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Amnesia Autoflower Seeds

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With connotations of good times, good people and a good dose of short-term memory loss, Amnesia is everything that makes Sativa weed wonderful...

Always Unforgettable


Bud Basics

With connotations of good times, good people and a good dose of short-term memory loss, Amnesia is everything that makes Sativa weed wonderful - an almost 100% cerebral high, coupled with just a slight feeling of warm electricity that brings the entire body to life


Since the original first hit the scene decades ago, this hybrid of Bubblegum and Super Silver Haze has scooped up countless prestigious awards, captured many a cannabis connoisseur’s heart, and lent her genetics to an incalculable number of new superstar strains along the way.


Famed for her fabulous fragrance, decadent flavor and almost OTT potency, this strain has earned equal and consistent popularity in both recreational and medicinal cannabis circles.


With average THC levels dancing between 19% and 25%, Amnesia Auto is, as ever, a perfect and immensely popular daytime smoke, or for any occasion where you need an immediate and long-lasting energy boost.


Even in this autoflowering guise, this hybrid is the definition of an all-time classic that’s well worth adding to your stash box or medicine cabinet.



Flavor and Fragrance of Amnesia Autoflower

The most prolific terpenes present in Amnesia are terpinolene, caryophyllene and myrcene - famed for their fruity, peppery and herbal aromas respectively.


This paints a pretty accurate picture of what to expect from these buds, which are bursting with fresh and fruity citrus fragrances. The peppery spice really comes through when the nugs are combusted, which is also when the plant’s herbal aromas become more pronounced.


Flavor-wise, it’s a predominantly citrus-fresh experience with plenty of old-school skunkiness. Amnesia Auto strikes the perfect balance between dank and refreshing, leaving behind a herbal-fruity aftertaste that lingers indefinitely.


Though the smoke produced is extremely heavy and satisfying, it’s also far smoother and easier to handle than you might expect - to such an extent that you might be tempted to go back to hit after hit, which is why this herb is an easy strain to take (way) too far!




Amnesia has long been the dictionary definition of an ideal daytime smoke. Energizing, uplifting and bursting with positive vibes, she’s got what it takes to fire you up for a crappy day ahead.


At the same time, it’s also way too easy to step out of line with this stuff - particularly if you’ve bagged yourself a particularly potent batch.


The immediate uplift if soaring but not overpowering, eliminating negative thoughts and filling your head with feelings of pure happiness. Euphoria comes on in waves, priming you with the confidence and motivation needed for whatever the day throws your way.


As long as you take it easy, this herb can help you focus, inspire creative thinking and power you through mundane tasks.


One toke too many, however, and Amnesia’s name suddenly seems all the more appropriate - these buds are not to be underestimated!


Hysterical giggling fits coupled with short-term memory loss are to be expected, along with the overwhelming desire to be as immature and silly as you can possibly be. Perfect in social situations, but a recipe for disaster in more formal environments.



Medical Uses of Amnesia Autoflower

Wherever this hybrid makes its way into the mix, happy thoughts and good times are guaranteed - so it’s no real surprise that Amnesia’s genetics have paved the way for some of the most outstanding medical cannabis strains of all time. In the original, however, those therapeutic boons go beyond almost any comparable hybrid.


Stress, depression, anxiety and mood disorders in general are known to respond extremely positively to the moderate intake of Amnesia.


The same can also be said for bouts of lethargy and chronic tiredness, along with concentration issues and a general lack of drive. This stuff is all about firing yourself up mentally, without taking a toll on your physical energy levels.


There’s also much to be said for this herb’s ability to give you the kind of confidence, self-esteem and outgoing social personality you never knew you had. All negative thoughts and sentiments are blasted instantaneously into kingdom come, replaced instead with a ‘can do’ attitude and a sense of pure satisfaction.


On the physical side of the spectrum, Amnesia Autoflower is extremely limited in her effectiveness. You may experience a gentle body buzz and an enjoyable tingling sensation, but not to such an extent as to get to grips with pain or physical discomfort. Likewise, these buds aren’t going to help you get a good night’s sleep if you’re dealing with a bout of insomnia.


Things can get heavy at times though, so common sense precautions, especially for those with low THC tolerance, should be taken. Particularly if you have a history of panic attacks or paranoia, you may find the initial uplift too hard to handle. Batches closer to the 19% mark aren’t particularly overpowering, but set yourself up with some 25% Amnesia Auto and you’re guaranteed a wild ride.



Growing Amnesia Autoflower Seeds

This autoflower variant of the original means a significantly reduced ‘seed to harvest’ time and much easier cultivation process in general. Rather than 80 days of flowering, you’ll be looking at closer to 60 or so with this version - maybe even less.


Give your Amnesia Auto plants plenty of space and they’ll confidently reach heights of around 1.8m. Conditions need to be kept relatively stable, though these plants demonstrate excellent resistance to most common plant problems like mold and disease.


Yields can reach a generous 500g of fragrant weed for every square meter of grow space, often with a THC content that tips the scales at 20% or more.




Whichever way you look at it, you simply cannot consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur without a stockpile of Amnesia in your stash box. Even if you’re more into her offspring than the original, a tip of the hat is well deserved to this all-time classic.


Particularly when you consider that half the strains you’ve been enjoying as of late may not have existed at all, had it not been for the original iconic strain.


Energizing, uplifting and ideal for daytime use, the only thing Amnesia Autoflower isn’t going to do is send you to sleep.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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