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Indica Seeds: Find Relaxation with Top Indica Dominant Strains

Empower your mind and body: Indica Seeds for relaxing experiences


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Recreational and medicinal cannabis markets worldwide are populated predominantly by hybrids. Combining the properties of both Indica and Sativa cannabis into one purpose-engineered strain, the hybrids we’re seeing today are setting new standards in quality, potency and popularity. Nevertheless, there’s much to be said for the unique enjoyment only a pure Indica strain can offer.

Have you had a stressful day at the office? Is the daily grind getting you down? We've just the thing for you. An intoxicating and indulgent cannabis variety that’s perfect for soothing your daily blues. These aren’t just any run-of-the-mill cannabis seeds but indica!


Continue reading to discover all indica’s benefits and how the psychoactive effects of these little wonders can help you forget your troubles.


Buy indica cannabis seeds online

Looking to purchase the highest quality seeds for home growing? You’re at the right place! With over 100 indica seeds for sale, we offer various options to suit every preference.


Our seed bank stocks regular, autoflower, and feminized seeds. No matter your growing setup, we have a strain for you. Seed Supreme will handle every purchase discreetly. Our packaging never shows company details or shipping contents.


What is indica?

In 1795, French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck received a plant sample from India. The locals in the region harvested the shrub for its fiber and seeds. They also made hashish from its sticky resin. 


Lamarck realized that this plant was different from the cannabis sativa, which another naturalist had already discovered. It was shorter and bushier, with strong branches to support many dense buds. He was fascinated by its intoxicating effects and called it cannabis indica.


Indica seeds are now cultivated worldwide and are well-known for being high-yield plants that thrive in harsh weather. 


Their short flowering period allows them to have many blooming cycles when grown indoors. Outdoor planting is also possible in temperate climates that become cold quickly.


The difference between indica and sativa seeds

Sativa and indica seeds are different in their appearance and effects. The indica shrub is short and bushy. It has broad, dark green leaves and compact buds. In contrast, sativa’s a tall, skinny plant with lighter foliage and fluffy flowers.


Few cultivators are concerned with these visual differences when the sensations are so distinct. The variation of the chemistry within the buds produces completely opposing effects.


Think of using cannabis grown from indica seeds as a whole-body experience. The high CBD content relieves pain and relaxes the mind.  Best for nighttime use, indica provides a calming warmth that can alleviate anxiousness and induce a feeling of sleepiness.


Sativa cannabis is energizing and invigorating. Higher in THC, it’s more psychologically active and increases focus while easing depression. Used during the daytime as a “pick-me-up,” sativa stimulates the brain and boosts creativity


The benefits of growing indica seeds


Growers of indica weed seeds seek relaxing body highs. Often suffering from insomnia, they choose this cannabis strain for sleepy relief. Indica relaxes the muscles and soothes away worries for those under chronic stress.


Some enjoy the effects of “the munchies,” which is the sudden increase in appetite. They say that their food even tastes better in this state. As indica is well-known for increasing the desire to eat, it’s the perfect cannabis for triggering your need for a feast.


They are the most popular choice amongst sufferers of chronic anxiety disorder. The powerful combination of cannabinoids can induce a sense of peace at the end of a difficult day.


Medical use of Indica seeds

The buds have potent combinations of flavonoids, terpenes, and omega acids. These compounds play a crucial role in the medical applications of this herb.


Users report that these strains assist with the symptoms related to ADHD, ADD, and PTSD. Similarly, others claim that indica can ease headaches and migraines.


ALS and MS patients have also reported decreased pain and inflammation after using the buds. Breakthroughs were experienced among epliptic and Parkinson’s patients as well. Many claimed an improvement in their tremors after using these buds.


Our best indica marijuana strains

If you’re new to the 420 world then you need to familiarize yourself with a few world-famous strains. Here are three of the purest indicas that growers around the globe love.


Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush feminized is the most classic indica seeds around and one of the most popular. It’s 100% pure indica and named after the mountains where someone discovered them. The thick, resinous buds make this plant ideal for hash.


Its sweet, earthy flavors induce a relaxing high and a deep sense of calm. Hindu Kush is considered a must-try by many for its full-body effects.


Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an award-winning strain of 90% indica and 10% sativa. Cannabis users love them as it doesn’t cause any “next-day hangover” sensations.


They consider Northern Lights fem very potent, which results in hallucinogenic effects. It also produces an overall sense of happiness and well-being.


Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is another “smash-hit.” It is a favorite amongst cultivators with 80% indica and 20% sativa. 


The purple buds have delicious, sweet flavors that smell great and prompt powerful full-body relaxation. The plant from Granddaddy Purp feminized also provides huge yields that make this the first choice for many.


How to purchase indica marijuana seeds

Here at SeedSupreme, we're all about giving you options. We offer several discreet, secure payment methods in addition to our huge collection of cannabis indica seeds for sale. These ensure that nobody knows what you've purchased.


To ensure complete privacy when purchasing your seeds, we recommend using Crypto as a form of payment.


Paying with Cryptocurrency means that only you’re in charge of your transactions. None of your personal information is linked, making tracking your payments difficult.


During checkout, select Bitcoin as your payment method. We’ll send our payment information to you via email.


Alternate versions of Crypto are also accepted, and almost every currency can be converted to Bitcoin using Coingate.


Trust SeedSupreme

We’ve given you a comprehensive guide to buying cannabis indica seeds online. Go forth with peace of mind, knowing that you can now choose the strain with the qualities you desire.


Weed seeds cultivation is always a rewarding experience that we know you’ll enjoy. Trust Seed Supreme and start your cannabis crop today. 

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