Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized Seeds

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Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized Seeds

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With average to high THC content, Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized provides delightfully fruity gourmet flavors with a delectable aroma and a sublime psychoactive experience...

A Curious Combination of Cannabis


Bud Basics

Mixing together the sweet and tropical flavors of the multi-award-winning Strawberry Banana with a creation such as Cheese was always likely to be a bit hit and miss. Thankfully, Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized is certainly a hit, whether you ask those who smoke weed recreationally, medicinally or cultivators. This weed's a winner.


With a THC content of around 18% on average, Strawberry Banana Cheese is an Indica-heavy hybrid strain that takes on the best qualities of both her parents to provide a sweet-sour and fruity high that’s great for the mind and the body. Delighting the senses with every toke, this exquisite flavor combination is not to be missed by any cannabis connoisseur. And, this herb's smoothly mood-enhancing high ain’t half bad either!


An ideal nightcap, the calm and uplifting effects of this ganja grow to encompass the mind in pleasant, happy thoughts that quietly get your gears whirring to the tune of focus and creativity. Not sounding like the ideal bedtime toke? Not to worry. A body-stone soon kicks in to sedate and tranquillize with a heavy, numbing sensation that locks you down and gets the munchies going.


Deep and relaxing as she is, Strawberry Banana Cheese Fem is of course well-loved by medical tokers seeking reprieve from insomnia in addition to a variety of painful, chronic pain conditions. As a mental stimulant, this herb can provide some aid to those with attention deficit disorders in addition to easing stress, anxiety and depression.


For growers, these all-fem seeds are hard to go wrong with, as they produce sturdy plants resistant to most common diseases and even the usual mistakes made by newbies. As well as being a walk in the park to cultivate, these fragrant nugs are particularly well-laden with trichomes, making for a glittering, sticky yield when harvest time rolls around. And she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to numbers, providing far more than her small structure would imply.



Flavor and Fragrance of Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized

Intensely pungent and something of a surprise to the senses, Strawberry Banana Cheese Fem pretty much tells all with her name alone. Blending the sweet berry notes of strawberry with a fruity banana flavor and the sour, nutty notes of cheese, this strain is delicious despite the oddness of her combinations.


The aroma is a little more tropical, with notes of earth and pine to accentuate her fruitiness. A little more savory on the tongue, this hybrid's Cheese lineage really makes itself known to the tastebuds with a smooth and creamy exhale that makes this marijuana all the more delectable.




Since Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized is a mostly Indica hybrid, she’s as body-leaning as you’d expect, ideal as a nighttime strain to cap off a long, exhausting day.


Beginning in the mind, this herb's calm and uplifting euphoria gently enhances the mood and ushers in a quiet sense of happiness to set your mind whirring with thought and creativity. Some tokers will report that Strawberry Banana Cheese sharpens and hones your focus, brightening colors to new levels of vibrancy and turning every tune into an unmissable melody, though many are too busy enjoying the feeling to notice.


The cheerful and happy high of this herb will eventually settle down and intensify into a heavy body-stone that sedates and locks you to the couch by numbing your body from top to toe. Relaxing each and every extremity, Strawberry Banana Cheese Fem weighs down the limbs until you’re melted to your seat, in a position to choose - stay awake and enjoy the cerebral effects, or let go and let yourself be lulled to sleep. Either way, you’ll find the munchies will be a deciding factor.


The THC content of this pot can vary from the average 15% up to around 20%, and therefore newbies should be warned against toking too much Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized. As should those with a sensitivity or low tolerance to THC. Regardless, cottonmouth and dry eyes are a likelihood but can be at least alleviated by staying hydrated. In larger doses, this herb can bring on more severe discomforts, including dizziness, increased anxiety or paranoia.



Medical Uses of Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized

Well-known for her recreational merits, Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized is equally important to the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community for her therapeutic value. Bursting with beneficial terpenes such as pinene, limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene, she’s not only aromatic and delicious, she also exhibits a variety of qualities key to lifting low mood and alleviating chronic and painful ailments.


Calming and anxiolytic, Strawberry Banana Cheese is a choice weed for the management of various mental concerns, including anxiety, stress, PTSD, GAD and OCD.


Since she’s capable of improving focus and boosting sensory awareness in some tokers, this cannabis can also be of benefit to those with attention deficit disorders such as ADHD, as well as improving the outlook of persons suffering from depression due to her uplifting cerebral effects.


Since this pot is Indica-leaning, her physical effects are perhaps the most notable. Though her sedating properties can be used to alleviate a variety of mental health concerns, they are also effective as an analgesic for the relief of headaches, migraine, sciatica and back pains, joint pain and arthritis, PMS and muscle cramps. All this with far fewer side effects than traditionally prescribed medications.


As with many marijuana strains, Strawberry Banana Cheese Fem can provide relief and comfort to those suffering from a lack of appetite, be that from an eating disorder or as an adverse effect of such treatments as chemotherapy in cancer patients.


The tranquillizing, sleep-inducing effects of this weed can be of benefit to those struggling with insomnia or fatigue, as her physical effects are impossible to ignore and sure to lull you down to slumber.



Growing Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized Seeds

Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized is a sturdy and robust strain capable of tolerating adverse weather conditions and resistant to common pests and diseases. She’ll survive the neglect of newbie growers, and can be cultivated by growers of all skill levels to provide high yields, thanks to her Strawberry Banana genetics.


Flowering in around 7 to 9 weeks, this hybrid herb boasts sparkling, frosty trichomes all over her fat nugs, and is far faster to flower than most other Indica-leaning plants.


Strawberry Banana Cheese will thrive indoors or out and grows to a fairly average height of around 160 centimeters when fully mature. Her structure is fairly shrubby, so she’ll fit well into the average grow room, but will require a little more width than some strains as she tends to grow laterally when properly pruned. This is all for the best, though, as this allows more bud sites to be increased to a light source, boosting the final yield - particularly when paired with a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup.


Indoors, growers will find it’s easier to maintain and manipulate the required humidity, temperature and other conditions that are required for marijuana plants to flourish, and can allow for a variety of substrates.


This particular strain is already fast-growing, but will be subjected to further explosive growth if grown in a hydroponics setup. However, if you’re more interested in boosting the terpene profile - and therefore boosting the flavor and fragrance - then we’d recommend organic soil paired with coco noir.


These seeds are already feminized, meaning that there’s no requirement for cultivators to remove male seedlings from the batch. As such, your entire harvest will be ready for drying and curing, coming in at around 500 grams per square meter indoors, and 400 grams per plant outdoors.




With average to high THC content, Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized provides delightfully fruity gourmet flavors with a delectable aroma and a sublime psychoactive experience, culminating in a deeply relaxing body-stone courtesy of one of the best marijuana strains available.


Invigorating the mind with calm and soothing sensations, this pot may push you toward focus and creativity, or merely strengthen your senses for a while, before the numbing, sedating effects of Strawberry Banana Cheese really set in to pull you down to a cloud of serious chill. It’s no wonder that this herb is so loved by the MMJ masses for both mental and physiological ailments.


Growing this ganja is a breeze, with feminized seeds that germinate into sturdy, resilient plants that can take most newbie mishaps with ease. Heavily coated in frosty trichomes, this weed will delight with high yields of giant, dank nugs that flower fast regardless of her weather conditions.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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