Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds

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Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds

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When the craving for a hard-hitting Indica (with just the right amount of Sativa satisfaction) kicks in, this stuff ticks all the right boxes. All with the added bonus of being super-easy to grow and...

Beyond Bananas… in Every Way

Bud Basics

There’s always room for another fresh and fruity strain in every stash box. Though it has to be said that there are few more sought-after than Banana Kush Auto – a wildly enjoyable specimen that combines an extraordinary fragrance with a ludicrously high 23% THC content.

Famed for her smooth, indulgent and enjoyable smoke, Banana Kush is an uncompromising and hard-hitting hybrid with predominantly Indica genetics.

As a result, you can expect these buds to lull you into a state of deep physical relaxation and hold you there for the duration. You’ll find this strain is also just the thing for a burst of pure positivity, but expect a predominantly physical experience.

Being the auto version of Banana Kush, this stuff automatically shifts to the flowering stage when the time is right. Less work for you, less time to wait for harvest day.

With OG Kush in the immediate ancestry, this hybrid was always going to be a superstar on the scene (though it’s fair to say that even the breeders behind this cannabis concoction had no idea just how distinctive the fragrance and flavor would turn out to be).

Quite simply, there’s nothing not to like about Banana Kush, which as an added bonus is easy to grow and delivers consistently generous yields.

Flavor and Fragrance of Banana Kush Autoflower

It’s not that Banana Kush Auto is a one-trick pony, but this is where this herb stands out from just about any other strain going. As the plants reach maturity, they begin emitting the most sublime fragrance of sweet and over-ripe bananas, coupled with plenty of wet earth and old-school skunkiness.

There’s no real complexity to the scent other than this – the whole thing is dominated by a banana-like fragrance that’s guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

The same can be said for the flavor profile, which is uncomplicated and enjoyable in the extreme. There’s more spice than sweetness on the exhale (thanks to those Kush origins), but it’s still that unmistakable banana-like fragrance that remains most pronounced.

The only way you won’t get a kick out of this stuff is if you really don’t like the taste of bananas, but even then you’ll still be impressed with how much this ganja tastes like the real thing.

One word of warning - Banana Kush has a potent and unforgiving fragrance that’s difficult to keep under wraps, so effective odor control measures may need to be taken where discretion is a priority.


Land yourself a potent batch of Banana Kush Auto with around 23% THC and you’ll know about it after a single hit. The initial experience is upbeat, energetic and filled with optimism plastering your face with a smile you can’t shift, filling the brain with positive thoughts.

Anything that may have been bothering you is immediately forgotten, replaced with a feeling that the world and everything in it is simply fantastic.

Nevertheless, this initial wave of energized motivation rarely lasts for more than 30 minutes or so. At which point, you’ll feel a tidal wave of heaviness creeping into the extremities from the neck down, eventually making the entire body feel around 10 times heavier than it actually is.

You’ll still enjoy a head full of happy thoughts and positive sentiments for the duration, only now you’ll also be glued to the nearest piece of furniture.

In most instances, drifting slowly but surely into a state of helpless drowsiness is inevitable. Banana Kush isn’t therefore what you’d call a particularly social strain, though can be absolutely fantastic for relaxed evenings doing little to nothing at home. Binge-watching box sets and movies with friends isn’t out of the question – just don’t expect much by way of spirited conversation when the body stone kicks in.

Medical Uses of Banana Kush Autoflower

The therapeutic effects of Banana Kush Autoflower vary in accordance with the quantity consumed and the THC tolerance of the consumer. With a THC content that hovers around the 23% mark, this pot can be too punchy for novice users to handle. Though when consumed in carefully measured doses, this herb has an extremely long list of potential medical applications.

Though the initial cerebral uplift can be great for getting to grips with depression, stress, anxiety and mood issues, most medical marijuana patients choose Banana Kush for physical relaxation and pain relief.

As the body stone intensifies, it has a numbing effect that gradually makes its way throughout the entire body. Everyday aches and issues with stiffness are melted away, as are problematic headaches and the symptoms of migraines.

Patients with PTSD have also reported welcome relief with the measured consumption of this cannabis. There’s also no escaping prolonged bouts of the munchies with THC-heavy strains like this, making Banana Kush perfect for dealing with the occasional bout of poor appetite.

Though you’d want to avoid these buds if watching your waistline – sensible dietary decision-making when riding this high is more or less impossible.

Growing Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds

It’s perfectly possible to grow Banana Kush Auto outdoors in a warm and sunny climate, but you’ll almost always achieve superior results indoors. This is largely owing to the autoflowering nature of this version, which means you can treat these plants to tons of light in a controlled indoor setting and they will still switch to the flowering stage when the time is right.

Banana Kush is a relatively robust and resilient specimen, though does tend to be quite susceptible to mold and mildew. It’s therefore important to keep an eye on humidity levels, prune dense foliage when necessary and set up a few fans to ensure good air circulation.

Other than this, a classic soil setup with little to no TLC on your part will see you pocketing excellent results.

Mature Banana Kush Auto plants typically reach no more than around 100cm in height, so you don’t need a great deal of vertical head space to get the job done.

Approximately nine weeks is all it takes to complete the job from seed-to-harvest, after which a decent haul of around 300g for every square meter of grow space is the norm. Even when yields come in slightly lower than this, Banana Kush packs such a heavy punch that a little goes a very long way.


You don’t have to be bananas about bananas to appreciate this all-time classic in the making. Banana Kush Auto has one of the most unique and captivating fragrance and flavor profiles of any strain doing the rounds right now.

Relatively easy to grow and routinely testing for around 23% THC, Banana Kush is a fantastically fruity superstar you have to experience to appreciate.

When the craving for a hard-hitting Indica (with just the right amount of Sativa satisfaction) kicks in, this stuff ticks all the right boxes. All with the added bonus of being super-easy to grow and capable of delivering solid yields just nine weeks after germinating the seeds.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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