, capable of turning even the most introverted into a chatterbox for a while, igniting creative trains of thought that make for excellent conversation.


Of course, there is a potential for adverse effects from this weed, as with most marijuana strains. Commonly reported are dry, red and bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth. Both of these unwanted reactions can be aided with over the counter eye drops and plenty of water to keep you hydrated.


Newbies and those with a sensitivity to THC might find themselves subjected to more uncomfortable side effects, including headaches and dizziness, lightheadedness, and occasionally even heightened paranoia and anxiety. If such reactions occur, we recommend switching to a milder, gentler strain.



Medical Uses of White Widow Feminized

Thanks to her potent recreational effects, White Widow Feminized also functions as a viable alternative to traditionally prescribed medications. Due to her immense therapeutic benefits, she’s regularly prescribed for ailments both of the mind and body and is notably useful for the management and relief of stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD thanks to her uplifting qualities.


Since this weed is Indica-dominant, she’s more than capable of providing pain relief thanks to her analgesic properties. For patients suffering from chronic long term conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and muscle spasms, she can be a promising relief and provide improved overall quality of life.


Like most marijuana, the munchies are inevitable with White Widow, and as such she can be beneficial to those struggling with lack of appetite and nausea, be that due to eating disorders or as a side effect of chemotherapy.


In addition, her sedating side can be just the right level of relaxation to ease those suffering from insomnia down into a deep and restful sleep.



Growing White Widow Feminized Seeds

A fairly simple plant to grow, White Widow Feminized can be enjoyed by cultivators of all levels of experience, from novice growers to seasoned gardeners. Though Indica-dominant, she’s a tall lass that can reach up to a whopping 8 feet when grown outdoors, though she retains the bushy, dark green foliage that’s classic to Indicas.


When temperatures drop, her coloration can turn a deep majestic purple that works wonders to boost bag appeal, and her branches are chunky enough to easily support her enormous heavy colas with ease. Sparkling with trichomes as she is, this beauty is irresistible and ideal for making resin with.


Though White Widow Fem prefers a warm climate, she can manage just fine in cooler climates, provided that her nugs are protected from adversities such as mold, mildew and pests. In a controlled environment, her towering height can be limited by shortening her vegging phase, growing her in a smaller pot to train her to fit a more compact environment.


She also works well in both a Sea of Green (SOG) and a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup, as this can help to boost yields so she can meet her full potential. Once she’s flowered for 8 to 9 weeks, this ganja is ready for harvesting to the tune of 2.6 ounces of sticky buds per square foot.


If you prefer to cultivate your cannabis outdoors, then White Widow flourishes best under a warm sun, surrounded by a gentle breeze in an ideally Mediterranean climate. She’ll flourish even in cooler northern areas, but should be harvested by the second week of October to avoid potentials frosts to yield around 31 ounces per plant.




Beautiful, potent and pungent, White Widow Feminized is well-loved across the cannabis community for her invaluable medicinal effects and hard-hitting recreational buzz. And now she’s easy to grow at home with pre-feminized beans that thrive even in the hands of newbies.


Dank and earthy, this heavy-smoked herb delivers a soaring cerebral high that escalates your mind and your mood while calming and releasing tension from the body and muscles. As such, it’s no wonder she’s well-loved as medicinal marijuana (MMJ) for the relief of chronic pain and mental stress.


With two landrace parents, White Widow Fem is more than capable of toughing out most cool climates, provided the right protection for her tall and bushy foliage is in place. Any substrate, indoors or out, this ganja thrives, yields well and is stunning to boot - and any cannabis cultivator will find her a dream to manage.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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