OG Kush Feminized Seeds

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OG Kush Feminized Seeds

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Energizing, uplifting and ideal for social situations, OG Kush is a go-to strain for anyone looking to get the party started...

A True 90s Throwback


Bud Basics

Energizing, uplifting and ideal for social situations, OG Kush is a go-to strain for anyone looking to get the party started.


You don’t have to be a lifelong cannabis fanatic to have heard of the infamous Kush strains. In fact, this is probably one of the ten or so strains the vast majority of non-users worldwide could name off the tops of their heads.


An all-time classic and one of the most important specimens in the history of commercial cannabis, OG Kush Feminized is a firm favorite among connoisseurs and newcomers alike.


Shrouded in just the right amount of mystery, the elusive origins of this hybrid only make her a more desirable and intriguing commodity - one that’s just as popular among the medical marijuana  circles as it is on the recreational scene.


Since hitting the scene in early 90s Florida, enthusiasts assessing the bold old-school skunky and earthy flavors (which hark back to the Amsterdam coffee shop scene of the early 90s) have a fairly solid guess that the genetics here include a Dutch Hindu Kush plant and Emerald Triangle from Northern California. There are others still who firmly believe OG Kush was made by combining Chemdawg with a Hindu Kush landrace plant.


Speculation aside, what’s important is that this 55% Sativa-dominant wonder weed boasts bag appeal for days, a generous THC averaging around 22%, and a heavy, slightly spicy earthy dankness that represents old-school ganja at its finest.


The only drawback to this impressive hybrid is a somewhat less than idyllic beginner-friendly cultivation experience - but the rewards for a successful harvest are rich, to say the least (and feminized seeds sure do their part to make that a reality!).



Flavor and Fragrance of OG Kush Feminized

Dank, musty and earthy in the extreme, OG Kush Feminized also produces a fresh citrus-pine fragrance with just a hint of peppery spice.


It’s your classic wet woodland floor fragrance that immediately transports you to the great outdoors when you pick up the scent - all attributed to this strain’s elevated caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene content, making for a fantastic all-round sensory experience.


No point beating around the bush - OG Kush produces a harsh and uncompromising smoke that’s pretty difficult to handle. Almost always cough-inducing for the uninitiated, this stuff can do a number on the airways with a stinging spiciness that takes some getting used to.


The aftertaste that lingers indefinitely is also predominantly spicy, with plenty of exotic hashish and an incense-like quality. Again, all of which adds up to a seriously old-school experience – classic cannabis for the traditionalist at its absolute peak.




You name it, OG Kush Feminized does it. That is, unless you’re planning an early night and looking for something to settle you in for a good night’s sleep.


This hybrid’s genetic composition leans only slightly towards the Sativa side of the spectrum, but the high is predominantly cerebral. There’s an initial and extremely energetic hit of mental stimulation, which can bring on temporary bouts of mind-race in those with a low THC tolerance. 


Soon after, this initial wave of almost frantic energy is replaced by an essence of lingering euphoria and optimism. OG Kush is great for sparking discussion and general social interaction, making her ideal for all types of social events and gatherings.


These buds could also help you get through a mundane afternoon at work - as long as you don’t take things too far and blow your top.


Stick with this strain during the daytime and in the early evening, rather than as a nightcap. Since potency ranges from 18 to 25% THC, it’s always worth approaching those first few hits with caution - tread lightly until you know if these buds are likely to blow you into kingdom come with a single bong rip.



Medical Uses of OG Kush Feminized 

The well-balanced nature of OG Kush Feminized makes her an excellent strain for the treatment of various medical conditions and symptoms. Though the effect is predominantly cerebral, it nonetheless has the capacity to get to work on physical complaints like muscle pains, joint stiffness and inflammation – or so say thousands of patients worldwide.


For the most part, these buds are all about feeling good and alleviating what ails you in a psychological sense. Whether you’re suffering from mild depression or simply feeling under the weather, a couple of doses of this stuff and you’ll be right as rain.


OG Kush is also great for improving focus, enhancing concentration and giving you the motivation needed to plough through mundane tasks.



Growing OG Kush Feminized Seeds

Growing OG Kush Feminized isn’t the simplest of experiences. At least, in the sense that she’s not particularly resilient in changeable weather conditions, or resistant to common plant problems like bugs, mold, mildew and disease.


You will need to ensure that your plants are provided with perfectly balanced and consistently stable conditions, if you’re to harvest a decent haul with a high THC content.


Mature OG Kush Feminized plants are a sight for sore eyes, with large and dense buds gathered around a primarily Indica-type structure. Traces of purple may be visible when the plants are exposed to bouts of cooler weather, though in most instances remain bright green with a thick and frosty coating of sticky trichomes.


Flowering times come in at around nine weeks and the average yield comes out at around 17oz per square meter of grow space, so the rewards for your TLC are notably substantial. Plus, opting for feminized seeds means keeping your grow free from potentially problematic male plants. 


OG Kush plants need a fair amount of space to do their thing, along with whatever odor-control measures you deem necessary. Outdoors in particular, you’d be amazed just how far the stink of this stuff can travel.




Though is just about as old-school as it gets, OG Kush continues to run circles around the vast majority of new-generation strains. If you’re simply on the lookout for a mood-boost with that quintessential skunky-earthy flavor, you won’t go far wrong with this stuff. 


She may not be the most forgiving strain to grow, but nonetheless rewards patience and hard work with generous yields and high THC levels of up to 22%. Not to mention, the bragging rights that accompany growing one of the most celebrated and important pot strains of all time.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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