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Cinderella 99 Fast Version Seeds

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Cinderella 99 is a true marijuana fairytale - the story of a solitary Jack Herer strain, an orphan with an unknown father from an Amsterdam coffeeshop, and the fateful and extraordinary union of that strain with a pedigree...

A Swift and Sumptuous Sativa Pot Princess


Bud Basics

Cinderella 99 is a true marijuana fairytale - the story of a solitary Jack Herer strain, an orphan with an unknown father from an Amsterdam coffeeshop, and the fateful and extraordinary union of that strain with a pedigree Princess strain.


Among cannabis aficionados and newcomers alike, the famed and award-winning Jack Herer strain needs little to no introduction. You may be less familiar with Cinderella 99’s other parent, Princess, however, suffice to say that industry legend Mr Soul of Brothers Grimm saw enough potential in this premium pot to dedicate endless love and attention to perfecting her. After 3 generations of back-crossing, Princess was ready for her prince.


Bringing these remarkable and potent parent strains together all came down to timing, and the resulting Cinderella 99, also known as Cindy by her devoted fanbase (or C99, in some cannabis circles), has gone on to become one of the most desirable Sativas and high THC strains on the market.


Fans flock for a taste of these delectable nugs and the dream-like creative and uplifting high they bring, while cultivators new and seasoned alike adored Cindy plants and their swift and straightforward tendencies.


With Cinderella 99 Fast Version, you can expect everything you love about C99 in an even faster flowering package capable of hitting hard, yielding generously and consistently blowing the mind in terms of sheer sensory experience.


This hybrid is a delight for all the senses to enjoy, and one any serious or novice grower should not overlook.



Flavor and Fragrance of Cinderella 99 Fast Version

Let’s put it this way, when Cinderella enters the ball, all heads turn - it’s the same with our ganja girl Cindy 99.


This exquisite hybrid is one of those magical marijuana strains with a mouthwatering scent that translates perfectly on the tongue with every hit. This is largely thanks to the limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene terpene profile, which delivers those citric, herbal and peppery notes that come out simply sublime in every way.


Among those who attempt to pick apart the cornucopia of flavorful cannabis delights Cinderella 99 brings, fresh pineapples are often quick to come to mind, however, beyond that, the tantalizing tropical tangs and scents swiftly blend into a Sativa smoothie of downright deliciousness.


It’s rare when a strain of ganja is truly as tasty as it smells, but with our pot princess Cinderella 99 Fast Version, from flower to harvest, toke and aftertaste, you won’t be disappointed.




Much like her famous Disney namesake, Cinderella 99 is something of a slow bloomer when it comes to effects, tending towards more of a creeper high effect that takes a while to notice than a typical attention-grabbing fast-acting gal (despite a respectable 22% THC content).


And, much like the original Cindy strain, when the influence begins to take hold, get ready for an incomparably cerebral ride.


What starts out as a light and dream-like wave washing over you swiftly swells to a compelling euphoria capable of dragging even the foulest of moods into the light and expunging the darkness with energy, positivity and creativity.


This powerful vibe has made Cinderella 99 beyond famous among creative types looking for a dependable strain to get shit done with. Whether it’s crossing off that to-do list, getting through those chores, battling the midday slump or bringing your masterpiece over the line to completion, Cindy 99 is the quintessential perfect pot companion.


The sky isn’t the limit with these nugs on your side, because there are no limits! While she has you wrapped in her smooth and welcoming charms, it’s tough not to feel like you could take on the world and overcome anything ‘stopping’ you.


This kind of mental vitality, of course, goes far beyond a recreational delight for getting through the day or kicking your creative butt into gear, and has innumerable medicinal benefits as well.



Medical Uses of Cinderella 99 Fast Version

Due to the predominantly cerebral nature of our gal Cindy 99, this particular wonder weed is largely sought after by the medicinal marijuana masses for the treatment of non-physical conditions.


Although this hybrid still possesses the kind of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which makes cannabis ideal at combating physical aches and pains, the anxiolytic influence and mood modulation is far stronger and too useful to ignore.


Every tool has its purpose, and while it feels somehow wrong to refer to these beautiful plants and their buds as ‘tools’, the meaning still stands.


Cinderella 99 Fast Version is one of the best strains you could turn to to help squash stress or deal with depression, whether on a daily or long-term basis. And while many patients seeking marijuana medicine might consider their need greater than what Cindy can offer, I encourage you to consider the extraordinary and life-changing effects of an altered state of mind.


Changing the mind changes the body, and can even help heal that which no other medicine can in certain cases. With C99, a happier mindset has never been so close at hand or easy to achieve - just reach out for this pot princess.



Growing Cinderella 99 Fast Version Seeds 

Cinderella 99 was bred chiefly with indoor cultivation in mind - while this, of course, means you’re likely to see the best results with indoor setups, as with most marijuana plants, outdoor grows are very much possible.


First, it must be said, this strain is notably robust to the point that even novice growers can see the most desirable of results for their efforts without worry towards mold or other diseases.


Staying true to the original Cindy, with this Cinderella 99 Fast Version pheno you should expect a relatively simple cultivation period throughout, with plants which behave in a very uncharacteristic Sativa manner by remaining quite short, rarely reaching over 1 meter tall even in the best of conditions.


Size (or height, at least) isn’t everything, however, so don’t go underestimating these beauties based on their short stature. In fact, these plants are known to be consistently bountiful when it comes time to harvest.


Expect an abundance of budding sites packed with dense and rather huge nugs which, in some cases, might require some added support in the form of stakes or trellises to help carry their weight.


As Cinderella 99 Fast Version hits maturity, the plants positively glow with vibrant life, developing stunning yellowy gold hues through the thick coating of pistils. It’s around this time you can expect to get your first hints of the tropical citrusy scents which helped make Cindy a superstar among terp hunters after maximum flavor and aroma potential in their pot.


Before germinating your beans, take a moment to decide what matters to you. These plants are reported by many to thrive best with a hydroponic setup, which helps them race to harvest and boost productivity. However, if you’re one of those aforementioned terpene fans after the most flavor, aroma or even medicinal value from your buds, consider a soil cultivation medium as this will best serve what you’re looking for.


After roughly 6 to 8 weeks, your crop of Cinderella 99 Fast Version should be ready for you to reap those rewards, and boy can they be bountiful!


Rumor has it that it’s possible to receive anywhere up to a whopping 900 grams per meter squared indoors if you play your cards right - though, keep in mind, this kind of output will be dependant on your own cultivation prowess as much as the beans themselves!


If you’ve decided an outdoor grow is for you and you’ve treated your Cindy Fast Version crop to optimal conditions, it’s possible to receive upwards of 900 grams per plant - wowza!




If you’re after a genuine pedigree pot strain, one capable of uplifting any mood, packed with the most mouthwatering of tropical flavors and aromas, a hefty dose of THC and some of the most intensely unforgettable highs ever, look no further.


Cinderella 99 Fast Version is everything cannabis connoisseurs adore about the famous Cindy 99 - but faster!


This hybrid is a delight to cultivate, and though faster than your average (still impressive!) Cinderella 99, these beans are no autoflowers, making them perfect for all you purists out there.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Fast Version
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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