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Afghan Kush Feminized Seeds

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By far the most iconic pure-Indica landrace strain on earth, Afghan Kush Feminized is the choice of the hour for any true cannabis connoisseur...

A Taste of the Past


Bud Basics

By far the most iconic pure-Indica landrace strain on earth, Afghan Kush Feminized is the choice of the hour for any true cannabis connoisseur. Whether unwinding after a hard day or enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon flat out on the couch, this stuff is the ultimate relaxation aid. 


The Hindu Kush mountain range is synonymous with the natural and completely untainted growth of quality marijuana. The combination of unique climatic conditions, high altitudes and nutrient-rich soil adds up to the perfect habitat for some of the world’s most desirable strains.


More importantly, a large range of modern hybrids have Hindu Kush heritage in their lineage. The Kush family is iconic across the board, though no single strain is quite as celebrated or significant as Afghan Kush. If you’re out for a taste of nature’s finest landraces, you simply need this specimen in your life.


Afghan Kush Feminized is famed for her relentless potency and fantastically exotic fragrance, and is about as old school as it gets - notorious for her uncompromising and often incapacitating high – guaranteed to knock even seasoned stoners clean off their feet.


Additionally, this feminized landrace naturally produces masses of THC and a decent amount of CBD, making her an ideal fit for recreational and medicinal needs.



Flavor and Fragrance of Afghan Kush

This stuff is the epitome of all-things exotic, with a fantastic fragrance that transports you directly to the heart of the Hindu Kush mountains. The fragrance is dominated by the unmistakable sweet and spicy aroma of quality hashish, with buttloads of dank in the background and a spike of classic skunkiness. All of which bursts into life when the buds are burned.


Both on the inhale and the exhale, the flavor profile is dominated by masses of sweet and spicy hashish, which begins a multi-sensory magic carpet ride into a world of shameless self-indulgence. The aftertaste lingers for hours on end, courtesy of a super-thick smoke that permeates pretty much everything in the vicinity.


The most dominant terpenes in Afghan Kush are myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene respectively, which help deliver that herbal spicy quality to these exquisite nugs.


Unsurprisingly, all of the above translates to an exceptionally enjoyable and exotic flavor that’s unique to this strain alone. The smoke itself is as dense, heavy and uncompromising as it gets, often proving too harsh for inexperienced smokers to handle.


Ask any seasoned stoner and they’ll tell you the same - Afghan Kush tastes exactly how any good Indica landrace strain should taste.




One heavy toke is enough to get a feel for what Afghan Kush Feminized is all about. Almost instantaneously, a warm and soothing wave of complete contentment begins making its way through the bones of the body, all the way through to the extremities.


There’s none of the characteristic ‘head rush’ you’d get from a Sativa strain – this stuff hits you in a physical sense like a freight train. Rather than overpowering sedation, you’re instead overcome with an immediate desire to curl up in a warm and comfortable place for the duration. 


After which, things melt into a feeling of complete and utter idleness that lingers for hours on end. You’ll have no intention of doing anything more physically demanding than blinking, while enjoying each and every second of the experience.


Just be sure to have a decent stash of snacks nearby – the munchies Afghan Kush triggers after the first hour or two are absolutely legendary.


This is a strain that naturally produces vast quantities of THC, regularly testing for a THC content in the region of 20%, though can range from 17% up to around 22%.


Given the 100% Indica genetics, this is more than enough to bring on a deeply relaxing and tranquillizing high that’s almost narcotic in its power.



Medical Uses of Afghan Kush Feminized

For medical cannabis users, Afghan Kush is renowned for its relaxing and sedating properties, and with CBD routinely tipping the scales at 6%, is a popular therapeutic cannabis choice used by many medical marijuana patients worldwide.


Capable of knocking even the most seasoned stoners clean off their feet, Afghan Kush Fem is simply unbeatable for the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders. She’s also great for wiping out stress, anxiety and general malaise at the end of a difficult day.


This pure strain is also notorious for bringing on relentless munchies for hours on end, proving a highly effective treatment for poor appetite and curbing nausea.


By bringing a deep feeling of physical relaxation to the entire body, Afghan Kush can be great for eliminating muscle pains, joint aches and stiffness.



Growing Afghan Kush Feminized

Anyone thinking of growing Afghan Kush Feminized at home can expect a relatively straightforward experience from start to finish. As this stuff originates from the mountainous slopes of the Hindu Kush region, unpredictable weather conditions and changeable temperatures are genetically expected, affording these plants a robust resilience.


As you might expect, that makes cultivating a crop of these legendary beauties in any environment an absolute breeze.


Bring things indoors and you’re looking at little to no TLC for these plants to do their thing. Healthy plants tend to top out at between 3 feet and 6 feet, so you won’t need a great deal of space to get the job done.


Provide your Afghan Kush Feminized crop with the basics they need and you’re guaranteed a decent harvest of world-class weed after around 10 weeks of flowering.




A taste of the past and all-things exotic, Afghan Kush Fem is bursting with fantastic hash-like flavors and a sublime spicy-sweetness.


As a 100% Indica specimen, she’s just the thing to turn to when a complete and near-narcotic body stone is called for - though one that’s accompanied by a dreamy sense of contentment and positivity, rather than simply reducing your brain to mush for the duration. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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