Blue strain seeds

Though green ganja might be the first thing you think of when it comes to the color of weed, the truth is the blue strains will win out in any beauty competition. Varying from subtle hints of blue in the undertones to entire plants dominated by vivid blue shades, this cannabis family is undeniably stunning.


All known for their gorgeous hues, these stunning strains can actually vary immensely from one strain to the next. Still, SeedSupreme’s superb collection of classic blue cannabis strains are all bright, aromatic and intense.


From one family, hundreds of beauteous strains have been developed, showing the true awesomeness and potential that is contained within this herb’s heritage.

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The history of blue weed strains

Blue weed strains rely on two factors—genetic predisposition and growing conditions. This information will be useful for our next section, but it also affects their narrative.


Even if a cultivar has the right genes, vivid shades come from cold-weather flowering. This requirement isn’t ideal for harvest size, though. So commercial dispensaries took their time before releasing these charmers to the market.

Dutch Passion Blueberry was the first-ever blue weed strain to enjoy widespread success. It premiered in the 1970s in the Netherlands, reaching stardom in 2000 after a High Times Cannabis Cup gold medal.