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Diesel Feminized Seeds

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With a Sativa-dominant cerebral-charged super high and pungent chemical and fuel-like notes, it’s easy to see where this hybrid found her name - and when it comes to energizing cannabis...

Chemically Citric Cannabis Fuel


Bud Basics

Diesel Feminized, as made famous by marijuana mogul Soma and his iconic NYC Diesel creation, is a potent strain coming to us from an electric cross between a Mexican Sativa and Afghani Indica.


With a Sativa-dominant cerebral-charged super high and pungent chemical and fuel-like notes, it’s easy to see where this hybrid found her name - and when it comes to energizing cannabis strains, this stuff is tough to beat.


Capable of some seriously generous yields and plants that are surprisingly simple to cultivate (considering their enormous tree-like stature), this is the kind of strain many novice growers use for a virtually guaranteed bountiful harvest of legendary ganja.


The idea of weed that honks of strong fuel might seem odd to those of you new to the cannabis community, but these buds are among the most desirable you could ever ask for (and also pack a particularly delectable fruity edge which adds buckets of bag appeal to the whole experience).


Diesel Fem may not be as strong as some modern-age hybrids, with her 16% average THC content, but this 60% Sativa specimen is nonetheless capable of blasting even seasoned recreational tokers into a transcendent state of euphoria, focus and motivation.


If you rely on a steaming hot cup of Joe (or seven) to get you through the day, you just found your cannabis equivalent. Diesel is the ultimate in wake and bake strains, never pushing things too far towards overwhelming and always allowing maximum productivity (and enjoyment).


With flavor for days and a hit that won’t quit, the only reason you should consider turning down this strain is if you’re looking to sleep soon or bask in a quintessential stoner mong session.



Flavor and Fragrance of Diesel Feminized

Some say this flavor and fragrance is the epitome of pot perfection... which may seem odd from a strain aptly named for bearing a striking resemblance to genuine fuel, but stick with us here.


The terpene profile of Diesel Feminized is loud and proud, delivering a nuanced aroma and flavor that you truly have to try to understand the primal appeal of. The strength of these chemically notes adds an alluring hook to these buds that you can’t help but fall for, and then the hints of grapefruit spring into the foreground, upgrading the appeal to pure captivation.


Citrus and gas may never sound mouthwatering to anyone who has yet to try Diesel, but once that smooth smoke leaves that tingling aftertaste lingering on the tongue, you’ll know what it’s all about and be hankering for some more.




While 16% THC doesn’t sound like a lot compared with some of the modern-day marijuana hybrids doing the rounds, don’t fool yourself into thinking these buds can’t possibly pack a punch - they can, and oh boy, they do.


Diesel Feminized’s high could be compared to throwing back a strong espresso while you’re already surfing a caffeine buzz… but without the jitters. These buds deliver a predominantly cerebral influence that’s so focused, you’ll likely not even feel the physical hit - at least not in that stereotypical stoner relaxation kinda way.


After a few hits, this ganja gets to work, stimulating the mind with that quintessential Sativa energy which sends your consciousness flying on the kind of ride that’ll have the biggest grin slapped on your face from start to finish.


Negativity is an alien concept with Diesel onboard, but this cannabis carpet ride is anything but goofy - you’ll find yourself focused, alert, motivated for the day and clear on exactly what you need to do.


These buds are, as you’d expect, the ultimate wake and bake selection, and a fine fit for that midday marijuana pick-me-up, smashing through that to-do list or unlocking inspiration for whatever adventures are ahead of you.


Creative types, in particular, regularly rave about Diesel Feminized (and, in fact, any and all Diesel strains pretty much).


While you could replace your coffee with this cannabis, combine the two instead and you’ll be quite simply supercharged for what comes next.


There’s a definite note of more Indica-influence physical tranquillity going on in the background here, but the chances are you’re not likely to notice it that much - just be sure you’re not turning to this strain in the evenings… unless you’re planning on an all-nighter!



Medical Uses of Diesel Feminized

Despite having a Cannabidiol (CBD) content way down at 0.2% and a comparatively high THC level, Diesel Feminized’s medical uses are both wide-reaching and profound.


Of course, for those of you with low THC tolerance or interest in the psychoactive properties of pot, you’ll want to approach these buds with care - while less desirable side effects are rare with this strain, it’s possible to feel dizzy or anxious if you overindulge and underestimate the hit. Dry mouth and red eyes are also common with Diesel, but controlled dosage and staying well hydrated will help negate any possible adverse effects.


Since the Sativa-powered cerebral influence is strongest in this hybrid, most patients who turn to Diesel Feminized for their THC therapy do so for relief from mental maladies.


The high hits fast enough to swiftly make short work of any stressful mindset and help adjust perspective, re-focus one’s goals and desires, and make progress towards a healthier frame of mind - often one of the crucial first steps in any kind of recovery.


Those suffering from anxiety or depression can find this stuff particularly motivating and freeing, and an essential ingredient in restoring balance to their lives.


While most of the more notable effects to consuming this cannabis offer mental relief, there are potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents at work in Diesel Fem, too, offering reliable solace from mild physical ailments.


Headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms, backaches - all can be effectively alleviated with a careful dose of these buds, though for more chronic physical conditions, higher THC strains with an Indica-leaning nature or high CBD strains are a better fit.



Growing Diesel Feminized Seeds

The strong landrace genetics of this hybrid makes growing Diesel Feminized a fairly effortless experience that even the most inexperienced cultivators can bring to life and see epic results from.


The main thing you need to know is these beauties are typical specimens of Sativa-leaning plants, and as such are regularly known to reach towering heights of up to 3 meters tall (that’s 9.8 feet!).


If you’re lucky enough to live in a balmy Mediterranean climate and can treat your Diesel crop to a sunlit outdoor setup, you can see even more monstrous heights (and consequently - the most generous yields, too).


For those of you in less locationally-blessed areas, such enormous plants could prove problematic, and if you’re working with limited space in any regard, you’ll need to be ready to show your plants some tough but tender loving care.


Brush up on your plant training techniques, as these could come in handy when growing Diesel Feminized and maintaining a more manageable height. If you can implement a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup, you’ll find this works wonders too. Also, take the time to consider how long you leave your plants in the vegetative stage and what pot size you use - if you let those roots spread far and wide, you’re inviting Diesel to stretch to those jaw-dropping heights.


Beyond keeping the height in check (if that’s even a concern for you), there is little else to successfully rearing these beauties. When the plants mature, they can kick out quite a pungent (and delicious) stink, so be sure you’re equipped with carbon filters for odor control if necessary.


Thanks to the plants’ slender leaves, you shouldn’t have to worry about pruning or trimming to maintain adequate airflow or light penetration, meaning you can safely watch these crystal-coated specimens develop without feeling overworked at any stage - these aren’t demanding plants.


Expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering before it’s time to harvest. Indoors, you’re looking at around 475 grams per meter squared, while outdoor crops in optimal conditions can rake in a hefty 950 grams per plant.




It’s never been easier to sample some of the world’s most iconic cannabis strains as it is with Diesel Feminized seeds.


Not the fastest when it comes to cultivating, nonetheless, this hybrid brings the business every time - next to no chance of males, robust genetics, abundantly generous harvests, bag appeal for days and a truly effortless cultivation experience.


Chemically citric nugs await you without any stress along the way - just make sure you’ve got room for these enormous beauties.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightVery Tall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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