Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds

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Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds

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The result of a smash-hit union between two strains of unequaled infamy, Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry come together to create this super-sweet, heavy-yielding monster of a hybrid with more THC than you’ll know what to do with...

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Bud Basics

The result of a smash-hit union between two strains of unequaled infamy, Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry come together to create this super-sweet, heavy-yielding monster of a hybrid with more THC than you’ll know what to do with.


Seriously – get it right with Blue Cookies Feminized and you could be looking at up to a whopping 28% THC!


Despite leaning slightly towards the Indica side of the scale (60%), this pot promises a well-balanced high that gets to work on body and mind with equal effectiveness. This has also made Blue Cookies Feminized an extremely popular strain in medical cannabis circles, famed for her near-endless therapeutic applications. From bouts of creative block to mood-swings to everyday aches and pains, there’s almost nothing this stuff can’t alleviate in an instant.


In terms of fragrance and flavor, these buds bring out the best of their parent strains and their parent strains before them, as an added bonus (Girl Scout Cookies having originated through a combination of OG Kush and Durban Poison, whereas Blueberry is an amalgamation of Afghani, Thai and other reputable landrace strains).


As you can tell, pretty much everything that’s gone into Blue Cookies Feminized over the years is award-winning and acclaimed, resulting in an absolute monster of a 21st century hybrid.


Just be sure to approach those first few hits with care, as stronger batches of these buds can be quite overwhelming – even for those who (think they) know what they’re doing.



Flavor and Fragrance of Blue Cookies Feminized

The appeal of Blue Cookies Fem is understandable with a single sniff. Initially, the strain’s GSC lineage dominates on the nose, with an earthy and almost pine-like fragrance underscored by notes of coffee and fuel.


There’s also a fair amount of spicy hash and classic skunkiness in the background – both of which explode into life when the buds are broken. At which point, you also get a much more pronounced waft of sweet and sour berries, which is intensified massively with proper curing.


When well-cured Blue Cookies buds are burned, the resulting flavor profile is exceptionally complex. Fruity, floral, earthy, dank, sweet, sour, fuelly – you name it, this stuff has it. All courtesy of a smoke that’s deeply satisfying and indulgent, without excessively irritating the airways.


It’s impossible to resist going back for more, which is why that often elevated THC content needs to be taken seriously.




No specific surprises or unexpected effects with this stuff - Blue Cookies Feminized delivers as she promises. Leaning ever so slightly towards the Indica side of the scale, the high hits body and brain with equal effectiveness after just a couple of moderate tokes.


As a typical batch can vary in THC potency from 18% right up to 28%, it’s worth proceeding with caution at first.


The euphoric buzz that kicks in after mere seconds is beyond enjoyable. All cares and concerns are replaced with an idiotic grin from ear to ear, as you’re filled with a sense of confidence and optimism that makes it difficult to sit still.


For a few minutes at least, you’ll want to socialize with anyone in the vicinity and chat nonsense about how fantastic everything is in the entire universe.


However, this initial burst of energy rarely lingers for longer than 30 minutes max. At which point, the Indica side of the ride begins and your limbs begin to feel as if they’re made of lead. Depending on the potency of the batch you’re holding, this could mean anything from weighty relaxation to complete and total incapacitation for the duration. Couch-lock is to be expected sooner or later, along with completely unavoidable bouts of the munchies.


This stuff is also notorious for bringing on cottonmouth like you’ve never experienced, so you might want to plan for that with plenty of fluids.


Planning ahead with Blue Cookies Feminized is the way to go, given how the effects have a tendency to linger for several hours. Great if you’ve nothing on your agenda – bad news if you need to drag yourself out of the house for any reason.



Medical Uses of Blue Cookies Feminized

The potential therapeutic applications of this herb are numerous to say the least. Though it’s worth remembering that in terms of both physical and psychological effects, this can be a pretty overpowering strain – not for those with a low THC tolerance.


As a stress buster, Blue Cookies Feminized takes some beating. Within seconds, anything that may have been bothering you is blasted into oblivion and you’re left feeling like King/Queen of the world. Even if you’re in the kind of rut it seems there’s no getting out of, consuming this cannabis in moderation will see you right in no time at all.


That said, it’s the physically relaxing properties of Blue Cookies that have made her such a superstar on the therapeutic cannabis scene. Even where relatively severe or chronic aches and pains are concerned, the numbing effect this stuff has on the body is superb. Self-medicating without a doctor’s approval isn’t always wise, but these buds are renowned for doing a better job than OTC painkillers and with none of the associated risks.


Though again, it’s important to approach this herb with caution, especially if you have an underdeveloped THC tolerance or a history of panic attacks.



Growing Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds

As this is the feminized version of Blue Cookies, you won’t have to worry about male plants posing a risk to your crop. You’ll be looking at around 99% female plants on average, ensuring maximum results come harvest time.


For the most part, this hybrid is a delightfully durable and resilient specimen, which doesn’t need any intensive TLC or supervision to do her thing. Consistently warm and sunny conditions are needed for an outdoor grow, but Blue Cookies Feminized is an absolute breeze to grow with a basic indoor setup.


Flowering times average around nine weeks, after which you should be looking at a yield in the region of 350g of potent weed for every square meter of grow space.


Outdoors, aim to harvest during the first week of October at the very latest. The occasional prune to ensure good air circulation is all that’s needed to get the best out of your Blue Cookies Feminized plants.




Let’s face it – how can you possibly go wrong by combining the genetics of two of the world’s most celebrated and important strains? Blue Cookies Feminized was an immediate smash-hit the moment she arrived and has earned nothing but critical acclaim ever since.


Easy to grow, beautifully fragrant and capable of packing a serious punch, this herb has wide-reaching therapeutic and recreational applications written all over.


Whether looking for a serious cash crop or simply out to make the best use of a quiet corner at home, Blue Cookies Feminized is a generous-yielding strain that practically grows herself. Not to mention, a strain with a THC that routinely tips the scales at 25% or more – not a hybrid for the faint-hearted!

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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