Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

The satisfaction of growing your own ganja is a joy unlike any other, but, as with any fresh venture, knowing where to begin your journey can be daunting. Chances are, you’ve poured hours into research already, foraging the thickets of the weedy web, absorbed by articles, books, videos or journals in your quest for those master hacks for expert growth.

No doubt you know when to harvest cannabis for maximum yields, how to grow weed indoors or the secrets to successfully growing marijuana outdoors if your heart's set on the nature approach.

Even with a bulletproof plan in place for how you’ll cultivate your cannabis, you’re still faced with a critical decision ahead. Because although armed with all your knowledge, choosing your first marijuana seeds poorly can prove the nail in the coffin, conjuring complications only an expert could untangle.

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Buy easy-to-grow weed seeds online

Seed Supreme isn't just any ordinary seed bank. We have tons of strains for any outdoor region. Check out our extensive blog, where we cover many topics under various categories, so you can learn and get your hands dirty. It all starts with buying marijuana seeds for beginners


We encourage you to grow your own as a novice because it's easy once you know what to consider. You don’t have to invest in indoor grow room equipment when starting out.

Buy beginner marijuana seeds that are suitable to your environment and plant them outdoors. We stock numerous strains that thrive in varied environments.


beginner strains


Indoor cultivators must ensure they have adequate space when selecting the easiest cannabis strains to grow. They worry less about pests and diseases and can control important environmental variables to mimic nature.


Take note of the average temperatures (day and night) for when you plan to grow. Record the pH and PPM of your water. Keeping tabs on all these variables ensures you're on the right track before you buy beginner marijuana seeds.


It's important to understand the laws in your region before you venture into this fruitful journey of cannabis cultivation. Most legal jurisdictions allow for six plants per household, and the growing area mustn’t be visible to the public.


How we select the best pot seeds for beginners

Lack of cannabis education meant people were unaware marijuana isn't limited to just one strain that produces specific effects. After years of agricultural experimentation, the market exploded with strains that satisfied everyone. You can now get easy-to-grow weed seeds in a variety of cultivars, including some that connoisseurs seek.


The best beginner cannabis seeds bloom into plants that:


  • Have good rooting capabilities.
  • Aren't too difficult to feed because they take relatively simple and various nutrients.
  • Are resilient to extreme climatic conditions.
  • Are hardy, so they’re less susceptible to powdery mildew from moisture and have good bug resistance.


Beginners like a plant that's not as fussy but still matches the effects of other heralded strains. Cultivars that work well outdoors also turn out to be a good fit for indoor cultivation as well. So, opt forindoor cannabis seeds for beginners if you want to grow a big harvest with minimal efforts in your growroom, balcony or your windowsill (but of course you need to take some considerations into account).


Why grow weed: healthier product

There are several reasons you'd want to grow your own. For one, it's disappointing to head over to the local dispensary only to find out they don't have your favorite strain. 


When you cultivate cannabis seeds for beginners at home, you get buzzed on your own supply and favorite cultivars whenever you want. 


Store-bought weed might not have the same quality you're looking for. Maybe the herb wasn't cured right, giving it a grassy taste. Perhaps the grower used chemicals you don’t like.


Some inexperienced gardeners may harvest the buds too early or too late, meaning the THC isn't at the optimal levels. You could encounter moldy weed due to poor storage. 


You can do away with all these concerns by buying marijuana seeds for beginners and cultivating weed independently.


Why grow weed: save money

It's true that getting weed from seed is cheap. The initial cost for an indoor grow room might seem expensive, but it's not. Two cultivation cycles usually cover the costs of buying an equivalent cannabis product from the dispensary.


When it comes to the outdoors, it's even cheaper. There's no electricity required or an expensive setup. Simply buy weed seeds for beginners that are ideal for your environment and follow the best practices of growing cannabis. 


We understand that time is money—some plants only need a short period to nurture. A strain like Banana Kush delivers decent yields of super potent cannabis (around 23% THC) in just 9 weeks from start to finish.


Banana Kush is one of the easiest autoflower strains to take care of because it doesn't demand too much TLC. The fast growth means there’s a lesser chance of you having to deal with pests and diseases. Opt for autoflowering seeds if you want more flowers for less hours. 


Why grow cannabis: it's fun

There's something so satisfying about eating the fruits of your labor. Gardening is therapeutic for many, and it takes your mind off other things. The process of caring for a plant that makes you happy is the next level.


You can experiment with new flavors and effects when buying marijuana seeds for beginners. 


Get the rare, easy-to-grow 5 Alive feminized strain that's relatively new to the market. Impress your stoner buddies over a daytime smoke with something they've never had before but can't have enough.


5 Alive is one of the best sativa strains for beginners but grows compact and bushy like an indica. The structure allows it to deliver massive yields of potent weed. It thrives in a predictable Mediterranean-like climate found in many regions in the USA. It flowers in just 10 weeks.


5 Alive strain for beginners


Growing cannabis is easy-peasy with SeedSupreme 

Are you looking for cannabis seeds that are best for beginners? If so, we have you covered. We've trialed the numerous strains in our catalog to put you on cruise control when starting. 


We offer specialized varieties of marijuana, bred to withstand the harshest of Mother Nature. The strains in our beginner-friendly list are resilient, meaning fewer risks of dealing with pests and diseases.


Each seed in our collection comes with detailed descriptions. We demonstrate what you need to do to make their plants thrive. We shed some light on the most common beginner mistakes, so you don't make the same ones.


There's no need for surprises, so we state what you should do without fear or favor. We wouldn't want weed seeds for beginners you buy from us that aren't suitable for where you live or your experience level.


Check out our 24k Gold Feminized review as an example, where we demonstrate that these are not marijuana seeds for beginners. First time cultivators can get a challenge with room since this potent hybrid grows quite tall. It's also sensitive to huge fluctuations in temperature and humidity—variables that change a lot outdoors.


Our informative blog has tons of material on what you need to have a thriving cultivar. We explain the importance of nutrients, ventilation, PPM, and pH. Learn how to identify deficiencies or toxicities before doing too much irreversible damage. 


Your experience matters the most to us, so buy our quality beginner weed seeds that are shipped to you fast and discreetly.


Our job is to help you succeed in cannabis farming, and we can't wait to have you join us in the field. Spread the word, get inspired, and take action.


The best beginner marijuana seeds to buy

There's a mass turnover of enthusiastic cannabis cultivators due to increasing decriminalization. Unfortunately, many go through the pitfalls of choosing hard-to-grow hybrids, yet they don't have the expertise to give their unique plant all it needs.


an example of cannabis seeds for beginners 


Only buy weed seeds for beginners if you’re starting, so you don't pull your hair out wondering what’s going on.


There are differences between the easy to grow marijuana seeds. It's not just about the buds' effects but also the conditions the plants prefer. Your job as a grower is to mimic the proper natural climate as closely as possible. Indoor gardeners don't face such a problem since they create an appropriate climate.


If outdoors, choose a strain that's suitable to your environment. If cultivating in a moderate climate with a shorter growing season, you'll likely see the best results nurturing and germinating indica dominant seeds. It is easy!


Go for sativa seeds if you're in a tropical climate. Temperature and humidity are higher, and the growing season is long in such a region. Fortunately, most indicas do fine in a similar climate but watch them closely as they’re likely to mature before the season's over.


Beginner-friendly: feminized seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds for beginners eliminate the existence of male crops that could ruin your harvest. The time invested in growing weed means you also need something hardy. If you run into issues of pests or diseases while in veg, a fem plant has a high chance of recovering.


Experienced growers can use high-stress training techniques (HST) such as topping or super cropping on these plants to maximize yields. However, beginners should only try out low-stress training (LST) on their first grow to avoid risking irreversible damage.


Outdoor cultivators usually plant feminized easy-to-grow weed seeds by the end of spring or the beginning of summer months. 


Indoor gardeners have the option of manipulating the light schedule. They can let their plant stay in the vegetative cycle for as long as possible to get the largest possible size.


Most commercial cultivators don't go beyond 9 weeks in veg to avoid overgrowth issues. Calculate when it's best to sow your feminized marijuana seeds for beginners because flowering starts in fall. 


You can also induce blooming by covering a photoperiod plant to receive less than 12 hours of light every day until harvest.


A strain that flies off the shelves is the legendary Amnesia feminized because it's potent, high-yielding, and a breeze to nurture. Despite its fitting name, cultivating this plant is a seamless process that you're sure to remember and repeat.


Amnesia is one of the easy strains to grow for beginners. It prefers a Mediterranean-like climate but still holds up well under cold weather. It’s spawned many more award-winning hybrids due to its amazing qualities.


Black Domina is as resilient as they come. This plant flowers quickly, delivering massive yields of potent buds with little fuss. Outdoor growers harvest this pure indica dominant strain in October after planting the easy-to-grow weed seeds during summer.


Beginner-friendly: autoflowering seeds

Plants from autoflowering cannabis seeds for beginners switch from veg to flowering at a certain age. These cultivars don't depend on the light schedule to flip. 


You don’t need to worry about the seasons if planting autoflowering marijuana seeds for beginners. However, it’s best to nurture these strains where there's lots of light for accelerated growth. The flowering phase for auto usually starts around a month after germination, but this is also strain-dependent. 


A worthy example of the perfect outdoor plant is the Afghan strain. It’s one of the most famous and easiest autoflower strains to cultivate. This strain hails from Afghanistan, a warm and dry region. Plant it anytime you have lots of sunshine. This compact strain hardly goes over 3 feet and flowers in 8 weeks. It's resistant to pests, mold, and disease.


Beginner-friendly: mold-resistant seeds

Good mold-resistant strains are sturdy enough to handle harsh outside conditions. We have many easy-to-grow weed seeds that are highly resistant to these common issues plaguing many other cultivars.


Don't pass up on the chance to sample Afghan Kush. Cannabis connoisseurs love the dreamy, euphoric, and tranquilizing effects. This almost pure indica dominant strain hails from the Hindu Kush mountains, where it adapted for thousands of years to its environment.


Afghan Kush grows like clones from seed, sitting pretty in unpredictable weather conditions, featuring fitting beginner cannabis seeds. It's battle-hardened to fend off pests and diseases that can cause molding in other strains easily.


That’s not all—Afghan Kush also provides a heavy harvest of top-shelf buds after just 10 weeks of flowering. Due to the speed, mold doesn't have time to ravage your crop when they’re most vulnerable.


They grow effortlessly in many outdoor conditions with sturdy frames, so you'll hardly ever need to support their plump flowers.


Beginner-friendly: indica seeds

Indicas tend to be heartier plants than sativas. They’re more forgiving, withstand harsh climates, and have a shorter blooming period than sativas. The average flowering time of indicas is 8 weeks, while sativas can take up to 14 weeks to fully mature.


One of the best marijuana seeds for beginners is the mysterious Alien Technology strain. The story goes that an American soldier serving in Afghanistan couldn't help but bring these pure indica genetics back home. The region this strain came from should give you a clue about the conditions it likes.


The THC might seem low (17%) by today's standards, but its effects are unlike any other. Beginner and veteran consumers gladly enjoy it. 

Plants from these weed seeds for beginners offer a broad range of potential wellness benefits. This strain’s renowned by many patients. The unique fragrance and flavor accentuate the blissful effects.