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Supreme Regular Seed Mix

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SeedSupreme Seedbank's Supreme Regular Mix is probably the best mix of regular cannabis seeds you will ever find; premium quality seeds at a great price.

This mix pack features: 

  • Northern Lights Regular
  • White Widow Regular
  • Bruce Banner Regular
  • Grandaddy Purple Regular
  • Wedding Cake Regular 

SeedSupreme Seedbank's Supreme Regular Mix is probably the best mix of regular cannabis seeds you will ever find; we've selected 5 of our favorite regular strains, from coffeeshop classics to heirloom landraces. Can't make your mind up? Just too much choice on SeedSupreme? Now you can get all of these premium quality seeds at a great low price and give your collection a real boost!

(Please note your seeds will not be separated, it's a mix pack!)


About the supreme regular seed mix

The supreme regular seed mix is a selection of five strains chosen carefully by our boffins of buds. Each of the five strains contained within brings something a little bit different to the table.

You may be asking: Why grow regular cannabis seeds instead of feminized?

The regular seeds in our weed seed variety pack have equal chances of developing into males or females. Females sprouted from regular seeds are usually much more genetically stable and far less prone to display hermaphroditic tendencies.

Females grown from regular cannabis seeds also make for much better mother plants. Mother plants are females from which growers take cuttings to clone the original plant.

While only females produce buds, that doesn’t mean males are entirely useless. Growers can use males to create brand new hybrid strains and to produce seed stock.

We chose all the seeds inside our supreme regular seed mix for their strong genetics. Plants grown from these seeds are hardy, pest-resistant, and tolerant of minor mistakes.

The desirable properties of the seeds in our weed seed variety pack are perfect for first-time farmers. They’ll also thrive whether grown inside or out, regardless of medium.

Keep in mind; this supreme regular seed mix comes with all the seeds in one pack. This adds a sense of excitement to proceedings as you wait to see what sprouts from each regular cannabis seed!

Join us as we give you the lowdown on each of the amazing strains found inside our supreme regular seed mix.


Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights regular seeds allow home cultivators the chance to grow this iconic indica-dominant cultivar, a darling of Dutch coffeeshops for decades.

We chose this first cultivar for inclusion in our supreme regular seed mix for its powerful high and renowned reputation.

Northern Lights delivers a long-lasting dose of pure relaxation that’s lightened with a side order of uplifting sativa effects. High THC levels of 18–22% power this pacifying phenotype perfect for evening or nighttime consumption.

Sativa effects come first when smoking Northern Lights. You’ll feel your mood lift and outlook become more positive, along with a boost to creative thoughts.

Soon after, the powerful physical properties of Northern Lights emerge. A ripple of calming relaxation moves through the body, easing tension and loosening muscles. With every inch of your body thoroughly unwound, movement becomes undesirable, and couchlock is likely.

Hardy indica genes from Afghani make Northern Lights a tough, sturdy strain, perfect for our weed seed variety pack. The plants develop into stout, bushy specimens ranging from three to six feet tall.

Growers need to prune regularly as the plants move through their seven-week flowering period to maximize airflow and ward off mold. Strong stems and branches mean structural support is rarely necessary.

Like the rest of the strains in our supreme regular seed mix, Northern Lights delivers considerable yields. Expect to harvest 16–21 oz. /m² inside and up to 21 oz. from every outdoor plant.

Dense trichome-laden buds harvested from Northern Lights have a sweet, earthy aroma infused with notes of pine. The smoke imparts an equally sweet and earthy flavor, with an aftertaste of aromatic pine and sandalwood.


White Widow Regular

Next up in our supreme regular seed mix is another name synonymous with high-quality weed; White Widow regular seeds.

White Widow is a high-yielding sativa-dominant strain famous for its powerfully euphoric uplifting buzz. White Widow’s heady, creativity-boosting qualities meant we had to include this cultivar in our weed seed variety pack.

After a few tokes of White Widow, users experience a surge of positivity, taking them to a place of pure bliss. The weed leaves you energized, elevated, and highly sociable.

Artistic and creative smokers love White Widow for its inspirational mental high, increasing focus and creativity, and enhancing sensory perception.

Subtle calming sensations round out the high, leaving you feeling elated, satisfied, and relaxed without impeding your movement. High THC levels of 19–23% mean novices need to enjoy it in moderation.

The White Widow seeds in our supreme regular seed mix claim two pure landrace strains as parents. Mixing these genetically stable strains produces a highly adaptable cultivar, tolerant of temperature and humidity changes and highly mold-resistant.

White Widow grows to manageable heights of around three feet indoors. Yields increase with a Screen of Green and regular pruning. Harvest time comes after 7–8 weeks of flowering.

Under ideal outdoor conditions, White Widow achieves greater heights and yields. Cultivators in the Northern hemisphere need to harvest in October.

White Widow provides impressive yields. Indoors you can expect to harvest 21–24.5 oz. /m². Warm, sunny climates produce outdoor yields of around 24 oz. per plant.

White Widow weed has a pervasive earthy aroma with sweet pinewood notes and a dash of spice. When smoked, the taste is simultaneously earthy, subtly sweet, and fruity with a pleasing aftertaste.


Bruce Banner Regular

Bruce Banner regular seeds produce the strongest weed in our supreme regular seed mix. This hulking, high-yielding hybrid is sativa-dominant and highly potent.

Bruce Banner delivers an explosion of euphoria and mental clarity that obliterates mental stress and worry. The positive high provides users with a sense of energy and a can-do attitude.

The strain’s indica effects eventually emerge, providing a feeling of physical calm, soothing tension and cramps. The mellow body-high makes Bruce Banner an excellent daytime or evening strain.

Bruce Banner is packed with staggering amounts of cannabinoids. Buds can contain up to 32%, so beginners beware.

Bruce Banner carries the Kush flag for our supreme regular seed mix. Landrace genetics make for mold-resistant plants that can reach nine feet, with a flowering time of around nine weeks.

Indoor growers need to manage this strain’s verticality. Topping or using a Screen of Green setup helps redirect energy laterally while also boosting yields. Plentiful foliage requires frequent pruning to maximize light coverage and airflow.

You can plant Bruce Banner seeds outdoors, where they can grow unrestricted by height. Farmers in the northern hemisphere should harvest these giants during October. Remove non-essential leaves often and provide structural support if necessary.

Bruce Banner is yet another high-yielding member of our weed seed variety pack. Indoor gardens provide 15.5–21 oz. /m² while outdoors, expect yields of 21 oz. per plant.

Bruce Banner has an unforgettable aroma rich with diesel and earth. Fruity undertones linger beneath the surface scent, softening the otherwise imposing fragrance.

When smoked, the weed has a fruitier flavor than the smell suggests, thanks to a complex terpene profile including nerolidol and limonene. Powerful earth and fuel flavors linger on exhale.


Grandaddy Purple Regular

Grandaddy Purple (aka Grand Daddy Purps) is a legendary hybrid strain known for its deep purple hues, sweet berry aroma, and potent effects. Created by breeder Ken Estes in 2003 through the combination of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, this 75% Indica-dominant strain has become one of the West Coast’s most beloved and prized hybrids.

With an average THC content of 24%, Grandaddy Purple offers a powerful high that is best reserved for evenings or weekends. The deeply relaxing and tranquil effects can overwhelm even seasoned users, making it an ideal choice for unwinding after a long day.

Growing Grandaddy Purple Regular is manageable for less experienced cultivators, though attention to detail is required. The strain thrives in a warm Mediterranean climate or indoors with temperatures between 21 and 26°C and relative humidity levels of 40-50% during the flowering stage.

The plants produce dense foliage and heavy buds, necessitating regular trimming and additional support to prevent bud rot or mildew. Whether grown in hydroponics for explosive growth or organic soil for maximum flavor and aroma, Grandaddy Purple promises a rewarding harvest after 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, yielding up to 550 grams per square meter indoors and 500 grams per plant outdoors.

Wedding Cake Regular

White Widow is a legendary cannabis strain known for its superb flavor, high THC content, and easy-grow characteristics, making it ideal for social situations. Originating from a blend of heirloom genetics from South India and South America, this 60% Indica-dominant strain delivers an energizing and uplifting Sativa-like high despite its Indica roots.

First introduced in the early '90s, White Widow quickly became a superstar with its generous THC levels and balanced effects, earning top accolades at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It's perfect for both newcomers and experienced users, offering good vibes and great times with friends.

White Widow’s fragrance is dominated by old-school Skunk, fresh berries, and exotic spice, with a flavor that combines skunky-spice and fruity undertones. The strain provides an energized euphoria and a sense of contentment and optimism, making it a fantastic wake-and-bake option.

Growing White Widow Regular is straightforward, with the plant showing exceptional resistance to bugs, mold, and disease. Flowering takes about eight weeks, yielding up to 24 ounces per square meter. However, growers need to manage potential male plants in this regular seed version.

5 of the best

Our supreme regular seed mix is an excellent way to dip your toes in the waters of weed cultivating. All the strains provide varying effects and flavors while remaining easy to grow and accessible to beginners.

Whatever kind of buzz you’re after, our supreme regular seed mix covers most of your bases. We’ve given serious thought to the composition of this weed seed variety pack and added seeds that can be grown individually or together. If you’ve got the space, why not plant these seeds together and enjoy observing their differences as they grow.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering TimeMixed
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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