Mexican Haze Feminized Seeds

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Mexican Haze Feminized Seeds

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A quintessential all-time classic that’s been around for decades, Mexican Haze provides an enjoyable and unforgettable taste of all-things old-school...

South of the Border

Bud Basics

A quintessential all-time classic that’s been around for decades, Mexican Haze provides an enjoyable and unforgettable taste of all-things old-school - quite simply, you cannot consider yourself a true cannabis connoisseur without experiencing all that this Sativa-dominant specimen has to offer.

Renowned for her sharp, focused and motivating effects that make for the perfect combination of mental clarity and euphoria for when you need to get things done, Mexican Haze Feminized also brings bucket loads of creativity and innovation into the mix.

All with the added bonus of a fantastically old-school fragrance and flavor profile, bursting with skunky goodness.

In one form or another, Mexican Haze has been around for longer than anyone would care to remember. In her modern incarnation, this hybrid was revived for the commercial cannabis scene in 1995, immediately capturing the attention of true canna connoisseurs worldwide.

Since then, this hybrid has once again made a name for herself as a staple in recreational and medicinal marijuana (MMJ) circles alike.

Strong, uplifting and perfectly punchy, Mexican Haze Feminized contains approximately 80% Sativa genetics and 20% Indica - resulting in a quintessentially mood-boosting high that leaves you looking at the world in an entirely different way.

This stuff may have been around for decades, but nonetheless continues to give even the most advanced modern strains a serious run for their money.

Social, energizing and uncontrollably giggly, these buds are all about good times and plenty of them.

Flavor and Fragrance of Mexican Haze Feminized

On the nose, Mexican Haze Fem is fresh, fragrant and bursting with everything you’d expect from quality Haze. Exotic and slightly spicy, there’s a distinct hit of sandalwood when the buds are burned and masses of old-school dankness in the mix. 

You’ll hear from some that the best examples of this hybrid have the fragrance of a desert cactus, but this is more likely a case of subconscious association with the plant’s exotic origins than anything else.

The flavor profile here is every bit as fresh and sharp as the fragrance. There’s nothing particularly distinctive about the taste, which is dominated by the classic spice and sharpness you’d expect from premium Haze

Some say Mexican Haze is best enjoyed by way of a low-temperature vaporizer – others get extremely angry and offended at the suggestion alone… understandable, given how long these buds have been doing the rounds. We’ll let you decide on that one!


This stuff pre-dates the modern era where THC levels began to skyrocket, and even though this Mexican Haze Feminized pheno packs an average THC of 18% (helping the strain catch up in terms of potency), it’s still more about the all-round experience when consuming this cannabis.

You can count on Mexican Haze to replace any negativity or pessimism you’re feeling with a sense of almost immeasurable happiness and positivity. There are few strains on the scene right now that can compare to this stuff, when it comes to pure and unadulterated enjoyment.

A few generous hits and you’re plunged into a spiral of relentless and uncontrollable giggles, during which anything and everything around you becomes a form of epic entertainment.

The Indica lineage is nowhere to be found initially, though you do eventually begin to feel a gentle and dreamy wave of warm relaxation radiating through the body. Not to such an extent as to incapacitate you, but more a case of bringing you back down to earth with a gentle glide, rather than a catastrophic crash.

Mexican Haze Feminized is a fantastic social smoke and great for daytime use, though is perhaps a little too far on the ‘silly’ side to hit while at work - created with pure and frankly shameless enjoyment in mind, injecting life and laughter into whatever you happen to be doing at the time.

Medical Uses of Mexican Haze Feminized 

With such immensely uplifting effects, Mexican Haze Feminized is an absolute no-brainer for a whole host of everyday health complaints.

For the most part, this hybrid has become a staple among therapeutic tokers for the alleviation of depression, anxiety, stress, concentration issues and general apathy.

If there’s any negativity dampening your day, these buds will replace it with more positivity and happiness than you will know what to do with.

Best of all, Mexican Haze’s relatively modest THC content makes her perfectly suitable for those with a low THC tolerance. Taking things slowly at first is still advisable, but it’s almost impossible to take things too far with these nugs.

Just be sure to steer clear of a hit before bed, as the last thing you’ll be wanting to do for the next few hours is sleep. 

Growing Mexican Haze Feminized Seeds

When growing Mexican Haze Feminized at home, you’ll need to keep a close eye on temperatures and humidity levels.

She’s not a particularly difficult strain to grow, but does nonetheless need at least a Mediterranean-like climate with tons of bright sunshine to reach her full potential. Hence, most growers take things indoors, rather than leaving Mexican Haze at the mercy of the elements.

Flowering times come in at around 10 weeks, though reward patience with as much as 500g of quality weed for every square meter of grow space.

Mexican Haze Feminized is relatively resistant to most common plant problems, which are easy enough to keep under control in a well-monitored indoor grow space. As this is the feminized version of the strain, you’re also guaranteed near-100% female plants, which can help keep things nice and simple.


Spicy and earthy yet surprisingly fresh, Mexican Haze Fem is the strain to reach for when craving an energizing and giggly uplift. These buds also make light work of everyday bouts of stress, anxiety and mild depression, keeping things nice and controllable with a modest THC content in the region of 18%.

The fact that she’s such an easy strain to grow is simply the icing on the cake - one well worth checking out.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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