Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized Seeds

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Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized Seeds

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Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized inherits a truly mouthwatering and unforgettable flavor and fragrance profile, alongside a potent 20% average THC content, a propensity for seriously generous...

A Sumptuous Sativa Pot Paradise of Perfection


Bud Basics

A masterpiece of marijuana engineering combining two of industry-leading DNA Genetics’ most famous strains - the compellingly delectable Chocolope and citric palatable delight Candy Kush, aka Kandy Kush.


From these two award-winning genetics, Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized inherits a truly mouthwatering and unforgettable flavor and fragrance profile, alongside a potent 20% average THC content, a propensity for seriously generous yields and predominantly cerebral-heavy high that’s deeply satisfying - and winds up intensely relaxing.


Though certainly Sativa-dominant, the Indica genes in this hybrid also make for a remarkably simple cultivation experience that’s absolutely perfect for those new to the ganja growing game - making those hefty harvests all but a guarantee with these feminized beans.


When it comes to medical marijuana (MMJ), the high THC levels in these buds might put some consumers off, especially when countered by a low 0.4% CBD content, however, Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized has a list of therapeutic benefits as long as your arm and twice as wide - do not write this one off when it comes to medical weed.


If sweet and fruity chocolate stains don’t tick your box then you’ve probably never tried one as downright delicious as this.


With High Times approved genetics, Chocolope x Candy Kush Fem was born for greatness, and belongs on every cannabis connoisseur’s weed wish list.



Flavor and Fragrance of Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized

Combining the complementary myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terpenes of both Chocolope and Kandy Kush parentage has created in Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized a hybrid which embodies all the best of her famed parents’ profiles.


These buds burst with a distinctive and mouthwatering mix of chocolate, coffee and citrus fruits, grounding the tantalizing tastes of the tropics in a smooth earthy quality that’s positively divine on both the nose and tongue.


It’s rare that a taste is as perfect a reflection of the aroma, but in the case of this dank hybrid, it’s certainly true. Imagine a candy bar elegantly mixed with fruits and you’re in the right area.




The Sativa dominance in these buds makes itself known fairly rapidly, striking up an increasingly intense sense of euphoria buzzing with positive vibes.


A few hits and the stress of the day fades, the mind clears and a mental tranquillity settles in the likes of which will soon bubble over to the physical realm (and perhaps have you swear you’re on the verge of a breakthrough of biblical proportions in the meantime).


Though this cerebral influence is truly electric, it’s when Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized’s Indica influence kicks in that you’re really in for the full reaches of this exquisite experience.


Before too long, this enhanced state of mind has spread to the body, drawing you in fully to a blissfully melted bubble of serenity, free of tension, worry and concern, able to explore your thoughts in peace.


Of course, while this all sounds positively delicious, it’s not the best-suited experience for first thing in the morning, tending towards a better fit for midday, afternoon or evening consumption. That said, those of higher THC tolerances might find the physical sluggishness less intense and open up whole worlds of productive possibility with their untouchably zen-like mind frame.


If you’re new to the cannabis community, definitely treat yourself to these buds later in the day… at least until you’ve built up your tolerance a bit - you’re far less likely to resist the chill and engage your creativity until you do.


Soon enough, the call of the chill-out lures even the staunchest daily stoner into a world of couches, cushions, comfort and endless snacking - be prepared.



Medical Uses of Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized

Though CBD content sits below 1%, those able to handle the high 20% THC levels will find a wealth of medical uses for Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized - a formidable strain for fighting physical and mental maladies alike.


The mood-modulating Sativa-powered cerebral clarity these buds deliver hits swiftly enough to be one of the most noticeable therapies for stabilizing the mind. Patients suffering with everything from general malaise to chronic depression, stress, anxiety and even PTSD have reported near-instant relief when consuming this cannabis.


On the physical side of things, you’ll be waiting a little longer to feel the Indica genetics getting to work, easing first the mild and then the more severe aches and pains weighing you down. This can take a while, especially in those with higher THC tolerance, but Chocolope x Candy Kush never fails to deliver that physical tranquillity and the results are remarkable.


Patients with muscle spasms, arthritis, headaches or migraines - all can find solace in this scintillating Sativa. Likewise, even the pain and nausea often felt by those undergoing chemotherapy can be lessened or quelled entirely with a dose of these buds.


Thanks to the munchie-inducing nature of Chocolope x Candy Kush Fem, consumers searching for a way to restore their lack of appetite find this hybrid a particularly effective specimen.


When all’s said and done, even the most severe cases of insomnia can be overcome by the powerfully compelling sedative influence waiting at the tail end of this hybrid’s high.


Of course, being a high THC strain does come with its conditions - namely the possibility of inviting some of marijuana’s less desirable side effects like cottonmouth (dry mouth), red eyes, dehydration and even paranoia or dizziness in extreme cases.


Stay hydrated throughout, don’t overindulge (no matter how moreish you find these buds) and maintain a suitable dosage control and you’ll get on famously with this highly therapeutic cannabis strain.



Growing Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized Seeds

Although these buds are Sativa-dominant, you’ll find the experience of growing Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized leans more into the Indica-based Kandy Kush lineage than the Sativa-heavy Chocolope.


In true Sativa style, these plants can reach heights of over 1.5 meters, though the Indica genes help downplay that potential somewhat with a stockier structure and that quintessential robustness which makes Chocolope x Candy Kush highly resistant to common plant-related problems like mold or pests.


If you’re able to give a crop of these beauties ample room, you’ll encourage more of that Sativa height, which can be super beneficial in helping you achieve maximum yields for your crop. Techniques like the Screen of Green (ScROG) are also a wise idea if you’re hoping to draw the full bud bounty out of this hybrid.


All of this makes for an incredibly simple cultivation experience which even rookies can handle without breaking a sweat.


Set these beans up in a balmy Mediterranean-like climate (or imitate one indoors) and watch them flourish into the most spectacularly beautiful and bushy plants adorned by dark green nugs coated in layers of gorgeous glistening resin, exuding a pungent fruity and cocoa mixed aroma that’s sure to have you mopping up your own drool.


A generous prize of up to 550 grams per meter squared awaits the indoor grower after 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, while outdoor cultivators can look forward to roughly 650 grams per plant for their efforts.


This is genuinely one of the simplest grows anyone could ask for, with abundant rewards as the icing on the cake. Cultivators in the northern hemisphere should take note though - aim to harvest by mid-October at the latest, you don’t want the chill of winter damaging these beauties.




Award-winning genetics in a highly therapeutic, powerfully recreational and downright delicious pot package - what’s not to love?


I suppose, if you wanted a really difficult cultivation experience then you might find Chocolope x Candy Kush Feminized a bit dull - after all, who wants a famously simple shot from seed to a bountiful harvest of high THC buds that taste and smell like fruit-infused chocolate candy…?


Damn, I do - and you should, too!


This hybrid represents the best of Chocolope and Kandy Kush - strains from industry leaders DNA Genetics, popular in every corner of the map. Do yourself a favor - future you will be so grateful you did. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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