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Cake Bomb Feminized Seeds

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Feminized Cake Bomb seeds are taking the world by storm. This strain’s immensely powerful THC level is nothing to joke about, and tokers praise it for its 50% indica and 50% sativa hybrid genetics.


Cake Bomb is for you if you’re a fan of a creative, uplifting, and relaxing punch. It’s best suited to intermediate growers eager for large harvests and gorgeous buds. Discover more about Cake Bomb’s flavors, genetics, effects, aromas, and how to grow it below. 

Bud origin


Cake Bomb originates from PCS1 and Do-Si-Dos feminized, providing its boastfully high THC levels of up to 30%. This strain earns its terpene profile and kerosene flavors from its OG lineage of Scotts OG and Casper OG (PCS1 parents).


Cake Bomb cannabis seeds grow into 50/50 hybrid flowers. The indica genetics offer a sense of calmness and relaxation, while the sativa genetics bring an energizing, creative kick. These nugs are to die for with their best-of-both-worlds facets.


This cultivar brings together tokers worldwide, eager for its cake-like aromas and punchy effects. Since the buds are super potent, we recommend taking it slow and stopping to smell the flowers.


Growing feminized Cake Bomb seeds


Cake Bomb seeds are relatively tricky to grow but offer you the chance to expand your cultivation knowledge. This feminized strain delivers 99% female crops, preventing unwanted pollination during the growing process.


The plants require a fair amount of maintenance and prefer low-stress training (LST) methods to keep the crop manageable. They can grow indoors and outside as long as the conditions are optimal.


The main challenge comes from the plants’ height. Since they grow reasonably tall, their branches are susceptible to breaking. Build support structures to keep the crops from toppling over during flowering.


Breeders recommend using training methods such as topping. Encourage horizontal growth instead of vertical to increase the yield and strengthen the stems and branches.


Once you buy top-quality weed seeds from our store, your first step is to germinate them. Find a warm and dark place, and gather a few paper towels. Moisten the towels and place your seeds on them about an inch apart. Use a plate to keep everything safe and secure.


After 1–5 days, you should see the seeds sprouting taproots. Once they’re a quarter-inch long, move the immature plants to your growing area of choice. We recommend using 5–10 gallon pots with efficient drainage holes and organic soil.


Grow feminized Cake Bomb seeds in soil or using the hydroponics method. The roots have more access to nutrients when you suspend them in water, but soil is cheaper and easier to work with.


What climate do these seeds prefer?


Cake Bomb marijuana plants thrive in Mediterranean climates in the Northern Hemisphere. They grow efficiently with temperatures around 70–85°F. Once your crops start flowering, drop the temperatures to about 68–75°F for ideal results.


Measure the temperature daily to ensure it doesn’t drop below 50°F or reach over 85°F. Keep the humidity levels at 60–70% during the vegetative stage and 40–50% during the flowering phase.


Outdoors, plant your seeds in April/May. Allow them to have ample space to grow and receive enough light. See that your plants have at least 12 hours of dark to encourage the flowering stage.


Indoors, use blackout curtains to shade the plants. Since this strain is photoperiod, provide it with 18 hours of light during the vegetative stage. Change to a 12/12 light cycle during the flowering stage. Use 600-watt HPS lamps as the light source.


Feeding Cake Bomb


Adding nutrients may increase the quality of your nugs. Breeders recommend vitamin B supplements for healthy, vibrant flowers and efficient soil. Follow strict feeding schedules, ensuring perfect amounts of nutrients, water, and light.


Opt for soil made with perlite, worm casting, or bat guano. Plant your seeds in this cannabis-specific soil, rich in nutrients such as sulfur and nitrogen.


When the plant nears the end of the seedling phase, around 2–3 weeks, you’ll notice strong, healthy leaves growing. From then on, add some calcium and magnesium for optimized buds. Continue until you see the small nugs flowering.


Flowering & yields


These feminized Cake Bomb seeds grow into dense crops with medium yields. Indoors, you can expect 17–21 oz./m², with 17–22 oz./plant outdoors. They typically grow to 4–5 feet. Harvest time is in mid-October outside and after the 8–10 week flowering time indoors.


Stop all pruning and feeding schedules once the flowering stage is upon you. Increase the lighting and avoid stressing out the plant. You’ll soon notice sticky buds showing near the center of the plant, with the scent growing stronger as time passes.


The buds produced have dark, rich green hues. They boast dazzling orange pistils and frosty-white trichomes. 


Experiencing the Cake Bomb strain


Cake Bomb inherits insanely high THC of 28–30% from its Do-Si-Dos mother strain. These levels provide incredible euphoric highs. Its hybrid genetics, 50% sativa, 50% indica, make it the best of both worlds.


After taking your first hit, feel yourself fill with intense bliss and a calm mood from the indica heritage. Experience waves of creativity wash over you with enhanced, laser-focused senses from the sativa. Allow the artist inside to flourish with this strain as you ride the high.


Along with mental relaxation, lean back into a soothing body high. Feel the tension in your limbs ease with an overwhelming sense of tranquility. Now’s the time to fully sit back and chill without doing strenuous activities.


We recommend beginners take their time with Cake Bomb. The potency may be too much for some people to handle, so take small doses for efficient effects. Even if you’re a seasoned toker, puff in moderation.


You may run into minor adverse effects. Some users report dry eyes and cottonmouth. Reports show that you may experience paranoia or anxiety in higher doses. Take your time and stay hydrated to combat these sensations.


Aroma and flavor


Potent diesel and lemon scents fill your grow area once these Cake Bomb cannabis seeds start to reach maturity. Humulene terpenes bring earthy, woody, and spicy aromas to the mix, smelled when crushing the buds.


Breathe in the deliciously sweet and sour explosions, with hints of skunk and sometimes even coffee. Notice fruity and apple tastes as you exhale this potent nug, with notes of spice and cherries.


Contrasting the soil-like scents comes a flowery sweet taste that coats your tongue. The OG Kush lineage brings clean fuel flavors that fill your nose and ease out on the exhale.


Helps with


Many tokers swear by Cake Bomb to help combat their stress. You may experience symptoms related to fatigue and anxiety alleviated with this strain.


As with any medicinal properties, we rely on reports from other 420 enthusiasts. Some say they feel less muscle and joint pain when consuming Cake Bomb. Always check with a medical professional before using this cultivar to treat your ailments.


Buy feminized Cake Bomb seeds from Seed Supreme


By now, you’re probably itching to get your hands on these marijuana seeds. If the appetizing flavors didn’t convince you, maybe the hybrid genetics and powerful effects did. Grab yourself a pack to start your growing journey.


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Strain Profile
GeneticsDo-si-dos x PCS1 (Wifi 3 x ( Scotts Og x Casper OG))
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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