Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

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Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

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Equally popular in recreational and medicinal circles alike, Purple Kush is a pure-Indica specimen with a near-narcotic punch. Though one that combines uncontrollable...

Bursting with Bag Appeal 


Bud Basics

Purple Kush has been lavished with more awards and accolades over the years than a dozen comparable strains - though perhaps none more significant than an inclusion in the High Times list of Top 10 Cannabis Strains in the world.


A spectacular strain that gets to work on all five senses at the same time, Purple Kush Feminized is all about good times and unashamed indulgence.


Equally popular in recreational and medicinal circles alike, Purple Kush is a pure-Indica specimen with a near-narcotic punch. Though one that combines uncontrollable laziness with a daydream-like state of utter contentment.


Created by combining the genetics of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, this Oakland original became an immediate hit on the US West Coast for her ‘love at first sight’ physical appearance. Though it’s not until you’ve put these buds to the test that you understand just how deep the appeal goes. 


An absolute gift to grow, which rewards a moderate investment of time and effort with a mind-blowing tapestry of contrasting colors and shades. By selecting feminized seeds, you can practically eliminate the risk of unwanted male plants causing you a headache.


A 100% Indica strain with no Sativa genetics whatsoever, often testing for an average THC content in the region of 20%, the bag appeal alone of Purple Kush Feminized made her an instantaneous superstar on the scene, which even several decades down the line continues to take some beating.



Flavor and Fragrance of Purple Kush Feminized

On the nose, Purple Kush delivers exactly what you’d expect from a strain with this kind of physical profile.


Bursting with rich purples and the occasional hint of red, these mature mauve beauties emit an intoxicating and inviting fragrance of fresh berries and juicy grapes, enhanced by a candy-like sweetness for added appeal, and firm undertone of dank earthiness to seal the deal - all attributed to the plant’s primary terpene composition of linalool, caryophyllene oxide, myrcene, beta-pinene, limonene and terpinolene.


Set light to this stuff and the fruity fragrances become even more pronounced, setting the scene for one of the most decadently delicious experiences imaginable.


Once you’ve tasted Purple Kush Fem, you may find yourself looking at other purple strains with a degree of disdain. This is the kind of cannabis strain that converts newbies into connoisseurs.


Sweet, decadent and moreish in the extreme, these buds leave behind a grape-candy aftertaste that lingers on the palate for hours. The smoke itself is also smooth, satisfying and refreshing, with little to no burn or irritation involved.  Even if you’re not exactly a seasoned smoker, you’ll find this stuff just about as palatable as it gets.




No prizes for guessing what kind of high you can expect from this pure-Indica masterpiece. With this kind of potent genetic makeup, Purple Kush immediately gets to work on body and mind with a practically incapacitating feeling of heaviness.


You instantly find yourself overwhelmed by laziness and with a ‘screw it’ approach to anything that may be bothering you at the time.


But what’s interesting about Purple Kush Feminized is the way in which these buds combine a narcotic-level body stone with a level of mental clarity you don’t normally get from a pure-Indica strain.


There’s none of the usual mental fogginess – you’re far more likely to feel optimistic, giggly and borderline euphoric. If you happen to feel the mental motivation for action, just don’t expect your body to comply.


Purple Kush is certainly one best reserved for those precious moments when you’ve nothing to do, nowhere to go, nobody to entertain and no reason to get off the couch – a THC ranging from 17% to 24% will do that, you know!


Munchies also come as standard with even moderate use of these nugs, so be sure to factor this into the equation ahead of time.



Medical Uses of Purple Kush Feminized 

The therapeutic applications of Purple Kush Feminized center primarily on the strain’s physically relaxing and ‘numbing’ properties. Patients with a variety of chronic pain conditions have reported immediate and long-lasting relief with measured doses of this purple pot, as have those struggling with nausea, joint stiffness and muscle aches. 


Unsurprisingly, Purple Kush is also an absolute champion for combating insomnia and similar sleep disorders. She’s also renowned for bringing on intensive and long-lasting cases of the munchies, which can be great for dealing with bouts of poor appetite.


Mild cases of stress and depression can also be alleviated by the mood-boosting properties of this hybrid, which accompany those predominantly physical effects.


As Purple Kush Fem typically brings on a borderline incapacitating body stone, these nugs should be approached with caution by anyone with a low THC tolerance. The same also applies to those with a history of panic attacks or paranoia, which may be exacerbated by the powerful effects of high THC strains like this.



Growing Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

Technically speaking, growing Purple Kush Feminized isn’t a particularly challenging experience. At least, to such an extent that covering the basics is easy, and you don’t have to worry about male plants.


Nevertheless, if you want to produce a sizable haul of gorgeous ganja with a high THC content, you’ll need to give your plants plenty of TLC. 


Given that Purple Kush is a pure-Indica specimen, you’ll be looking at relatively short and bushy plants that are easy to keep under wraps. Though they do produce the kind of dense foliage that can cause issues with both humidity and light/air penetration. Careful and continuous pruning may therefore be necessary, but it’s a small price to pay for what you take home in return.


There’s much debate as to the extent of which periodic exposure to cold temperatures enhances those gorgeous purple hues, but doing so won’t have any impact on the quality or potency of the weed itself.


Flowering times come in at around eight weeks, after which you’ll be looking at anything from 8oz to 14oz of cannabis for each mature plant. These photoperiod variants should be harvested around September for the best possible results.




Pretty as a picture and fantastically flavorful, you really couldn’t ask much more from Purple Kush Feminized. Even though she isn’t the easiest strain to grow, what you get in return for your time and effort more than justifies the investment.


Bursting with fabulously fruity fragrances and a THC content of up to 20%, this is a hard-hitting Indica specimen for when hardcore relaxation is the order of the day… or night. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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