Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflower Seeds

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Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflower Seeds

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Blueberry x Jack Herer is an extremely easy strain to grow that’s great for all types of social occasions, though can be just as enjoyable solo. Another fitting tribute to the man himself...

Another Fitting Tribute to an All-Time Great


Bud Basics

Jack Herer is the kind of legendary strain that needs no grand introduction. Known for delivering a gunshot-like blast of positivity to the brain in a matter of minutes, it’s just about as good as it gets for a pick-up at any time of day (or night). Meanwhile, Blueberry is one of the most fabulously fragrant and flavorful strains of all time, credited with bringing a near-endless list of new generation hybrids into existence.


Suffice to say, combine these two powerhouse strains together and you’re guaranteed epic results. And so it proved, in the form of Blueberry x Jack Herer – an immense contemporary cannabis strain that delivers the best of all worlds.


With a fantastically balanced genetic composition (pretty much 50/50 Indica to Sativa), Blueberry x Jack Herer can be counted on to deliver the perfect multi-dimensional high with just the right level of potency.


Speaking of which, the average THC content of a batch of Blueberry x Jack Herer hovers around the 20% mark – more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding smokers.


There’s all the classic skunky funk and dank you’d expect from a well-cured batch of Jack Herer, coupled with an enjoyable and refreshing fruity flavor from the Blueberry lineage. All with the added bonus of plants that are no less than masterpieces in their own right.


As this is the autoflowering variant of Blueberry x Jack Herer, this stuff gets the job done in record time and needs no direct control over lighting cycles. Give things a few weeks and you’re guaranteed a generous haul of weed to be proud of, which is as good for social situations as it is an enjoyable evening alone.



Flavor and Fragrance of Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflower

The latter of Blueberry x Jack Herer’s parent strains is more immediately evident on the nose, delivering wave after wave of spicy pine and pungent skunky aromas with a fair amount of sharp citrus. All of which is intensified when the buds are broken, releasing even more tangy citrus fragrances that are simply irresistible.


It’s when Blueberry x Jack Herer is smoked that those fruity-berry flavors become particularly pronounced, refreshing the palate with a combination of sweet citrus and juicy blueberries. The experience is warming, satisfying and decadent, leaving behind a slightly sharp and mildly spicy aftertaste that lingers for hours.


This herb is no less than an awesome organic air freshener for the home, permeating every corner with her fantastically fruity fragrance for the duration.




This stuff has a long list of daytime and nighttime applications written all over her. The reason being that just as long as you don’t get carried away, these nugs are never going to lock you to the nearest piece of furniture.


The high begins with the quintessential mood enhancement and near-euphoric optimism you’d expect from Jack Herer. There’s barely a strain out there that makes you feel as immediately and insanely joyful as this stuff, replacing the cares of the day with a sense of total happiness and contentment. Not to such an extent as to turn you into a giggling idiot, but more a case of being overwhelmingly happyfor no specific reason.


Give things an hour or so and the Indica side of the ride kicks in, sending wave after wave of warming and relaxing tingles through the muscles. Not to such an extent as to make you feel hopelessly heavy – more a sense of physical ‘satisfaction’ that’s hard to put into words. You just feel as good as can be physically and psychologically, riding a non-stop wave of pure bliss for hours on end.


You’ll still have the motor function necessary to accomplish small and relatively unimportant tasks, but probably won’t have the motivation to tackle anything taxing. Couch-lock isn’t completely out of the question, but you’d have to consume a pretty heavy quantity of Blueberry x Jack Herer to be knocked off your feet entirely.



Medical Uses of Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflower

Patients using medical marijuana to treat chronic stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD have all reported fantastic results after switching to Blueberry x Jack Herer.


This is one of the most competent and consistent strains you can pick up for an instant and long-lasting mood-boost, making this ganja great for getting to grips with whatever’s on your mind.


Over on the physical side of the spectrum, Blueberry x Jack Herer brings on a relaxing (though far from overpowering) body stone that soothes and eases muscle and joint pains. Issues with migraines, PMS and arthritis in particular have been known to respond positively to the measured consumption of this cannabis.


This herb is also infamous for triggering insatiable bouts of the munchies, so can be a useful strain for the reversal of appetite issues.


There is no specific risk of side effects with Blueberry x Jack Herer, other than the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes. Though it’s perfectly possible for more potent batches to bring on racing thoughts during the first few minutes at least, so users with a low THC tolerance are advised to tread with caution.



Growing Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflower Seeds

As this is the autoflowering version of Blueberry x Jack Herer, you’ll be looking at generous yields in no time at all, with no requirement to monitor lighting cycles.


The entire cultivation cycle from seed to harvest usually takes no more than 10 weeks. Which isn’t bad, considering how each plant could leave you with around 200g of super-sexy weed to be playing with.


As an added bonus, there’s nothing particularly complex about the cultivation process at all. Mediterranean-like conditions are needed to grow Blueberry x Jack Herer Auto outdoors, though you won’t need a great deal of space to get the best out of your plants in an indoor setting.


Some recommend the Sea of Green technique to produce the best possible yields, but you’ll still come out with a decent result with next to no specialist equipment whatsoever.


Be sure to keep an eye on temperatures and humidity levels, giving your plants the occasional brown to ensure good air circulation. Other than this, these plants more or less take care of themselves – an excellent strain for newcomers with strong resistance to most common problems.




Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflower is the kind of strain that takes everything you’d expect from her parents and brings out the best of everything.


All the fantastic fragrances and flavors you’d expect from this union are right there, as is a fantastically balanced high that gets to work on body and brain with just the right amount of potency. Nothing that’s going to knock you into kingdom come, but more than enough to have the desired effect and keep on lingering for hours on end.


Blueberry x Jack Herer is an extremely easy strain to grow that’s great for all types of social occasions, though can be just as enjoyable solo. Another fitting tribute to the man himself – a strain you have to believe Jack Herer would have been proud of.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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