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Fruit Autoflower Seeds

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Simple, uncomplicated and splendid, Fruit Autoflower combines the genetics of Grapefruit with the Joint Doctor’s famed autoflowering champion Lowryder #1 and Dinafem #1 - the result; a hybrid that’s remarkably easy to grow and the definition of a mild-mannered, powerfully fruity delight...


Mild Mannered and Medically Marvelous


Bud Basics

Simple, uncomplicated and splendid, Fruit Autoflower combines the genetics of Grapefruit with the Joint Doctor’s famed autoflowering champion Lowryder #1 and Dinafem #1 - the result; a hybrid that’s remarkably easy to grow and the definition of a mild-mannered, powerfully fruity delight.


Boasting almost equal CBD and THC levels, you’re looking at averages of 10% THC and 7% CBD with this herb.


While such low THC levels might not seem appealing to more seasoned recreational stoners, those who value more from marijuana than simply getting baked out of their minds will find a wealth of enjoyment from these nugs.


Thanks to strong Indica genetics and the refined autoflowering traits of Lowryder, growing Fruit Autoflower is one of the most beginner-friendly experiences around (in all regards), requiring next to no input from cultivators to bring these beauties to healthy fruition.


Though not the most generous ganja strain in existence, the effortlessness of these plants mixed with the ability to easily score yourself multiple harvests per year makes Fruit Auto ideal for commercial cultivators - just be sure you know your audience, you’re serving a different clientele to the stereotypical stoner here.


Fans of fabulously fruit-flavored pot will salivate at the bag appeal and sumptuous scents of these buds, and medical users have a habit of flocking to a batch of this stuff in droves - especially those who’ve learned that a balanced THC to CBD ratio tends to be the best cannabis therapy you could ever ask for.



Flavor and Fragrance of Fruit Autoflower

Though the precise terpene profile is unknown, it’s clear the likes of limonene or terpinolene play an intricate role in the flavor and fragrance of Fruit Autoflower.


These buds literally burst with a fruitiness that’s both fresh and tropical in the extreme, sending the senses on an instant journey before you ever even take a hit.


Decadent and highly moreish, the flavor is a perfect rendition of the promises that scent made, and you’ll find the tongue tingles in anticipation of more the very instant that taste of ripe berries touches down.




With low THC levels and an ample dose of CBD, this herb isn’t one that’s going to blow your face off or even come close to it.


You will, however, notice the effects kicking in pretty quickly, and a few short hits are all it takes to feel the uplifting and euphoric sense of elation gently coursing through you, charging your mind with positive vibes and clearing away any mental angst.


Negativity becomes an impossibility, and things that once seemed so complicated become delightfully straightforward - a trait which can benefit everyone and anyone on the planet, helping you see a clear path to what needs to be done.


It’s even possible you might feel a considerable spike in your creativity, which combined with your new clarity of mind can be quite the motivating kick.


Meanwhile, the Indica influence is subtly snaking its way through your body, never even verging close to being overpowering or forcibly dominant, merely gentle and soothing.


This all makes Fruit Autoflower an ideal strain for getting shit done, and you’ll find the mild-mannered buzz lasts a long while, enhancing your activities and sharpening your senses. Of course, there are those who suggest this stuff is better suited for chilling out after you’ve smashed those goals, which is why you’re best testing these buds and their effect on you when you have some free ‘you’ time.



Medical Uses of Fruit Autoflower

Medically speaking, the kind of cannabinoid balance found in Fruit Autoflower’s THC to CBD ratio is highly desirable and incredibly effective. Thanks to that CBD dose, even those new to consuming cannabis should be able to thoroughly enjoy this (utterly delicious) form of therapy, without any risk of adverse side effects.


That said, it’s easy to overconsume these buds due to their moreish flavor - you will need some self-control not to overdo it as this can increase the odds of mild cottonmouth or bloodshot eyes.


An effective treatment for conditions of the mind and body alike, patients suffering from mild or severe ailments can find their solace with this herb to hand.


Fruit Auto is particularly effective at combating negativity in all its forms, offering swift and considerable relief from everything from general malaise to chronic or daily stress, clinical depression, PTSD and even bipolar.


On the physical side of things, you’ll find these buds are effective painkillers capable of soothing aches and pains ranging from simple headaches to persistent migraines, arthritis, muscular spasms, PMS cramps and more.


There are those who claim this stuff incites a compelling hunger too, capable of combating lost appetites in even those with anorexia, bulimia or undergoing chemotherapy.



Growing Fruit Autoflower Seeds

As you’d expect from any quality auto strain, you’re in for a swift and simple cultivation experience when growing Fruit Autoflower. This herb is the definition of a novice-friendly cultivar, and practically guaranteed to reach a healthy harvest regardless of any newbie missteps.


With strong Indica genetics and the robustness inherited from Lowryder, this hybrid develops in the expected manner - short and stocky plants which rarely reach much taller than 1 meter and are famously capable of handling themselves, fending off common plant-related problems like mold, pests or pathogens.


The auto nature of these beans means your crop will flower regardless of how much light they receive, though for best results you’ll want to treat your plants to a regular 20 hours of steady light.


It’s possible to grow Fruit Autoflower outdoors, even in less hospitable northern hemisphere climates, and even possible to reap your first harvest by April if the seasons behave appropriately - though you’ll have until October to chop your last harvest down, giving you plenty of opportunities to rake in those decadent smelling buds.


If you’re able to implement a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, this will go a long way towards helping you reach the biggest possible yields, and you’ll find that both hydroponic and organic soil work well for your growing medium.


Choose hydro if you want the most explosive growth possible, or opt for organic to draw out the full terpene profile and maximize that flavor, aroma and medical efficacy.


As you can see, it’s hard to go wrong with this highly merciful and undemanding strain, and after as few as 6 or 7 weeks, it’s time to harvest. Indoor growers can expect up to 100 grams per meter squared, while outdoors it’s closer to a potential 150 grams per plant.


Before you chop that crop though, take a moment more to revel in the sheer stunning beauty of these resin-frosted nugs and their tapestry of green, russet, yellow and blue hues.




Famously fruity ganja that’s nothing short of incredibly simply to grow and guaranteed to yield, Fruit Autoflower may not be the most generous or strongest strain going, but that flavor, overall bag appeal and CBD dose more than makes up for that.


Calming, clarifying and creatively inspiring, this herb makes a worthy addition to any ganja garden, and is perhaps the easiest way to score a consistent stash of quality buds throughout the year round.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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