When do cannabis plants reveal their gender?

Female cannabis plants: The ones that produce buds

Male cannabis plants: The ones that produce seeds

Neither male nor female: Hermaphrodite plants

FAQs about male vs. female plants

A finale to male vs. female weed


Are you interested in growing cannabis or harvesting and finding unwanted seeds in your buds? Understanding male vs. female weed plants is essential in cultivating marijuana.

Learning to spot the differences between the two genders is also crucial for creating cannabis strains. Pollen-producing male plants are pivotal in the process of crossbreeding, while females are crucial for consumption purposes.

Join us as we explain all you need to know about the different genders of weed plants.

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When do cannabis plants reveal their gender?

Determining male vs. female pot plants is crucial. Discovering their gender too late can be disastrous for a crop. Ensure you’re attentive early on when growing cannabis.

Male plants that emerge from pot seeds can fertilize females. Pollination is a problem if you’re growing weed to produce quality buds. Identifying the genders as early as possible is a top priority.

Marijuana plants usually show their sex around 46 weeks into the growth cycle. Different strains and cultivation setups mean there are significant variables.

Identifying the gender of male weed plants vs. females is possible sooner in rare cases. Some cannabis cultivators report seeing male pre-flowers as early as two weeks from germination.

Different strains develop in unique ways. If you want to sex weed, it’s risky to assume a plant will reveal its gender at a specific time.

Knowing how to sex cannabis involves learning to spot the differences between male and female weed plants.


Female cannabis plants: The ones that produce buds


female weed plants and their difference from male plants


Many plants on earth are asexual and reproduce internally. Marijuana’s separate genders work in tandem to bear offspring through external pollination.


a female weed plant produces pistills


Male and female cannabis seeds produce plants with significantly distinct characteristics. Each gender develops differently and serves a unique purpose.



Let’s look at some key features of female cannabis plants:

  • The primary difference between female and male weed plants is the former produces buds
  • Female plants typically contain high levels of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in weed)
  • They have slender stalks and more leaves than male plants
  • Females tend to develop their flowers slower than males
  • They have translucent hairs that become white and change color while maturing
  • Bud-bearing crops have an abundance of leaves
  • Female plants are generally shorter than males


Male cannabis plants: The ones that produce seeds

Female plants are most desirable for their buds, but male ones are just as important. Creating a popular new strain through crossbreeding requires a strong father as much as a powerful mother. Male plants also provide soft fiber hemp, which is excellent for producing clothing.


pollen sacs on male marijuana


People usually prefer the ladies regarding female vs. male weed plants due to the flower production factor. The delicious buds are hard to ignore. Shiny, trichome-rich nugs that look, taste, and feel amazing are naturally appealing.


how a male weed plant looks


Male plants have many uses but can also ruin a crop by pollinating females. Buds lose potency and produce seeds.

Identifying and removing males is a crucial process for many weed growers. It’s not all bad, though. Breeders seek out these pollen-producing plants to create the next super-strain.



Here are some noticeable features of male weed plants:

  • Males produce pollen sacs rather than buds
  • They have thicker stalks
  • They have minimal amounts of THC and CBD
  • Male plants usually develop faster
  • They have fewer leaves
  • Male plants are generally taller than females

It’s essential to watch out for pollen sacs as early as possible if removing male plants is your aim. Avoid hassles by growing feminized seeds that guarantee an all-female crop 99% of the time.

Female and male pot plants differ in many ways, but the distinguishing features aren’t always easy to identify immediately.

Inspect your crop thoroughly during all growth cycle stages to avoid finding seeds when harvesting cannabis plants.


Neither male nor female: Hermaphrodite plants


a weed hermie has signs of both male and female plants


Some weed crops develop both female and male reproductive organs. Hermaphrodite plants can occur due to stress or shock. This condition is a form of survival mode. They produce seeds and buds, pollinate females and themselves, and are usually undesirable.


cannabis hermies


Hermaphrodites are a complete outlier when discussing male vs. female cannabis plants. These mutations provide fascinating insights into the response of marijuana to stress and general cannabis plant anatomy.


FAQs about male vs. female plants

Weed is a botanical wonder. The plant provides various uses, from recreational and medical marijuana to industrial hemp. Below are some frequently asked questions about male and female weed plants.


Do female or male weed plants grow faster?

Male marijuana plants grow faster and taller than females and develop pollen sacs quickly. The development of female flowers is usually a much slower process. The speed of growth and general plant size are noticeable differences between the two genders.


Can female and male weed plants grow together?

Female and male cannabis plants can and frequently do grow together. If you plant regular seeds, there’s a strong possibility of some being male. Both genders can grow together, but the risk of fertilizing females is high when pollen from males is present.


Do female weed plants have more leaves?

The production of leaves is a significant visible difference between male and female pot plants. 

Female weed tends to have an abundance of leaves. The vegetation absorbs nutrients and water from the root system to feed the plant. Buds require more energy and sustenance to develop than male flowers.


A finale to male vs. female weed

Marijuana is among nature’s most outstanding achievements. Few plants offer as many beneficial uses as cannabis.

Male vs. female weed plants shouldn’t be a debate about which is better. Both genders are essential and provide a range of different applications. If you enjoy the delicious fruit of a female strain, remember to appreciate the significance of male weed plants.

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