Purple Strain Seeds

Purple weed seeds

Buds from purple weed seeds have always been the stuff of legends, delivered to superstar status by the legendary Jimi Hendrix.


From Purple OG to Granddaddy Purple and the wildly famous Purple Haze strain, this pot is no less than the holy grail for cannabis enthusiasts. This explains why so many go to extreme lengths to acquire purple marijuana strain seeds


As with all legends, there’s a haze of ambiguity shrouding the truth of these purple seeds. Rumors and hearsay weave marvelous myths and lure eager enthusiasts to these colorful treats.


What's interesting is how, despite its incredible reverence, most people know very little about purple weed seeds. The question remains why some cannabis strains develop these stunning purple hues and what it means for the weed quality.

Myths of the Purple Seeds

There are countless myths regarding how the buds of these purple weed seeds achieve these vibrant hues. Unfortunately, none of them have any scientific evidence to back them up. 


For example, many cannabis cultivators have heard that they can “force” certain strains to produce purple flowers by:


  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Carbon dioxide deprivation
  • Excessive amounts of nitrogen
  • Playing with lighting cycles
  • Using a different growing medium
  • Varying water quantities
  • Unfortunately, none of these hold any real truth


Following this advice could be detrimental to your crop, though. By providing too much or too little of something, you’ll damage your plant’s health and ability to produce quality buds. 


Attempting to cultivate purple weed using these unproven methods isn’t the way to go. You’ll have better success harvesting quality buds from purple marijuana strain seeds.


The science of purple pot

For the best results, go with a more scientific approach—find the best purp seeds for sale. For one, these majestic purple hues are part of the strain’s genetics instead of attempting to work miracles with a non-purple seed.


So what is it that gives certain strains of cannabis their attractive colors? It all comes down to a series of plant pigments known as flavonoids.


Despite what the name implies, they actually don’t impact the flavor of your weed. Instead, flavonoids combine with other chemicals in your plants to deliver distinctive colors.

The specific flavonoid responsible for delivering those quintessential purple (or sometimes blue or red) hues is known as anthocyanin. Where present, it’s the pH level that determines exactly which color anthocyanin produces in your purple weed seeds.


Where pH levels are predominantly on the alkaline side, plants produce blue hues. A more acidic pH leads to red colors, while a neutral pH leads to purple hues.


purple strain


The benefits of purple weed


What’s the story with purple marijuana seeds in terms of their unique benefits and properties? Do strains like Purple OG and Granddaddy Purple have any traits exclusive to cannabis with these shades?


The answer is a simple no. At least, not necessarily, as purple cannabis seeds, in general, aren’t particularly different from other strains. The hype around these attractive buds is more about novelty than quality.


As with cannabis strains in general, it all comes down to the strain’s THC and CBD levels as well as its concentration of active terpenes. If you're looking for more relaxing effects from your pot, the highest THC seeds are where you should start your search.


On a scientific level, the funky hues of purple weed strain seeds have no specific impact on the effects you can expect. Remember that the color of your weed doesn’t represent quality. Reports about mind-altering effects from purple weed come more from a placebo than anything else. 


That said, it’s believed that anthocyanin contributes to the high antioxidants in fruits like blueberries and grapes. Since antioxidants possess anti-inflammatory properties, it’s safe to assume the same from buds from purple weed seeds. 


Growing purple cannabis

Before you embark on cultivating your purple seeds, ensure that you are legally allowed to do so within state lines. Whether growing for recreation or medicinal purposes, always comply with the advised legal limits.


While there are a few theories as to how you can “force” a non-purple strain to change color, it’s best to go the natural route. Shop for the best purple marijuana seeds to suit your preferences. When it comes down to it, you can’t go wrong with strong genetics. 


Purple cannabis seeds that contain anthocyanin produce buds with eye-catching, majestic purple hues. Have a look at our top suggestions for purple strains below. 


purple strain buds


When you’re ready to start cultivating, remember that the colors you seek only start to appear as the temperatures drop in late summer. 


Ideally, your purple weed seeds should have a night-time temperature no higher than 50° F during the flowering stage. These conditions are crucial to breaking down chlorophyll and boosting anthocyanin production for more vivid colors. 


Unless you live in an area with a Mediterranean climate, growing your purple weed seeds indoors is most suitable. The best way to encourage the production of these colors is by replicating outdoor autumnal conditions. 


SeedSupreme suggestions

We cannot stress enough the importance of buying the best seeds for your crop. At SeedSupreme, you’ll find a variety of top-quality purp seeds for sale for those desired hues.


Here are our top selections of purple strain seeds to add some color to your growing space.

Grandaddy Purple Feminized is arguably the best when it comes to purple seeds, delivering not only a taste explosion but an aromatic one too. This strain is famed for its bag appeal, mouthwatering flavor profile, and potent effects. With up to 20% THC, it’s best to keep this indica-dominant hybrid for nighttime use. 


These purple seeds are challenging to cultivate, so growers with some experience should especially keep an eye out for mold and mildew. Provide consistently balanced heat and humidity to help your crop thrive. We don’t recommend outdoor growing for this strain, but under the right conditions, you can expect to harvest around 70 oz./plant indoors.


With its legendary genetics, Purple Kush Autoflower not only impresses with its bag appeal but also its characteristic aroma. Buds from these purple marijuana strain seeds have 18% THC, hitting you physically and mentally—the ideal addition to your nighttime routine.


These purple weed seeds grow into a 2-foot-tall dynamo that’s ideally suited for indoor cultivation. The short life span leaves little room for growing mistakes, so if you’re a new grower, please keep this in mind. Under optimal conditions, you’ll be ready to harvest up to 10.5oz./m2.


When you think about an old-school sativa-dominant hybrid with epic psychedelic effects, Purple Haze Feminized should come to mind. Buds from these purple seeds leave you with a feel-good experience you never had before. With 18% THC and an energizing buzz, this is the perfect wake and bake strain. 


When it comes to growing these purple marijuana strain seeds, new cultivators will be happy to know they’re pretty straightforward. The buds are resistant to mildew, mold, and most diseases and require relatively low maintenance. Expect to harvest up to 1.3 oz. of buds per m2 for indoor cultivation and 14 oz. per plant outdoors. 


If you’re looking for purp seeds for sale that’ll leave you feeling energized and ready to combat any task, look no further than Purple Diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid brings the giggles and a joyous talkative mood with it, delivering a boost in creativity and focus. The THC levels reach as high as 28% so start off slow if you aren’t used to potent weed.


Almost all the purple cultivars are from easy to grow seeds with few demands, making them ideal for new cultivators. After 8–9 weeks of flowering, you’ll be able to harvest up to 25 oz. per plant outdoors or 12–14 oz. per m2 of buds indoors. 

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