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Begin your cannabis cultivation journey: get an easy start with premium Marijuana Seeds for Beginners


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The satisfaction of growing your own ganja is a joy unlike any other, but, as with any fresh venture, knowing where to begin your journey can be daunting. Chances are, you’ve poured hours into research already, foraging the thickets of the weedy web, absorbed by articles, books, videos or journals in your quest for those master hacks for expert growth.

No doubt you know when to harvest cannabis for maximum yields, how to grow weed indoors or the secrets to successfully growing marijuana outdoors if your heart's set on the nature approach.

Even with a bulletproof plan in place for how you’ll cultivate your cannabis, you’re still faced with a critical decision ahead. Because although armed with all your knowledge, choosing your first marijuana seeds poorly can prove the nail in the coffin, conjuring complications only an expert could untangle.

Buy easy-to-grow weed seeds online

Seed Supreme isn't just any ordinary seed bank. We have tons of strains for any outdoor region. Check out our extensive blog, where we cover many topics under various categories, so you can learn and get your hands dirty. It all starts with buying marijuana seeds for beginners


We encourage you to grow your own as a novice because it's easy once you know what to consider. You don’t have to invest in indoor grow room equipment when starting out.

Buy beginner marijuana seeds that are suitable to your environment and plant them outdoors. We stock numerous strains that thrive in varied environments.


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Indoor cultivators must ensure they have adequate space when selecting the easiest cannabis strains to grow. They worry less about pests and diseases and can control important environmental variables to mimic nature.


Take note of the average temperatures (day and night) for when you plan to grow. Record the pH and PPM of your water. Keeping tabs on all these variables ensures you're on the right track before you buy beginner marijuana seeds.


It's important to understand the laws in your region before you venture into this fruitful journey of cannabis cultivation. Most legal jurisdictions allow for six plants per household, and the growing area mustn’t be visible to the public.


How we select the best pot seeds for beginners

Lack of cannabis education meant people were unaware marijuana isn't limited to just one strain that produces specific effects. After years of agricultural experimentation, the market exploded with strains that satisfied everyone. You can now get easy-to-grow weed seeds in a variety of cultivars, including some that connoisseurs seek.


The best beginner cannabis seeds bloom into plants that:


  • Have good rooting capabilities.
  • Aren't too difficult to feed because they take relatively simple and various nutrients.
  • Are resilient to extreme climatic conditions.
  • Are hardy, so they’re less susceptible to powdery mildew from moisture and have good bug resistance.


Beginners like a plant that's not as fussy but still matches the effects of other heralded strains. Cultivars that work well outdoors also turn out to be a good fit for indoor cultivation as well. So, opt forindoor cannabis seeds for beginners if you want to grow a big harvest with minimal efforts in your growroom, balcony or your windowsill (but of course you need to take some considerations into account).


Why grow weed: healthier product

There are several reasons you'd want to grow your own. For one, it's disappointing to head over to the local dispensary only to find out they don't have your favorite strain. 


When you cultivate cannabis seeds for beginners at home, you get buzzed on your own supply and favorite cultivars whenever you want. 


Store-bought weed might not have the same quality you're looking for. Maybe the herb wasn't cured right, giving it a grassy taste. Perhaps the grower used chemicals you don’t like.


Some inexperienced gardeners may harvest the buds too early or too late, meaning the THC isn't at the optimal levels. You could encounter moldy weed due to poor storage. 


You can do away with all these concerns by buying marijuana seeds for beginners and cultivating weed independently.


Why grow weed: save money

It's true that getting weed from seed is cheap. The initial cost for an indoor grow room might seem expensive, but it's not. Two cultivation cycles usually cover the costs of buying an equivalent cannabis product from the dispensary.


When it comes to the outdoors, it's even cheaper. There's no electricity required or an expensive setup. Simply buy weed seeds for beginners that are ideal for your environment and follow the best practices of growing cannabis. 


We understand that time is money—some plants only need a short period to nurture. A strain like Banana Kush delivers decent yields of super potent cannabis (around 23% THC) in just 9 weeks from start to finish.


Banana Kush is one of the easiest autoflower strains to take care of because it doesn't demand too much TLC. The fast growth means there’s a lesser chance of you having to deal with pests and diseases. Opt for autoflowering seeds if you want more flowers for less hours. 


Why grow cannabis: it's fun

There's something so satisfying about eating the fruits of your labor. Gardening is therapeutic for many, and it takes your mind off other things. The process of caring for a plant that makes you happy is the next level.


You can experiment with new flavors and effects when buying marijuana seeds for beginners. 


Get the rare, easy-to-grow 5 Alive feminized strain that's relatively new to the market. Impress your stoner buddies over a daytime smoke with something they've never had before but can't have enough.


5 Alive is one of the best sativa strains for beginners but grows compact and bushy like an indica. The structure allows it to deliver massive yields of potent weed. It thrives in a predictable Mediterranean-like climate found in many regions in the USA. It flowers in just 10 weeks.