1. 10 couch-lock cannabis strains to help you stay home

    10 couch-lock cannabis strains to help you stay home
    Couch lock weed induces the effect that’s been defining stoner stereotypes for decades. What is a couch lock, though? Why are there so many tokers chasing this sensation? Buds from this...
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  2. The best cannabis strains for anxiety

    The best cannabis strains for anxiety
    Marijuana is receiving loads of medical attention, but do you know the best strains for anxiety? There are many reports of cannabis cultivars reducing your stress, allowing you to relax and enjoy...
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  3. Why does weed make you hungry?

    Why does weed make you hungry?
    After smoking cannabis, you usually start to experience sensations unimagined to the sober mind. One of the major effects is an intense hunger which has always made us wonder why does weed make you...
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  4. How to smoke a joint

    How to smoke a joint
    One of the most classic ways to indulge in marijuana is to smoke a joint. But, if you're new to the 420 scene, you might need some guidance to get started. Did you know there’s a specific...
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  5. Best weed seeds for beginners

    Best weed seeds for beginners
    Want to grow cannabis but feel overwhelmed by all the options? The increasing number of strains and hybrids available today makes finding the best weed seeds for beginners difficult. We’ve put...
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  6. How to roll a joint: Step-by-step guide

    How to roll a joint: Step-by-step guide
    Although there are many different ways to consume cannabis, joints are undoubtedly one of the most popular options. Do you know how to roll a joint? Aside from being easy to master, joints are...
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  7. Cannabis seeds in Utah

    Cannabis seeds in Utah
    The Beehive State is located in the Mountain West region of the United States. Utah is known for having some of the best skiing in the country. Can you coast down a black diamond and grow cannabis...
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  8. Cannabis Seeds in Connecticut

    Cannabis Seeds in Connecticut
    The Constitution State decriminalized marijuana possession in 2011 and legalized medicinal cannabis in 2012. Connecticut has tried for years to legalize recreational marijuana, and now it looks like...
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  9. Cannabis seeds in Texas

    Cannabis seeds in Texas
    The Lone Star state is the second-largest state in the USA, both in population and size. Not only is it famous for finger-licking barbecues, but it's also known as the live music capital of the world....
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  10. Cannabis seeds in Michigan

    Cannabis seeds in Michigan
    Michigan gets its name from the Indian word Michigama meaning great lake, as it’s the only state that touches four of the five Great Lakes. This picturesque place is also known for its stunning...
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  11. Cannabis seeds in Nevada

    Cannabis seeds in Nevada
    Nevada might be one of the driest states in the United States, but it’s not the drabbest. In this states’ largest city, Las Vegas, the fun never stops. Its millions of lights make this place the...
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  12. Cannabis seeds in California

    Cannabis seeds in California
    California isn’t just well known for its beaches but is also home to the country’s largest number of national parks. This Golden State is a place to relax and have fun, like visiting Disneyland....
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  13. Marijuana seeds in Florida

    Marijuana seeds in Florida
    Before you start looking to buy and grow marijuana seeds in Florida, you must understand the laws surrounding it. That way, you can stay on the right side of the justice system and avoid any...
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  14. Cannabis seeds in Georgia

    Cannabis seeds in Georgia
    The Peach State is lagging in terms of marijuana legalization. While some neighbors have relaxed their laws in recent years, we’re still waiting on Georgia to succumb to the green wave....
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  15. Cannabis Seeds in Illinois

    Cannabis Seeds in Illinois
    The Prairie State first dipped its feet into the Green Wave in 2018 by permitting the consumption of medicinal cannabis for patients. Illinois proudly became the 11th US state to fully succumb to the...
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  16. Cannabis seeds in New York

    Cannabis seeds in New York
    Marijuana seeds in New York are on the fast track to becoming readily available. The new weed laws allow for both recreational and medicinal use in the Empire State....
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  17. Cannabis seeds in Ohio

    Cannabis seeds in Ohio
    Are marijuana seeds legal in Ohio? Following the decriminalization of medicinal weed in the Buckeye State, Ohioan stoners can't wait for lawmakers to legalize adult-use, granting them the opportunity...
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  18. Outdoor grow calendar: The complete marijuana growing guide

    Outdoor grow calendar: The complete marijuana growing guide
    Nebraska's capital is Lincoln, named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president who led the Union in the Civil war to victory. During his early life and while president, President Lincoln used hemp...
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  19. Is weed legal in Alaska?

    Is weed legal in Alaska?
    Is weed legal in Alaska? Keep reading as we unpack Alaska cannabis laws, including the legislation around possessing, consuming, and cultivating cannabis. Let’s dig in...
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  20. Is weed legal in Delaware?

    Is weed legal in Delaware?
    Delaware was home to Bob Marley, the famous pot-smoking reggae musician. He lived there on and off for 12 years. With his past presence in The First State, is weed legal in Delaware?...
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